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Dr Valeri Vladimirovich Polyakov Russian Physician Cosmonaut. Born 27 April 1942. Longest single space flight (437 days). 678 cumulative days in space.

Personal: Male, Married, one child. Born in Rostov-on-Don, Tula, Russia. MD Institute of Medical Biological Problems Medical Doctor. Civilian Physician, Institute of Medical Biological Problems.

Astronaut Career

Astronaut Group: IMBP Group 1 - 1972. Inactive Entered space service: 22 March 1972. Left space service: 1 June 1995. Number of Flights: 2.00. Total Time: 678.69 days.

Polyakov Spaceflight Log

  • 29 August 1988 Flight: Mir LD-2. Flight Up: Soyuz TM-6. Flight Back: Soyuz TM-7. Flight Time: 240.94 days.
  • 8 January 1994 Flight: Mir LD-4. Flight Up: Soyuz TM-18. Flight Back: Soyuz TM-20. Flight Time: 437.75 days.

Polyakov Chronology

27 May 1964 - Voskhod passenger candidates. After screening the flight candidates have been boiled down to four: Lazarev, Yegorov, Polyakov, and Sorokin. Moskalev and Katys are the remaining scientist-passenger candidates. Kamanin believes Katys, with a doctorate in technical sciences, is the better candidate and definitely superior to any of the OKB-1 engineer candidates.

29 May 1964 - Voskhod passenger candidates. Following final review, the General Staff ordered Lazarev, Yegorov, Polyakov, Sorokin, and Katys to enter training for flight aboard the Voskhod spacecraft.
2 July 1964 - Voskhod and Soyuz crewing. Benderov has been washed out of training after haemorrhaging excessively during centrifuge training, and Polyakov after reacting poorly to the barometric chamber. This leaves only seven cosmonauts in training for the first mission: Volynov, Katys, Komarov, Yegorov, Sorokin, Lazarev, and Feoktistov. The first six are qualified for flight, but Feoktistiov cannot be admitted for parachute or flight training; his visual acuity is only 0.3. Later the cosmonaut party collective meets to take up the problem of Titov. He has made many errors: he drives and flies too fast, he has bad marital relations. But he is known not only to the entire country, but to the whole world. To disgrace him would not reflect only on him, but on all of the cosmonauts and the Soviet Union. Therefore it is finally decided not to take any public action, but to switch him and Beregovoi in the training order for the fourth Soyuz flight.
Soyuz TM-6
Polyakov and Mohmand move equipment around Mir....
Credit- RKK Energia

Later Finogenov, head of the VVS range at Vladimirovka, informs Kamanin that flight trials of the new combination parachute/soft landing system will be delayed at least two weeks after the failure of one of the parachute canopy rings in static test.

22 March 1972 - IMBP Cosmonaut Training Group 1 selected.. Physicians and biomedical specialist cosmonauts for planned missions to the Salyut space station.
1980 November - Soyuz T-3A (cancelled). Planned but cancelled manned flight. Crew dissolved when Lazarev failed physical in early 1981.
27 November 1980 - Soyuz T-3. Manned three crew. Docked with Salyut 6. Tested the improved transport ship of the 'SOYUZ T' series; transported to the Salyut-6 orbital station a crew consisting of L D Kizim, O G Makarov and G M Strekalov to carry out repair and preventive work and scientific and technical investigation and experiments.
8 February 1984 - Soyuz T-10. Manned three crew. Docked with Salyut 7. Transported a crew consisting of ship's commander L D Kizim, flight engineer V A Solovyov and cosmonaut-research O Y Atkov to the SALYUT-7 orbital station to conduct scientific and technical studies and experiments.
29 August 1988 - Soyuz TM-6. Transported to the Mir orbital station a Soviet-Afghan crew comprising the cosmonauts V A Lyakhov, V V Polyakov and A A Momand (Afghanistan) to conduct joint research and experiments with the cosmonauts V G Titov and M K Manarov. Returned Manarov, Titov (Soyuz TM-4), Chretien (Soyuz TM-7) to Earth. Initial orbit 195 X 228 km at 51. 57 deg. Maneuvered to a 235 x 259 km orbit, then docked with Mir at 05:41 GMT on 31 August at its 339 x 366 km orbit. Moved from aft to forward port 8 Sept 88.
27 April 1989 - Landing of Soyuz TM-7. Soyuz TM-7 landed at 02:59 GMT with the crew of Krikalyov, Polyakov and Volkov Aleksandr aboard.
8 January 1994 - Soyuz TM-18. Mir Expedition EO-15. Docked at the Kvant module on January 10 at 11:15 GMT. Transported to the Mir orbital station of a crew comprising the cosmonauts V M Afanasev, Y V Usachev, and V V Polyakov for the fifteenth main expedition.
22 March 1995 - Landing of Soyuz TM-20. Soyuz TM-20 landed 22 km northeast of Arkalyk in Kazakhstan at 04:04 GMT with crew of Viktorenko, Kondakova and Polyakov aboard.


Soyuz TM-18
Polyakov, Afanasyev, Usachev aboard Mir....
Credit- RKK Energia

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