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Read the next two selections. Then answer the questions that follow them.



Use the newspaper article to answer questions 1–4.

1The London Eye was built to —
Aallow people in London to see nearby landmarks
Bfill an empty space on the river
Ccelebrate the new millennium
Dcarry people across the Thames River

2In paragraph 5, the word reaction means —
Fa response
Ga plan
Han agreement
Jan offer

3Paragraph 2 is mainly about —
Athe workers who built the London Eye
Bhow the London Eye was constructed
Cthe cranes used to lift the London Eye
Dhow much the London Eye cost to build

4Look at the outline below and answer the question that follows.

 Which idea belongs in the blank?
FSections of the London Eye
GPods on the London Eye
HBuildings near the London Eye
JWhy the London Eye was built

Use the letter to answer questions 5–8.

5Which sentence from the letter suggests that the London Eye is even more thrilling at night?
AThe best thing I’ve done so far is ride the London Eye, the largest Ferris wheel in the world.
BAunt Connie saw the statue of Lord Nelson.
CThe Thames River looked like a silver ribbon right in the middle of the city.
DI’ve heard that the lights of London shine like a million stars beneath your feet.

6The first-person point of view in the letter helps the reader understand —
FLacey’s thoughts and feelings during the ride
Gwhy the builder chose to build the London Eye
Hhow hard it was to build the London Eye
JUncle Nigel’s reasons for taking Lacey on the ride

7In paragraph 2, the word reluctant means —

8The reader knows that passengers on the London Eye are not required to stay in their seats, because —
Fit was built so people would have room to move around
Gno one is watching what they do
Han announcer tells them they may walk around
Jthe pod tilts as the people move

Use the newspaper article and the letter to answer questions 9–11.

9How does the reader know that it was a clear day when Lacey rode the London Eye?
AShe saw the pod above her.
BShe could see Windsor Castle.
CThere were many people waiting in line.
DShe wanted to ride again.

10Which detail in Lacey’s letter shows that she felt the same way about the London Eye as the passengers in the newspaper article felt?
FLacey thought the Ferris wheel looked scary.
GLacey wanted another turn on the ride.
HIt was peaceful and warm inside.
JLacey thought the pod looked like a giant fishbowl.

11A similarity between these two selections is that both discuss —
Athe new millennium
Bthe plans to take down the London Eye in 2005
Cthe London Eye’s builders
Dthe view passengers have while riding the London Eye

Read this selection. Then answer the questions that follow it.


12At the end of the article, the reader can tell that the men —
Fenjoy running the Arabia museum and restoring the ship’s cargo
Gare tired from working so hard on the Arabia project
Hhave become wealthy from selling the objects from the Arabia
Jhave become famous from the attention given to the Arabia

13In paragraph 9, what does the word excavate mean?
ATo remove
BTo survey
CTo notice
DTo discover

14What is one idea found throughout this article?
FGoing after a dream can be rewarding in unexpected ways.
GMuseums can reveal much about history.
HSteamboat travel was important during the 1800s.
JPeople must dig for buried treasure in order to be happy.

15Paragraphs 6 and 7 are mostly about —
Ahow the treasure hunters decided to locate the Arabia
Bwhat the treasure hunters learned about the Arabia
Chow the Missouri River slowly changed its course
Dwhy so many accidents happened on the Missouri River

16How does the author organize this article?
FBy describing the treasure hunters’ experiences as they happened
GBy explaining why steamboats sink and what happens to their cargoes
HBy comparing a search for buried treasure underwater with a search underground
JBy listing the advantages and disadvantages of searching for sunken treasure

17Before the Hawleys and Mackey could dig successfully, it was necessary to —
Ause bulldozers and backhoes to remove the dirt from the site
Bremove groundwater surrounding the ship
Cdetermine what materials were used to build the ship
Dlearn exactly what cargo the ship had been carrying

18What is this article mainly about?
FHow to find sunken ships
GPreserving buried treasure after finding it
HWhy people search for sunken ships
JFinding buried treasure in an unusual place

19Which is the best summary of this article?
AFour men set out to find a sunken steamboat by studying historical records. After much work they found and dug out the Arabia, which was buried under a cornfield near the Missouri River. The men opened a museum to display the historical treasure of old clothing, dishes, perfume, and other objects.
BWhile trying to find sunken treasure, four men learned about steamboats on the Missouri River. They decided to search for the Arabia and located it under a cornfield. More than a year passed before the men could begin digging up the steamboat and its treasure.
CSearching for sunken treasure takes much time and effort. Four men began looking for a steamboat by studying newspaper articles. They also used old maps and surveys that helped them find the steamboat Arabia, which had sunk in the Missouri River.
DFour men found the sunken steamboat Arabia under a cornfield near the Missouri River. The men worked long hours to remove wonderful objects, including old clothes, eyeglasses, dishes, and food, from the ship. The men learned how to keep the treasures from decaying.

20Why did the treasure hunters open a museum to display their finds from the Arabia?
FTo convince others of the rewards of treasure hunting
GTo show people how to preserve old objects they find
HTo share the history of the steamboat and its passengers
JTo raise money to search for more sunken steamboats

Read this selection. Then answer the questions that follow it.


21Why does Enrique write that this trip is the best thing that ever happened to him?
AHe has dreamed of riding through the rain forest on a canopy tram.
BHe had to work hard to write an essay about the rain forest.
CHe has always wanted to take a trip with his parents.
DHe has been interested in rain forests since he was a small child.

22From information in the selection, the reader can tell that the rain forest in Costa Rica is —
Fa little-known vacation spot
Gfull of loud noises
Hhome to some unusual animals
Jdangerous for humans

23Look at the following web of information from the selection.

