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Shit no one cares about

DDOS -- Posted by walkingphoenix on Tuesday, February 24th, 2009 - 10:33 PM

Flipping The Bird

That's pretty much all I have to say about that.


Anonymous Reclaims Project Chanology


Fags Answer Questions

What is 888chan?

888chan is an image based bulletin board styled after the Japanese Futaba Channel. The format of the boards allows users to read and participate in discussions anonymously, leading to a vibrant, sometimes wild, yet very creative culture, as people who are Anonymous will generally say and do whatever they wish without fear of drawing criticism beyond a single post or thread.

Why 888chan?

August 8th, 2008 (8/8/8) is the day Anonymous Reclaimed Project Chanology, beginning Phase 3.

If you wish to learn more about Project Chanology, read the Encyclopedia Dramatica article about it here.

So 888chan is a *chan for Chanology?

While our current focus is on bringing Project Chanology to a successful conclusion, 888chan has a forward-looking vision.

We at 888chan mean to provide a base of support for the concept of combined Anonymous operations, both On The Internet (OTI) and In Real Life (iRL), in the same type of venue (an imageboard that allows Anonymous posting) that originally gave rise to the concept of Anonymous and Project Chanology.

On 888chan, protestfags, trolls, Hackers on Steroids, moralfags, and lulzfags alike are welcome, provided they are willing to:

  • Check their egos at the door,
  • See themselves as part of a greater whole, and
  • Cooperate with others who have different motivations for being a part of 888chan.

Is 888chan just the Thunderdome 2.0?

888chan exists to give a home to the culture and philosophy that developed during Project Chanology, and in the Thunderdome especially: that nothing is sacred and no one is safe from being trolled or called out, not even modfags or admins.

While our roots are in the Thunderdome, we aim to make 888chan everything you've ever wanted in a *chan. What 888chan becomes is something for the Anonymous masses to decide.

Isn't Project Chanology better off decentralized?

Decentralization doesn't mean we should be fragmented and disconnected. While various local and online groups can and should have their own treehouses, 888chan allows everyone the opportunity to participate in the Chanology community on equal footing, allowing for the growth and development of a strong, interconnected social network, and fertile ground for new ideas.

How do I format my posts?

You can format your posts using WakabaMark.

The basic features are as follows:

  • Surround text with * or _ to make < em> tags. _Like this_ or *like this*. This makes the text italic.
  • Surround text with ** or __ to make < strong> tags. This makes the text bold.
  • Make an unordered HTML list by beginning each line with *, or -. You can add line breaks in list entries by breaking the line and indenting the next line with one or more spaces.
  • Make ordered HTML lists by beginning the first line with "1.", and the following lines with further numbers. It actually doesn't matter what numbers you use, as long as the first one is 1.
  • Make < blockquote> sections by beginning each line with ">".
  • Make < code> sections by indenting each line by four spaces or one tab. Code sections get shown in a monospaced font, and are not otherwise formatted.
  • Make short spans of code in normal text by enclosing the code in backticks, `like so` . To display code that contains backticks, use several backticks to surround it, ``like so`` .
  • Make external links by just typing the URL you want to link to. Post references like >>1 are also automatically turned into links.

Do not leave empty lines in the middle of lists or quoted blocks, as this turns them into separate blocks.

Is it safe to post on a *chan? Will people be able to access my IP and personal info?

It's perfectly safe to post on a *chan, as long as you yourself don't post any personal info. Only admins and moderators have access to IP's.

What can I do if my dox get posted on 888chan?

Sadly, not much. We do not necessarily condone doxing or harrassment of anyone who has their dox dropped on 888chan, but we will not go out of our way to remove or prevent posting of dox. If you were stupid and left your personal info on your MySpace page, don't come crying to us when you get doxed.

What is the "sage" feature, and how does it work?

If you think a thread is total crap and want it to die, post "sage" in the email field. After a certain amount of sages, a thread will no longer bump to the top of the page if replied to.

What is the "dome" features, and how does it work?

If you think a thread is crap, you can vote to send it to /td/ to get trolled. Whether it's good or bad that thread moves to /td/ is a matter of perspective.

