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If your organization would like to sponsor BAQ 2003 or future activities of the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities, contact Cornie Huizenga at

If your organization would like to sponsor BAQ 2003 or future activities of the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities, contact us.

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ETI - Emissions Technologies Inc. - Diamond Sponsors

In the testing business, reputation means everything. Emission Technologies Inc. was founded by experienced emission testing professionals concerned about providing quality services in the industry. Its professionals and technicians have a wide range of experience from inside and outside the environmental industry. They work with the methods and regulations every day, and working effectively with EPA and local officials is their business.


Petron Corporation - Platinum Sponsors

Petron Corporation is the Philippines’ leading oil refining and marketing company. Its refinery in Limay, Bataan has a capacity of 180,000 barrels per day - the largest in the country and can process imported crude oil into a full range of petroleum products. It also operates a fully automated lubeoil blending plant in Pandacan, also the biggest and most advanced of its kind in the country.

Maha - GmbH and Co.KG. - Platinum Sponsors

MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang: celebrating 31 years of expertise and innovation in the field of automotive safety testing equipment.

Takes great pride that each step of product development, from the planning phase to the assembled machinery, is completed at the modern MAHA production facilities in Haldenwang. The "Made-in-Haldenwang" seal underlines our commitment to continuing high quality products.

Close to 700 employees work at the home office complex. The region's long tradition of engineering and craftmanship companies as well as MAHA's own in-house apprenticeship program means that MAHA can draw from a large pool of well-trained technicians and engineers. MAHA's success is our contribution to the region's economic prosperity, safeguarding jobs and providing local educational institutions with practical training sights.

Sgs - Platinum Sponsors

The SGS Group is the clear global leader and innovator in verification, testing and certification services. Founded in 1878, SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for the highest standards of expertise and integrity.

With 32 000 employees, SGS operates a network of almost 1200 offices, subsidiaries and laboratories around the world.

Dekra - Platinum Sponsors

DEKRA is an international service provider with a European focus. The company is in the business of providing safety and quality for people dealing with technology, the environment and mobility.

Nine business units work under the umbrella of the parent organisation, the Stuttgart-based DEKRA AG, providing a wide ranging portfolio of services that span the testing of vehicles and plants, environmental audits, consultancy, training and further training, building work monitoring and extend to certifying services.

Over 10,400 staff generates sales figures of more than one billion euros and provides high level services around the world.

Angva - Platinum Sponsors

Our association is established in 2002 but the trial has been starting since 1997. By 2002 ANGVA had held 3 Cooperation meetings and 3 preparation meetings, the last meeting was in Bangkok, Thailand. As the result of meetings, ANGVA is made for the international organization dedicated to the development of a growing sustainable and profitable market for vehicles powered by natural gas and hydrogen.

ANGVA provides information to members and helps each member to communicate and share their experiences for improving NGV industry in the arena.

Shell - Platinum Sponsors

The aim of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group is to meet the energy needs of society, in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally viable, now and in the future.

Shell does this in a wide variety of ways. Most people know Shell best as the suppliers of fuel and lubrication products at their local filling station, and as a company that explores on land and sea to find and produce oil. Shell also has operations worldwide exploring for and producing gas. And Shell markets gas and power internationally, to consumers and businesses alike. Its chemical products find their way into all sorts of commercial and domestic use, from mobile phones to furniture. And the company has rapidly growing businesses in several of the ‘new energy’ sectors: including hydrogen, solar, geothermal and wind energy.

Shell operates in over 145 countries, and employs more than 115,000 people. Around the globe, Shell companies work in partnership with industry, government and society to deliver what is expected of it - economically, socially and environmentally. Shell invests and collaborates in the development of new technologies that will keep improving its performance.

Cerulean International - Gold Sponsors

Oxonica operates in the exciting area of nanomaterials. The company is application focused with a portfolio of in-house developed new product opportunities. It also commercialises IPR researched over many years in The University of Oxford.

It employs scientists from the key enabling areas of physics, materials science, chemistry and biochemistry. Its strong commercial team has wide ranging industry experience from electronics and telecommunications through to speciality and performance chemicals.

ESP - Gold Sponsors

ESP, based in Connecticut, USA, is a full service provider of state-of-the-art equipment and solutions for vehicle emissions programs throughout the world. ESP provides comprehensive emissions testing products and services in the automotive inspection and maintenance (I/M) industry. In addition to remote sensing initiatives the company implements and manages centralized testing facilities, markets decentralized test and repair equipment and provides independent data management for U.S. and international programs.

Swedish Air Quality Management Experience - Gold Sponsors

SMHI, IVL, and CONEXOR are jointly presenting modern Air Quality Management, including Internet-Based Information Systems for Regional Applications and Emission Inventories through Satellite Imaging.

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