 Which of the following belongs in the empty oval?
ACovered with algae
BMakes loud noises
CMoves quickly
DRuns along cables

24From information in the selection, the reader can conclude that certain species in the rain forest —
Fare afraid of the tram
Gsleep on the forest floor
Hdepend on one another
Jeat the leaves of the broccoli tree

25Paragraph 4 is mainly about —
Awhat a canopy tram is like
Bthe passengers riding in a canopy tram
Chow a canopy tram works
Dthe animals seen from a canopy tram

26Which is the best summary of this selection?
FAfter winning an essay contest, Enrique travels with his parents to a rain forest in Costa Rica. They ride a tram through the treetops and see many different animals and plants. Enrique gains a new understanding of some of the facts he used in his essay.
GEnrique writes an essay and wins a trip to a rain forest. After arriving in Costa Rica, he and his parents check into a lodge in the rain forest. The next morning they ride in a canopy tram, and the guide tells them many new things about the animals that live there.
HEnrique and his parents travel to a rain forest in Costa Rica and stay at a lodge. When they ride in a canopy tram, they see a three-toed sloth that looks green because algae grows on its fur. They also see some sleeping bats.
JWhile traveling in a canopy tram, Enrique and his parents listen to the tour guide. They learn about many different animals. They learn how to look for animals that are hiding in the trees. Enrique laughs when he sees a tree that looks like a bunch of broccoli.

27Why do Enrique and his parents take a ride in the canopy tram?
AThey are eager to have Juventino teach them about the animals.
BMost of the animals in the rain forest live high in the trees.
CThey want to avoid walking among the trees.
DThe ride through the treetops is exciting.

28Why do Enrique and his parents go to bed early after arriving at the lodge?
FThey want to be well rested for the tour the next morning.
GThe sound of the birds of the rain forest puts them to sleep.
HThey are tired after the long airplane trip from Dallas.
JThe tour guide tells them that the tram ride the next day will be difficult.

29How does Enrique organize what he wrote about the rain forest?
ABy discussing his trip to the rain forest from start to finish
BBy describing what a canopy tram looks like and how it works
CBy explaining how he changed during the course of his trip
DBy describing the problems of the rain forest and how they can be solved

30Enrique and his parents have a guide so that they can learn —
Fhow not to lose their way in the rain forest
Gabout the plants and animals in the rain forest
Hhow to use the canopy tram correctly
Jabout the safety features of the canopy tram

Read this selection. Then answer the questions that follow it.


31Why is Will at Shortstop Ranch?
AHe wants to learn about ranching.
BHe likes helping Ms. Slocum.
CHe enjoys working with Orlando.
DHe needs to make money.

32Which sentence from the story shows that Will doesn’t like his job at the ranch?
FHe knew he was going to be in trouble for being late.
G“Let’s get this work done so I can get out of here early.”
H“Just my luck,” he said, looking at Tess.
JAfter what seemed like forever, they reached the opposite bank.

33Which sentence from the story best shows that Will is more concerned with the lamb’s well-being than with his own?
AThe lamb looked tiny and weak.
BWill took off his jacket and put it around the lamb.
CHe stroked the quivering animal, wondering what to do.
DHe looked at the lamb and saw that its sides were heaving.

34The author organizes this story by —
Fdescribing what is needed to be a good ranch hand
Gstating reasons why Will does not want to work at the ranch
Hexplaining how a boy’s feelings change over time
Jlisting each job that Will needs to perform

35It is easier for Will to cross the river the first time because —
Ahe doesn’t have as much to carry
Bthe storm has not yet begun
Che already has a rope tied to a tree
Dhis horse isn’t tired yet

36Orlando is irritated in paragraph 7 because —
FMs. Slocum favors Will
GWill won’t help him with his work
HWill has a poor attitude
Jhe is in a hurry to check fences

37Why are paragraphs 4 through 11 important to the story?
AThey show how Will feels about working on the ranch.
BThey explain what Will’s job will be that day.
CThey tell the reader why Ms. Slocum hired Will.
DThey show why Will must work at the ranch.

38Why is the description of the river in paragraph 12 important to the story?
FIt shows how wide the river is.
GIt explains the importance of the river to the ranch.
HIt describes how cold the water in the river is.
JIt suggests that the river could become dangerous.

39How does Will’s attitude change at the end of the story?
AHe decides that he wants to work at the ranch during the summer.
BHe realizes that being a ranch hand can be a rewarding job.
CHe knows that he is not a good ranch hand.
DHe thinks that working on a ranch is a dangerous job.

40Which of these is the best summary of the story?
FWill is unhappy that he must work as a ranch hand. During a storm Will finds a lamb and decides to help it. He crosses a flooding river and is able to save the lamb. Afterward he has a new appreciation for his job.
GOne day Will comes to work in a very bad mood. He is rude to Orlando and Ms. Slocum. He thinks that checking the fence is boring. He can’t wait to go to the movies with his friends.
HWill doesn’t like working at a ranch during spring break. He comes to work late, but he doesn’t get into trouble. Ms. Slocum tells him that he should go to the north pasture and check the fences for damage.
JWill works on Ms. Slocum’s ranch as a ranch hand. A rainstorm hits as he is out checking the fences. The rain causes the river Will must cross to become very dangerous.

41Why does Will look for a big tree by the river?
ATo keep Tess calm in the storm
BTo help him stay dry
CTo show the other ranch hands where to cross
DTo stay safe as he crosses the river

42At the end of the story, the reader can tell that Ms. Slocum —
Fis surprised by the way Orlando treats Will
Ghas known Will a long time
His ready to fire Will if he doesn’t check on the lamb
Jthinks that Will has the qualities of a good ranch hand

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