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Episode 63 (S04E05) March 1, 2009

Fire up, get in to the chat and download episode 63.

Tom Merritt of CNET skyped in with me for this episode. Tom, of course, co hosts the best (IMHO) etch podcasts out there, Buzz Out Loud.  As an executive editor at CNET Tom also co hosts the Read Deal, CNET Live and Top 5.  Tom also has a couple of personal shows, East Meets West with Roger Chang and the Sword and Laser with Veronica Belmont.  

We talked about the community of BOL (or BuzzTown as it is often known) Tom's early days with NPR, and his Tech TV days.  

Tom has also published a really good novel, Boiling Point, through  

Music in this episode is by Jonathan Coulton.

Thanks again for this tom, it was great to have you on T6.

Episode 62 (S04E04) November 1, 2008

Check the polls, then download Dave's conversation with Gerry Kirk of

Gerry is a software guy from Sault Ste. Marie that decided to take strategic voting in the recent Canadian election to new levels with his aforementioned website.  The basic idea was that if you thought your vote might have more in effect in a different part of the country you could sign up at Gerry's site and be paired with someone else.  You would, in essence, swap votes.  As idealistic as it sounds it turned out that vote swapping probably affected at least two ridings in the country.  Pretty cool.  You never know when there will be another Canadian election as this is a minority parliament, so if you are interested, check Gerry's site out, oh and follow him on twitter...  Heck follow Dave and Isabelle too.

Music in this episode from Startlefish and Chris Belsito
Episode 61 (S04E03) September 7, 2008

Call any local dignitaries you want and then download this episode.

On September 4, 2008 our University, Algoma, had an official coming out party of sorts.  The president, Dr. Ross, the Dean (a two time T6 guest) Dr. Arthur Perlini, the Healing Lodge Singers from Garden River (they were great) and even the Premier of Ontario, the Hon. Dalton McGuinty all came together for our grand opening.  It was excellent.  You have to listen through this, you will hear a few speeches, all passionate, but the highlights of the day were The Healing Lodge Singers and the Premier testing out some new material.  He could do standup if this whole being the Premier of Ontario thing doesn't work out...  

Thanks to everyone that was there, especially the out of towners, alumni, students and staff.

Music in the episode from Sound of a Revolution and Jet Pin Army.  

Episode 60 (S04E02) August 24, 2008

Download this episode to get the inside scoop on all the stars...

But seriously, this episode features an interview with Tim Coyne of the Hollywood Podcast.  Tim is an actor and writer living in LA, oh and he has this cool show that is most certainly NOT about the stars' relationships and substance abuse problems.  It is a series of interviews with people working in 'the industry' and Tim's personal journey throughout the world of acting and writing.  The show is truly amazing.  Do check out the corn muffin bit, it rocks.

Music in this episode is by City Redefined and Hazelden, both LA bands.

Episode 59 (S04E01) May 29, 2008

You can get episode 59 of T6 right here, and you don't even have to ask Sudbury if it is ok...

Yup, it happened, Algoma University College is now Algoma University.  Same school of course, but now we are independent.  Dave recorded the first reading of the Algoma University Act as well as the third reading and passage of the bill at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.  After that he talked with Episode 1's Dr. Arthur Perlini about what independence means.  

A special thanks to everyone that made this day possible.  

Music in this episode is from Hell or Highwater and Jonathan Coulton.

Episode 58 (S03E05) March 2, 2008

Download episode 58 here and then sample it, mash it up and rap to it...

On February 28 Flex and Strik9 played the Speak Easy at Algoma U to help celebrate black history month and well, to have a good time with everyone present.  Well, before his arrival, Flex contacted Dave and the two Canadian hip hop artists sat down before the show and talked hip hop, they talked music and file sharing, and, of course, they talked about hwo they are all from London, ON...

Thanks so much to Flex and Strik9, it was a great time guys.

Episode 57 (S03E04) January 29, 2008

Downlaod episode 57 right here.

A belated Happy New Year to everyone from all of us here at T6 (and by all of us, I sorta mean Isabelle and Dave...)  Yeah we have been away for a long while, sorry about that, life manages to get in the way now and then...

This episode was recorded at FuturePlay 2007 in Toronto.  Diane Devenyi, an MA student in education at York was distributing flyers around the conference, and it sounds like a cool project. Basically she is trying to put a book together on the 'Chicken Soup' model.

