Tecmo Wins Against Nude DOA2 Hackers

If you happen to come up with a code to make Dead or Alive characters nekkid, don't go around charging money for it. Tecmo will be very cross.

Tecmo announced in a statement on their Japanese homepage that they have prevailed against a CD-ROM publisher who came up with a "nude code" for the PlayStation 2 version of Dead or Alive 2.

The case, which pitted Tecmo against Japanese software company Westside, involved a tool included in one of Westside's CDs that let users hack up their DOA2 save games to alter the characters' clothing. This allowed gamers to take off Kasumi's clothes and have her fight naked?something that, as much as we'd like to, we really, really can't show you here. Sorry. (It's worth noting that the original character models are totally naked?all Westside did was remove their clothes. Oh, those randy Tecmo character designers.)

After a court battle that lasted well over a year, the Tokyo District Court ruled in favor of Tecmo late last week, stating that Westside violated Tecmo's copyright via their futzing around with DOA2 save data. "Using a tool to edit memory card data and display nude images led to altering Kasumi's costume in the game," said the court's ruling. "This can be suitably interpreted as an infringement of the plaintiff's copyright on the software."

The case marks the second time a Japanese software house has successfully fought hackers selling modified save games and cheat tools. Konami won a similar lawsuit in 2001 against a Tokyo company selling memory cards with hacked save games for Tokimeki Memorial, a popular dating sim for the PlayStation and PS2.

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