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Enter the Darkness...
An evil god has stolen a scroll capable of upsetting the balance of power in the Otherworld. Betrayed and primed for a bloodbath, you set out to retrieve what is rightfully yours. Carving your way through the bloody terrain, you find only a macabre nightmare awaiting you, and annihilation is your only option!

10 Massive Bloody Levels for Blood, along with 4 shudderingly evil Bloodbath levels. Experience the most gruesome carnage ever imagined on your journey of revenge! Play the levels that critic's called 'better than the original!".

Levels Included: Eerie Boat Docks, Old Opera House, Gothic Library, Unholy Monastery, Creepy Steamboat, Mountain Pass, Haunted Mine Shaft, Graveyard of the Undead, Haunted Castle, plus a Secret Level!



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