Do you have game stories? Has gaming changed you? Has it changed your friends? Let Diane know at

Music in this episode from Battery Life and Jet Pin Army.

Episode 56 (S03E03) November 21, 2007

Interview With Eitan Glinert - Accessibility in Games

You can get this episode, no matter how well you see, right here.

During the FuturePlay 2007 conference I recorded a couple of interviews, so besides the keynotes I got to hang out with some cool people and talk games. One of those cool people was (well is, I am sure he is still cool...) Eitan Glinert. Eitan and others have been working on a game that is equally playable for sighted and visually impaired people. Having low vision myself, this game is pretty interesting to me. The game is called Audiodyssey, it is available now as a free download, check it out.

He is also getting going on a startup in May called Fire Hose VIdeo Games, so if you need a job in May or so, perhaps you should contact Eitan....

Music in this episode is from Uncle Seth, (whose bass player I hung out with at the Toronto Podcast Meetup on Thursday, November 15) and The Mark Harold Band.

Episode 55 (S03E02) October 28, 2007

Download episode 55 here, before it dsappears and gets sawed in half.

In episode 55 Dave interviews Illusionist Ryan McFarling.  Ryan is a graduate of the Algoma U psychology honours program (which immediately makes him one of the cool kids) and he put up with Dave teaching him advanced theoretical statistics, which makes him one of the patient kids..

Ryan and Dave talked about how Ryan got into magic, who influences his act and what magicians he likes.  Here's a hint, Penn and Teller.

Ryan tours all over North America, often at college campuses, so if you get a chance to see him, don't pass it up.

Music in this episode is from Black Lab and Freddy.

More content is on the way as Dave will be off to FuturePlay 2007 in Toronto.  Be sure to check out the official FuturePlay blog, with your correspondent, umm, Dave.

Episode 54 (S03E01) September 7, 2007

Episode 54 can be downloaded here.

Season three opens with a bang as Dave and Mike Beualieu chatted over skype.  Who is Mike?  Well he was one of the lead animators on a little film called the Transformers, perhaps you have heard of it...

Mike is from Canada but moved to the States a few years back to pursue his career in animation.  He has worked on a number of films, including The Wild, and is currently working on the film Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Mike is a hockey fan, though like any sensible Leaf fan, he is looking for another team..

This was a real pleasure for me Mike, come back on any time.

Music in this episode is from Amerikan Made and Dice.

Episode 53 (S02E16) June 29, 2007

Episode 53 can be downloaded here.

An interview with John Nordlinger of Microsoft Research.

Dave and John pretty much talked about how gaming can change everything from computer science, to university curricula to the whole darned world.  If you are at all interested in such topics you can find out a lot more here.

John Nordlinger is currently Program Manager at Microsoft Research. John got his start with computers earning money to pay for his Philosophy degree at Northeastern University. [in between or during classes he played arcade games] He was then hired by Digital Equipment Corporation to troubleshoot and work on VAX/VMS and DEC OSF/1 as a Principal engineer. [inside Digital, folks in engineering, including John, played Moriah on VAX/VMS].

Around the time Digital management thought adding posix to VAX/VMS justified the rename to OpenVMS, John coincidentally left to live in North Conway, NH, where he hiked, climbed ice and jumped started friend's cars for all but the three weeks of summer - he also played Tombraider and Pitfall during the long dark and cold nights. One muddy spring day in Northern NH, John found a copy of the new magazine Wired in a convenience store, next to the beer and hunting ammo, he decided to return to high tech and sent a mail to his friends at Oracle.

As a technical director for the Digital product line, John was hired by Oracle to work on 64-bit Oracle and then to launch the Oracle 64-bit VLM database (on Digital's Alpha) using SAS Insight on the frontend. The event, at the Equitable in NYC, was a huge success, largely due to the successful demos and Larry Ellison's stage presence. . Microsoft's SQL Server marketing group noticed that event, and invited John to do a similar (but much larger) event a year later, including the 64-bit SQL Server database, special supporting versions of WindowXP and SAS Insight, again on the front end. Also this time there were five other high end Back Office demos, (again in the Equitable building in NY) at Microsoft's now renown Scalability Day. There and elsewhere John, working with MSR's wizard Jim Gray, launched Terraserver; Thousand of Billions byte database and map of the US and other KGB interested regions. Despite early predictions of its demise, Terraserver remains a very popular web resource.

