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3D video cameras by 3DV
Since it was established 3DV Systems has developed 4 generations of depth cameras. Its primary focus in developing new products throughout the years has
been to reduce their cost and size, so that the unique state-of-the-art technology
will be affordable and meet the needs of consumers as well as of these of
multiple industries.
3D Video Camera Technology       
In recent years 3DV has been developing DeepCTM, a chipset that embodies the company's core depth sensing technology. This chipset can be fitted to work in any camera for any application, so that partners (e.g. OEMs) can use their own know-how, market reach and supply chain in the design and manufacturing of the overall camera capabilities. The chipset will be available for sale soon.

3D Video Camera Technology The new ZCamTM (previously Z-Sense), 3DV's most recently completed prototype camera, is based on DeepCTM and is the company's smallest and most cost-effective 3D camera. At the size of a standard webcam and at affordable cost, it provides very accurate depth information at high speed (60 frames per second) and high depth resolution (1-2 cm). At the same time, it provides synchronized and synthesized quality color (RGB) video (at 1.3 M-Pixel). With these specifications, the new ZCamTM (previously Z-Sense) is ideal for PC-based gaming and for background replacement in web-conferencing. Game developers, web-conferencing service providers and gaming enthusiasts interested in the new ZCamTM (previously Z-Sense) are invited to contact us.
As previously mentioned, the new ZCamTM (previously Z-Sense) and DeepCTM are the latest achievements backed by a tradition of providing high quality depth sensing products. Z-CamTM, the first depth video camera, was released in 2000 and was targeted primarily at broadcasting organizations. Z-MiniTM and DMC-100TM followed, each representing another leap forward in reducing cost and size.

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Product Evolution
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