Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Season 3
43Video Ouija
Meatwad's new video game allows him to contact the dead.
44Unremarkable Voyage
When Meatwad eats a very important microchip, Frylock must shrink down to retrieve it.
The Mooninites return to Earth to cash a check. Meatwad and Shake help them out in hopes of getting a share of the money.
46Gee Whiz
A billboard with the face of a famous religious icon seems to have given Meatwad the gift of child.
Shake's E-Helmet is loaded with superfluous gadgets, but somehow an add-on player piano isn't enough to satisfy his lust for convenience.
After Meatwad gets into the medicine cabinet while under Carl's supervision, Frylock creates a robotic babysitter to take care of him.
49Little Brittle
MC Pee Pants returns from hell as an elderly rapping phenomenon.
50Moon Master
Only true Moon Masters can pass the third level of the Mooninite's video game.
51Dusty Gozongas
The hottest stripper at the Wild Wild Chest creates tension between Shake and Carl.
With a case of beer on the line, Meatwad, Shake, and Carl battle to see who can lose the most weight.
53T-Shirt of the Living Dead
An ancient Egyptian t-shirt gives Meatwad unfathomable powers. Special guest appearance by Santa Claus.
When Hypno-Germs invade Shake's brain, they put on a theatrical disaster in his head.
Carl is left to babysit Dewey, Vanessa, and Boxy Brown while the Aqua Teens are away on vacation.
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