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About Blood 2 HR

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About Blood 2 - Game Features

Four Playable Characters

Take control of any one of "The Chosen" -- four extraordinary characters who inhabit a dark near-future world reminiscent of Blade Runner and The Crow. Become Caleb, the vicious protagonist from the original Blood, his cold-blooded love Ophelia, the ruthless Ishmael, or the unrelenting warrior Gabriela.

Cutting Edge 3D with LithTech

Blood 2: The Chosen uses Monolith’s LithTech - one of the most advanced next-generation 3D engines in gaming. LithTech supports:

  • hierarchical key-framed animation (with interpolation), rigid envelopes and shape deformation, and motion captured animation
  • colored lighting effects, dynamic lighting, light mapping, and translucency and transparency for water and glass effects
  • large scale particle systems
  • custom textures for models
  • scripting with C++ WIN32 dll's for fast performance
  • real-time shadows
  • 32-player Bloodbath multiplayer
LithTech’s features give you the power to blow up walls, knock down buildings, scar surfaces with explosions and bullets, and interact with objects far beyond the level of simply collecting keys and destroying things. Destroy or interact with EVERYTHING if you want to survive!

Over 30 weapons!

Blood 2’s weapons let you kill and be killed in more ways than any other 3D action game. Burn, electrocute, shoot, stab, voodoo, blow up, slowly dismember, or flay the skin from your opposition, and expect the same treatment right back! Conventional and magic weapons include:

  • 9mm Berretta Pistol
  • Berretta .50 BMG Sniper Rifle
  • Returning favorites like the Flare Gun and Voodoo Doll. Blood 2’s host of new and vicious tools of destruction also include the Death Ray and the trusty napalm launcher!
Bloodthirsty Enemies

Take on a virtual army of enemies, from homicidal cultists to otherworldly horrors beyond imagining. Blood 2 has over 20 all new enemies to fight, as well as one returning fiend from the first game.

30+ action-filled, terror-laced, story-based levels!

Every level has a goal and a purpose that the player must understand to defeat the game. You’ll follow a complex story line that fills the world with purpose without detracting from the action, and ties in closely with the original game. There’s also an additional episode of 8 Bloodbath-only levels.

Multiplayer Bloodbaths

Take on up to 32 of your friends via modem, network, and internet play in grueling Bloodbath competitions, or even take on your friends in cooperative play. Bloodbaths include Humiliation Kills that allow you to gloat over your victory while your victim watches helplessly.

Awesome Audio

  • The most gruesome sound effects in a 3D action game! Blood veterans will run in fear at the new creations.
  • Original CD audio soundtrack that takes full advantage of the new Interactive Music Architecture to create music that reacts to situations and the environment.
  • Full 3D sound system immerses you in the fighting – you’ll quake in your boots as you hear those projectiles buzz past your ears.
  • Professional voice actors lend their talents to in-game character dialogue, enhancing the game with story, and adding humor or drama to key moments.
  • The “Voice” makes a return to Bloodbath!
More Killer Features
  • In-game cut scenes spread throughout the entire game create a believable and engaging story
  • Full 3D accelerator hardware support for screaming frame-rates in high resolution and color
  • Realistic item placement – there’s no more health just lying around, or ammo in the middle of the street. You will have to find it, or take it off of an enemy.
  • Scar the world with bullet marks, scorches from explosions, and a variety of effects from the Blood 2’s vast arsenal.
  • Guns lie flat on the ground, instead of hovering and spinning in the air.
  • Dynamic Death Scenes allow for a greater variety of death animations than any other game, and allow the player to dynamically blow off any limb on an enemy’s body.
  • Surface Attributes allow every surface to react realistically. When the player runs across or shoots a metal surface, it will sound like metal, wood sounds like wood, etc.
  • HLS (Hit Location Sensitive) enemies -- shoot them in the leg and they’ll limp, shoot them in the head and they’ll go down.
  • An active world, complete with traffic, civilians, and plenty of working objects to use and destroy.
System Requirements
  • Windows 95/98
  • Pentium 133
  • 32 Megs RAM
  • 3DFX or Direct3D compatible card
And last but not least - MORE BLOOD!!!
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