John had little time for games while in SQL Server, so he left Microsoft, and traveled in India, Thailand and Italy for a couple of years, eventually returning 2.5 years later to work in MSR University Relations. John now is responsible for influencing CS curriculum to inspire future cs students with the use computer gaming themes and technologies. On the weekends or late at night, he sometimes plays Everquest2.

John will be speaking at the upcoming FuturePlay conference in Toronto.

Music in this episode from Unlce Seth and the Robert Farrell Band.  Both bands performed at PAB 2007.

To hear more about PAB check our Regina Radio with episode 51 gues James Whittingham.

Episode 52 (S02E15) June 12, 2007

Episode 52 can be downloaded here without a cheat code.

An interview with 2007 FuturePlay conference speaker Mia Consalvo.

Mia does research into video game cheating and is the author of several papers and books on the subject.  She has also recently began to look at the interaction of Japanese and American culture in the gaming industry.  

Mia is a prof in the telecommunications department of Ohio University.  

Funny, two professors talking about how much they both cheat.  However, it is in video games, not on papers...

Music in this episode from Quickie and Redefining the Moment.

Episode 51 (S02E14) June 4, 2007

Episode 51 can be directly downloaded here.

In episode 51 Dave sat down via skype with comedian/blogger/podcaster/youtuber James Whittingham from Regina, SK.

James has been in the comedy biz for a long time, and has experimented with blogging over the years as well as podcasting.  Earlier this year he switched to youtubing, and never looked back. James is, in fact, a bit of a youtube celeb.  

James has worked on Just For Laughs as well as a number of other projects.

Of course his most important work was his coverage (along with Dave and Isabelle) of Podcasters Across Borders.

Thanks for this James.

BTW, coming soon Tangential Convergence.

Music in this episode is from Caffeine.

Episode 50 (S02E13) March 20, 2007.

If you are still not subscribed, push that XML button up there, or the iTunes badege, but well if you still wanna do it the old way, you could always click here.

In part two of our two part series on podcast production, Dave, Glyn and Isabelle talked about content.  Is content king?  Well if not, it is clearly some sort of prince regent.  OK, so you have webspace, you have gear, you have to talk about something.

Dave, Glyn and Isa covered the use of music in podcasts, how to publicize your podcast (like getting listed on iTunes, Podcast Alley, and of course the Buffet)  and meeting with other podcasters like Matt and Andre or Mark and Bob (not to mention James Whittingham or the Dude) at events like Podcasters Across Borders.  

Podcasting is social and it is fun.  Do NOT let it take over your life.  Have fun, and if you do get a show up and running drop us a line and we will plug it on T6.

Music in this episode from Rotten Bark and the Phantom Sleuth.

Episode 49 (S02E12) March 12, 2007.

Download the old fashioned way here.

You know we have been doing T6 for almost two years and we have been asked many times "How do you guys do a podcast?"  Well, in this the first of a two part series Dave, Glyn and Isabelle talk abou the technical end of things.  How do you record?  What do you use to record?  What sort of mics do you use?  Where do you get webspace?

Mics?  Well this episode was recorded with two little lapel mics and an iRiver FP 700 (which you can score on ebay for under 40 bucks nowadays).  

What about recording software?  Well if you have a Mac you are in luck as garageband comes with all new Macs.  However try out audacity, wild voice, pod producer or castblaster for cheap or free alternatives.

As far as webspace, well if you have a .mac account again you are in luck.  (Broca's Area uses .mac).  You could get an account at libsym, which many people use.

Music?  Hey is great for tunes.

Music in this episode from Kingsomniac and Uncle Seth.

Next time, umm, well we have the gear, what about content?

Episode 48 (S02E11) March 5, 2007

Direct download link

A conversation with psychology Honours thesis students Lindsay Page and Celia DiMicoli about their thesis research, and the whole thesis project.  Many students are a little concerned about the idea of designing, analyzing and carrying out their own research but pretty much everyone gets through it and does a great job at the annual thesis conference.  

For those of you in the Sault Ste. Marie area come down to the thesis conference on March 23, 2007.  Maybe you can get Lindsay and Celia's autographs...

Oh Skye, just turn the tap to the right...

Music by Less Than Jake and Pat Robitaille.

