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GM vehicles were introduced to Korea as early as the Chosun Dynasty. Sunjong, the last king of Chosun, purchased a black 1912 Cadillac Limousine through Japan's American Chamber of Commerce in 1911.

Today, Korean customers can buy GM Daewoo vehicles produced by the GM Daewoo Auto & Technology affiliate in Korea, or imported Cadillac and Saab vehicles through GMAutoWorld retailers across the country.

In 2002, GM formed GM Daewoo Auto & Technology (GM Daewoo) with Suzuki and SAIC, (GM owns 44.6 percent, Suzuki owns 14.9 percent, and SAIC owns 10.6 percent). As of the year of 2008, GM owns 50.9 percent, Suzuki Motor Corporation 11.2 percent and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation Group (SAIC) 9.9 percent of GM Daewoo. The Daewoo Motor Creditors Committee owns the remaining 28 percent.

GM Daewoo operates manufacturing facilities in the cities of Gunsan, Changwon and Incheon, and a power train plant for transmission in Boryung, Korea. GM Daewoo Vietnam Auto & Technology (VIDAMCO) in Hanoi, Vietnam, assembles selected GM Daewoo products for the Vietnam market. In addition, GM Daewoo products are assembled at GM facilities in China, India and Thailand etc.

The GM Daewoo Design Center and GM Daewoo Technical Center at Bupyung are developing the next generation of GM Daewoo products. The Center for Manufacturing is overseeing research in production technology. GM Daewoo is the home of GM’s global small and mini-car architectural development teams, which are developing the next generation of products for the GM Group.

Among GM Daewoo's product line-up are Matiz, Gentra X, Gentra, Lacetti, Tosca passenger cars and Winstorm SUV as well as the Damas and Labo mini commercial vehicles for export. It also produces a range of modern, highly efficient gasoline and diesel engines, transmissions.

Vehicles manufactured by GM Daewoo are sold in more than 150 countries under some of the world's most popular nameplates including Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac and Suzuki.

While providing GM immediate access to the important Korean market, GM Daewoo also provides a range of cost-competitive products with global appeal and world-class product engineering and die manufacturing capabilities.

Bolstered by robust growth in export volume, GM Daewoo is back on track after a very challenging domestic market environment in 2003. GM Daewoo sold in Korea and exported more than 1.8 million vehicles worldwide in 2007.

GM Daewoo Plants:
  • Bupyung plant, Incheon - produces the GM Daewoo Gentra X and Gentra, Tosca, Winstorm, engines and transmissions
  • Gunsan plant, Jeolla Northern province - produces the GM Daewoo Lacetti and high-tech eco-friendly diesel engines
  • Changwon plant, Kyungsang Southern province - produces the GM Daewoo Matiz and Labo, Damas for export, engines and transmissions
  • Boryeong plant, Chungcheong Southern province - produces automatic transmissions
  • GM Daewoo Vietnam Auto & Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam - produces the GM Daewoo Matiz, Gentra, Lacetti, Magnus passenger cars and Winstorm SUV
  • GM Daewoo Auto & Technology
  • GM Daewoo, which was launched in 2002 as GM Daewoo Auto & Technology, has its headquarters in Bupyung-gu, Incheon. GM Daewoo operates five manufacturing facilities in Gunsan, Changwon, Incheon and Borung. It's also responsible for production and sales at home and abroad and plays a central role in R&D, marketing, planning, finance and procurement. As a member of GM network, GM Daewoo is closely cooperating with GM operations worldwide as well as GM Asia Pacific to deliver competitive products to customers.
  • Marketing/sales of GM(Cadillac/Saab) products in Korea
  • Aftersales service and P&A business
  • World Wide Purchasing
  • Service Parts International Operation - ACDelco

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