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How is the Growth Affected in Plants Rooted in the Soil After a Forest Fire?
Elie Z.
* Hypothesis * Purpose * Materials * Procedure * Results * Conclusion *
I believe plants will grow better after a forest fire where there were no fires because without trees the lower plants will get more sun and rain and the plants would grow better with the ashes from a forest fire.
   I did  this experiment because I wanted to find out whether events we call natural disasters are really disaasters. I wanted to find out if forest fires actually increase forest growth and preserve forests. 
  • Plant seeds (Oregano, Thyme, Arugula)
  • Bark
  • Leaves 
  • Soil 
  • Plant starter(holder) 

1) I will make 3 miniature forests using plant seeds, leaves, bark, and soil.
2) The first forest will have a forest of tall plants, the second will have the   remains of a burnt forest and the last will be regular.
3) I will then 3 types of plant seeds in the soil of each forest.
4) After that I will burn the leaves and bark and put the ashes in one forest  and leave the other  one.
5) Then I will give each plant equal light and water.
6) All through this I will be graphing the growth of each forest.
Thyme Oregano Arugula
Tray 1 1in. .5in. 2.5in.
Tray 2 1.75in. 0in. 2.375in.
Tray 3 1.5in. .5in 3.25in.

*Tray 1: The forest tray. Tray 2: The tray with forest fire ashes. Tray 3: Regular Tray with peat moss and potting soil. 


In conclusion it is possible that we could use forest fires to help smaller plants grow, but is not because of the ashes of a forest fire. It is because with more sunlight plants grow better and when taller trees leave or get taken away there is more sunlight for the lower plants. In addition, when it rains the lower plants get more of the water because there are no large trees to take away the water they need. Another thing my experiment has proven is that it probably is not the actual forest that helps the plants grow because the forest with ashes grew  a little less than the forest without the ashes. My hypothesis was partially right and also partially wrong.
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Me watering the plants.

Elie Z.
Timber Ridge Magnet School