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The State of America's Libraries Report - 2007
Macey Morales
PIO Media Relations
Jennifer Petersen
PR Coordinator

Loriene Roy


Keith Michael Fiels


ALA President Loriene Roy and Executive Director Keith Michael Fiels discuss America's libraries


Jenifer Grady


ALA-APA Director Jenifer Grady discusses National Library Workers' Day (NLWD)



Denise Davis


Denise Davis, ORS Director, discusses library services and programs for non-English speakers



Julie Walker


AASL Executive Director Julie Walker discusses school libraries

The State of America's Libraries
Table of Contents

Full Report (PDF)



Press Release

Executive Summary

School Libraries

Public Libraries

Academic Libraries

Outreach and Diversity Efforts

Washington Scene

First Amendment Issues

Funding and Salaries

Feedback and Contact Information

Source Information



Supporting Materials

ALA Fact Sheet

Number of Libraries in the United States Fact Sheet

Number Employed by Libraries

The Nation's Largest Libraries: A Listing by Volumes Held

Quotable Facts About America's Libraries

Key Issues

Library Funding

School Libraries & You

Standards for the 21st-Century Learner

Serving Non-English Speakers in U.S. Public Libraries

Gaming and Libraries: Intersection of Services


Librarian Recruitment



State of America's Libraries Logo

National Library Symbol

Library Staff Salaries 2007


Libraries Connect Communities: Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study

2007-2008 Report

Diversity Counts

American Library Association Youth and Library Use Study

Web Sites

American Library Association

Issues & Advocacy

The Campaign for America's Libraries

Banned Books