  • Users can vote to move a thread by typing "dome" in the email field.
  • The threshold for moving a thread is set according to an algorithm that takes into account:
    • Minimum thread length to move thread
    • Percentage of total posts divided by total "dome" votes.
  • For example, with minimum length set at 5, and percentage set at 20:
    • Under 5 total posts, the thread cannot be domed.
    • From 5 to 10 total posts, it would take 2 "dome" votes to move the thread to /td/ (20% of 10 = 2).
    • From 11 to 15 total posts, it would take 3 "dome" votes to move the thread to /td/ (20% of 15 = 3).
    • etc.
  • Users witnessed doming a thread for no reason or attempting to abuse the system will be banned.

What is R888-Y?

R888-Y, a.k.a. Robo, is 888chan's robot guardian, tasked with ensuring that 888chan remains free of faggotry, cancer, aids, old copypasta, forced memes, and such. Being from the post-apocalyptic wasteland that is the future, Robo places a high value on the protection of nature.

  • On any board with R888-Y rules enabled, if you make a duplicate of any post on 888chan, you will be banned for 2^n seconds, n being the number of times you have been banned.
  • Your b& count will go down slowly
  • The R888-Y rules are designed to facilitate decent discussion.
  • Attempts to test or circumvent R888-Y may warrant a b& from the moderators.


Internet Retard Convention


Made to be broken...

General Rules
  • This website contains adult content. If you are under 18, stop viewing this website now and close the browser window.
  • No CP or illegal content
  • No threats of death or violence
  • No Furries or Furfags. May they yiff in hell.
  • Attempts to circumvent r9k rules on any board will be met with swift punishment from the mods. Obey your robot overlord.
  • 5 sages will kill a thread on any board.
/888/ - Site Discussion and Board Requests
  • "dome" threshold is 3 posts and 20%.
  • r9k bans enabled.
  • /888/ is for board requests, suggestions, feedback, and constructive criticism. That means if you want to complain about something, offer a solution to fix the problem.
/r/ - Requests
  • "dome" threshold is 3 posts and 20%.
  • r9k bans disabled.
  • /r/ is for image or file requests, not for board requests.
/td/ - RanDome
  • /td/ is not for serious business.
  • /td/ is an ocean of piss.
  • /td/ is for aids, cancer, drama, faggotry, fail posting, copypasta, and old or forced memes.
  • /td/ is where shitty threads go to be trolled or just die a horrible death.
  • Excessive cancer or faggotry will still be banned.
/z103/ - CACAW!
  • "dome" threshold is 3 posts and 20%.
  • r9k bans disabled.
  • /z103/ is for music discussion or to make /r/equests on Z103.
Image Boards
  • "dome" threshold is 3 posts and 20%.
  • r9k bans disabled.
Discussion Boards
  • "dome" threshold is 3 posts and 20%.
  • r9k bans enabled.
Porn Boards
  • "dome" threshold is 3 posts and 20%.
  • r9k bans disabled.
  • You have one thread for gay porn on /p/. Start shitting up other threads with bear porn and you get the b& hammer.
/jb/ - Jailbait
  • "dome" threshold is 3 posts and 20%.
  • r9k bans disabled.
  • Jailbait != CP! Learn the fucking difference. If it is obviously CP, we will delete the post and perma b& the poster.
/efg/ - Epic Fail Guys
  • "dome" threshold is 3 posts and 20%.
  • r9k bans enabled.
  • /efg/ is a board for raids involving IRL Trolling and Hacktivism
  • /efg/ is not your personal army. Personal army requests will be b&.
/xenu/ - Project Chanology
  • "dome" threshold is 3 posts and 20%.
  • r9k bans enabled.
  • /xenu/ is for dox, leaks and raids related to Project Chanology, discussion of long term strategy, planning of irl raids/protests, both local and global, and irl raid reports.
Local /i/ boards
  • "dome" threshold is 3 posts and 20%.
  • r9k bans disabled.


Good Stuff

Wakaba Extension

This Firefox Extension adds the following to the interface of 888chan's imageboards:

  • Thread Expansion
  • Post Expansion
  • Inline Image Expansion
  • Quick Reply
  • Thread Hiding
  • Quick Sage
  • Thread Navigation
  • Discussion Map
Install the extension.

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