Sun Fire X4540 Server

Sun Fire X4540 Server

When you need extreme data access speeds, especially in a compact package, at a very low price, the Sun Fire X4540 storage server is your first choice. Where else can you get eight cores of AMD Opteron processing and 48TB of storage in a 4RU server? And at $1.20/GB? By comparison, it gives you twice the capacity in half the space at half the cost of the competition.

At a Glance

  • Dual Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors
  • 48 integrated SATA disk drives onboard
  • Scales from 12TB to 48TB in a 4U rack space
  • Highest throughput rates (2.0GB/s from disks to network, 3.0GB/s to memory)
  • Twice as compact and half the cost of competing systems
  • Incredible prices: $1.20/GB, including server
  • Runs Solaris OS, Linux, and Windows operating systems

Key Applications

  • HPC/Grid storage cluster
  • Disk backup/restore
  • Virtual tape library
  • Video surveillance
  • Data warehousing/Business Intelligence

Sun Fire X4540 vs. Sun Fire X4500

The Sun Fire X4540 server is the next generation of the Sun Fire X4500 server. Based on the new AMD Barcelona processor, it doubles the computing capacity for the same disk subsystem. How? By doubling the number of processing cores, and quadrupling the memory size, with faster memory access speeds compared to the Sun Fire X4500 server.

The new Sun Fire X4540 server uses PCI Express IO technology for more than triple the system IO-to-network bandwidth. It also has a compact flash disk slot for booting the operating system, saving HDD space for customer data. The Sun Fire X4540 server runs Solaris ZFS, Linux, and Windows with greatly enhanced performance.

Open Your Options with Open Storage

Sun is launching the open storage revolution and invites you to escape the confines of proprietary, closed, expensive storage. Our OpenStorage products – open source software with industry standard hardware – give you better reliability and scalability at 1/10th the cost of closed, proprietary storage.

Expand Your Open Storage Capacity

Use the Sun Storage J4000 to increase the storage capacity of your Sun Fire X4540 servers to over 500TB in one OS image. The Sun Storage J4000 attaches to almost any Sun server via the Sun HBA for J4000.

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Sun Fire x4540 Server Gallery

Sun Fire x4540 Server Gallery

Sun Fire X4540 Storage Server Overview

Short overview of main features of the new Sun Fire X4540 Storage Server.

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