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Websites for the people (People like you!)

Imagine a world where everyone can publish online. Without censoring, popups, or banner ads. And you wouldn't even have to know html! Thats right, just good old-fashioned publishing. Help us accomplish this vision, make BluWiki your home on the web.

Keep this site free!

  • Donate to the wiki
  • Even a few dollars help.
  • Help keep ads off the site.
  • Feed a struggling entrepreneur.

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Create a Free Wiki Site

  • Build a website that your visitors can edit
  • Create as many wiki pages as you want
  • Share it with your friends and family
  • No banner or pop-up ads


BluWiki now has a Facebook page - click here to join it!


BluWiki's Facebook page had to be re-created due to circumstances beyond our control. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Feel free to join the current page.

BluWiki on IRC

Need help? Having trouble with BluWiki? Join #bluwiki on irc.freenode.net... somebody's almost always there.

Coming soon: Automated MediaWiki deployment

Get a unique MediaWiki installation on your own subdomain.

Need Help?

Find example BluWiki sites and basic editing help here. If you've never created a site on BluWiki before, check out Help:Build a Site.

If you need further help after checking the help area, please ask your questions in Help: User Help.

About the project...

What is BluWiki? Learn more about this site here.

BluWiki: a webidealist project

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