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Daniel Lee Yan Kong’s “Three Kingdoms-Resurrection of the Dragon” is set in a time of ancient China, at the end of Eastern Han Period (around A.D. 220), during which the Empire was divided into three major powers, the kingdom of Wei (to the South of the Central Plain, North-land), the Kingdom of Shu (to the west of Central Plain, Riverlands), and the Kingdom of Wu (to the South of the Central Plain, Southland), each waged war at the others to win the “Mandate of Heaven” and become the next to unify the vast country. It is an era of China’s most famed battles and renowned heroes, a time in which faithfulness, gallantry and self-sacrificing spirit are most celebrated and sublimated.

“Three Kingdoms-Resurrection of the Dragon” is a soulful epic which explores the inner emotions and spirituality of a hero, Zhao Zilong, a dashing warrior of the Shu Kingdom, a man of loyalty and bravery, who had fought all his life, and in his advanced years still persevered on going onto the battlefield. In a mission to march north in attempt to overthrow the Wei Kingdom, the invincible warrior was betrayed by his trusted attendant Luo Pingan, and his troops besieged by massive forces of enemies at Phoenix Heights. While leading his greatly outnumbered soldiers against the Wei army, the seriously wounded Zhao Zilong fell into a continuous quest for his purpose of fighting. Is it for the righteousness and the soaring ideality? For his own glory and honor? or in fact, for the heart-wrenching experiences of fighting?

The startling battle through tragic turned out to be a reflective journey of disenchantment for the valiant hero, Zhao Zilong, his attendant Luo Pinan, and the audiences as well.

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