Feb 26
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better than a jetski!

i want 1 !

check our the video on youtube HERE

Feb 25
Happy 25 & 26!
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We here at the 4thring we like to wish all our readers a happy liberation and independence day and would like to wish you many more to come, and we pray that Kuwait and all its people will always enjoy a peaceful and joyful life….

Feb 25

Famed lebanese owned restaurant Julia’s is expected to open in Kuwait by the end if the year or the beginning of 2010 according to a source, Julia’s is one of the most delicious restaurants in lebanon serving all types of international cuisine from mouth watering steaks to fresh hand made pasta’s  and is tucked away in the beautiful achrafieh.  We were frequent visitors of Julias back when were studying in beirut and i personally just cant wait for the opening…i wish them all the best of luck and hope they keep the same quality and taste that we were used too..

Feb 25

Feb 24


Remember when traders started demonstrating in the beginning of the crisis? Of course you do… but the question is… will we see more of the same?

After seeing the KSE index plummet in the last two days I began to fear the worst, by reading this you might think that it could not be any worse. Trust me, it could, and it could get very ugly!

Some analysts believe that the recent downturn in the market can be attributed to the anxiety of investors regarding the elusive bailout plan, some of them are so obsessed that it is becoming their holy grail. Other people also learned from past experiences that their best bet is not to rely on the government and the parliament working together to swiftly find a solution. As a result, many portfolio managers decided to cut their losses, liquidate their positions at any price and just sit on millions of KD in cash waiting for the soap opera to conclude. 

Let’s be honest here, if the bailout plan is to be signed and implemented today then the market would surely rebound for a short while. The problem is that the positive sentiment generated from the bailout would be shattered as soon as the major companies start to air their dirty laundry, I mean announce their results. Another thing to keep in mind is that the bailout is not a miracle solution with immediate effect, it might take companies years to fully recover.

True, banks did announce their results but it is somewhat irrelevant because everybody knows that they are aggressively backed by the government, Gulf Bank is a testament to this.

We managed to free fall from 15500 to 6500 in a matter of a few months and the reason was purely psychological. Investor sentiment is a major factor of market direction but so are profits and losses of companies. When these figures are announced, expect even more panic selling from the masses.

Today, the index closed below a major support level of 6500 points. If it continued going down then the next support will around the 5000 levels, unless something drastic happens.


Will we see the number 5000 in our trading systems? Only time will tell but it sure looks like it.

Will it be painful if it happened? Definitely.


As always, I would like to conclude similar posts by saying:


Allahu A3lam

Feb 24

Magonizer is one of the participants of the P2BK and they basically offer Erasable / Magnetic organizers for homes, offices, schools, and etc. Their products look very cool to have and i want to have one of these boards in the dewania as a score board for “Kout bo 6″. If you are interested or need further details about Magonizer please email them with the following information:


1- The kind Of Magonizer u want
2- Colours if needed
3- Mobile Number
For any special order for special designs please send by email ur logo or picture u want to add .

Update: the availble board Size is 64×45 cm, and the price for Magonizer with accessories of your choice for example: ( magnets - Magnetic Eraser - white board marker )  is for 30 Kd .

To see there work please click the link below…..

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Feb 24

great work , the best fake video

Feb 24

hahah chris brown 7adaa qawee… eeee dont worry she will probably drop the charges oo everything will be normal ;Pp as we all know girls like diamonds and they wont shut you out if u shower em with it.. hence lebron or whatever his name is Kobe Bryant… he gave his wife a big ring after his affair ;Pp

you can check it out here

Feb 24

The Gottlieb-Daimler stadium hosted a thrilling 3-3 draw between Stuttgart and TSG Hoffenheim on Saturday, but the incident that stole the headlines occurred in the 86th minute.

Hoffenheim striker Sejad Salihovic’’s boot came off 22 yards in front of the goal, at the feet of Jens Lehmann. Instead of handing it back to the Bosnian forward, Lehmann sneakily chucked it behind him, onto the roof of his own net. Salihovic’ was puzzled by his missing boot, and was ordered from the pitch until he could locate it. He eventually spotted the purloined shoe, and rejoined the match.

loooool, what a nasty thing to do, yet its kinda funny only if the player is in your team i guess ;p

Source: www.thespoiler.co.uk


Check out the video!

Feb 23

guess how much it sells for, the answer will be posted later on…

Watch this space

Update: The price is 2,370 KD, good job guys your prices were very close

Feb 23

Last night a bomb exploded in al hussien area killing at least one person and injuring 13 people including foreigners. The bomb blast took place near the famed Fishawy Cafe it was said that they threw the bomb from one of the hotels

Feb 23
Proud To Be Kuwaiti
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Yesterday was the first day of P2BK unfortunetly i didnt go but our friend Marzouq went and he did some exstensive coverage and took some great photo’s  check it out: Link

Feb 23

Fifa.com Have started to take requests for 2010 south Africa world cup there are three categories and you can choose to follow a team or go to individual games like the final or the opening match there tickets are a little pricey i reserved 3 seats for the final for $2700 which means $900 a ticket they still haven’t confirmed that i got the tickets yet and they give you the choice to have 7 reservations but you must give them your credit card for each reservation and if you get them you are obliged to pay.

i was even surprised that hotels have been fully booked so 1 year in advance is too late!!

To apply for tickets click this link: FIFA

You must register on the site first to reserve.

To see the full price list please click below…

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Feb 22

remember when I posted about Rihanna getting beat up by Chris Brown?? well, as I was checking our friends blog iLSuL6ana I found that they have released her beaten up face ;p

you can find it here..

Feb 22
NBK Cigarettes?
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They are probably camel cigarette’s but the question is there is a lot of resemblance in both camel’s so has one copied the other or is it just coincidence ?

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