sfall - Fallout 1 and 2 engine tweaks

This was a quick fallout mod which I originally stuck together to try and fix a few minor annoyances that I had with the games, but which has since turned into a slightly bigger mod which fixes some other peoples annoyances too. The main features are:

The downloads are specific to a single version of the fallout exe, so make sure you download the right one. Most of the features aren't applicable to fallout 1, and dx9 graphics modes and upscaling filters don't work in the windows 9x versions. There is no version available for the DOS version of fallout1.

Download (Changelog)

Fallout 1 v1.2 US (v1.18e, windows 2000/xp/vista)
Fallout 1 v1.2 US (v1.18e, windows 95/98)
Fallout 2 v1.02 US (v1.42, for windows 2000/xp/vista)
Fallout 2 v1.02 US (v1.41c, for windows 95/98)
Source code (v1.41c)
Script compiler that recognises sfall's extra script functions (v1.42, the three modified source files are here)
Get drunk mod: Drinking booze blurs your vision. (v1.0, Requires sfall v1.10 or newer)
Extra trait mod: Adds a few additional traits to choose from at the start of a new game. (v1.4, Requires sfall v1.33b or newer)