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Workshop format and program

BAQ 2003 ProgramBAQ 2003 Program
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Sessions and sub-workshop

An important element in any international conference is the opportunity to meet and mingle with people from all over the world. Coffee and tea breaks are an excellent way to break the ice. The BAQ Organizing Committee saw it fit to name these breaks for what they really are, and encourage participants to share their ideas in a more relaxed setting.

The poster session is a mini-exhibition that will showcase air quality activities from different countries. "Poster presenters" will be given some space to display their exhibit and the chance to share their work during a half-morning session on Day 2. If you would like to make a poster presentation in BAQ 2003, email Herbert Fabian ( for details.

Sub-workshops are a special series of sessions that allow participants to explore different air quality management topics in-depth. Participants are divided into smaller groups for more efficient interaction and synergy. BAQ 2003 will feature 16 sub-workshops covering four main thematic areas:

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