Episode 47 (S02E10) February 26, 2007

Episode 47 direct download link

An interview with independent game devlopers/producers Jonathan Blow and Kellee Santiago.

Kellee "...was born in Caracas, Venezuela and grew up in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia. At the age of 18 I escaped to New York City. I danced, clowned, performed, and scared my parents a lot. I traveled (and continue to do so) around the the world. At the age of 24 I became delusional and thought moving to Los Angeles was a good idea. Now I design and produce video games."  Kellee's company developed the games flow and cloud, two innovative and fascinating games, and they are developing downloadable content for the PS3.

Jonathan may be best known for his game "Braid."  For many years he wrote the Inner Product column for Game Developer Magazine. Blow is the primary host of the Experimental Gameplay Workshop each March at the Game Developers Conference, which has become a premier showcase for new ideas in video games. In addition, Blow is a regular participant in the Indie Game Jam.

We discussed how they got their starts, the indie games industry and the perils of doing a four person conference in skype and how many damned edits you have to do (OK, Dave just thought about the last one after the fact...)

Music in this episode is from Skinner and Tenpenny Joke.

Oh, and we got a gizmo message from Russell!

Episode 46 (S02E09) February 19, 2007

Episode 46 is available free of charge and released with only some rights reserved here.

GLyn and Dave sat down via skype with Cory Doctorow of boingboing.  

Cory Doctorow is a blogger, journalist and science fiction author who serves as co-editor of the blog Boing Boing. He is in favor of liberalizing copyright laws, and a proponent of the Creative Commons organisation, and uses some of their licenses for his books. Some common themes of his work include digital rights management, file sharing, Disney, and post-scarcity economics.

Doctorow moved to Los Angeles, California in mid-2006 from London, England, where he worked as European Affairs Coordinator for the Electronic Frontier Foundation for four years, helping to set up the Open Rights Group, before quitting to pursue writing full-time in January 2006. (Upon his departure, Doctorow was named a Fellow of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and now teaches at the University of Southern California) He is a frequent public speaker on copyright issues. (The above two paragraphs are from Cory's wikipedia page, just thought it sensible to cite our sources when talking to Cory...)

As you would probably guess, Dave, Glyn and Cory talked copyright, DRM, and hockey.  OK, not so much hockey.

Music in this episode form Jamie Strange and Gone For Good.

Thanks so very much Cory!

Episode 45 (S02E08) January 10, 2007

Episode 45 can be downloaded here.

Dave sat down over skype with Cayenne Chris Conroy the writer/producer of the Tekdiff podcast.  Tekdiff is a sketch comedy show out of Minnesota that is one of the most clever shows on the web.  Cayenne does about a zillion characters and the sketches run together sort of like the old Monty Python shows. 

Dave and Cayenne talked about how he got into podcasting, how he writes and produces his show and what his inspirations have been over the years. 

That was a lot of fun, all T6 listeners should check out tekdiff.  

No music in this ep, but there are a couple of clips of tekdiff, enjoy, and thanks Cay!

Episode 44 (S02E07) December 18, 2006.

Episode 44 can be downloaded here.

Glyn is back and better than ever.  Well perhaps he is just the same...

Glyn and Dave sat down at the SpeakEasy for a pitcher of Rickard's Red and a list of the Top 12 Tech Stories of the Year (compiled by Dave) and the Top 12 offbeat tech stories of the year (compiled by Glyn).

Google was mentioned, so was youtube and a guy with like 1.8 m arms...

We at T6 hope everyone has a great holiday, no matter what hiliday you celebrate.

Music in this episode from Quickie with Movie Star Soldier and Sinking Spells with October.

Episode 43 (S02E06) November 6, 2006.

Episode 43 can be downloaded here.

From FuturePlay, the guys from the Log2N team talk about how to win a game design competition.  We featured their video back in the summer, well they did well and made Algoma U proud!  They carried away the awards for most innovative game and for best team leader.  If you are interested in game design, you will love this episode.

Music in this episode from Anti Flag and the Descendents.

Episode 42 (S02E05) October 26, 2006.

Episode 42 can be downloaded here.

Well perhaps we at T6 are doing this ass backwards, but what the heck.  In our last episode Dave interviewed Clint Hocking at Futureplay.  Well, as usual Dave takes his little MP3 recorder everywhere (as his students know...) and of course Clint's keynote at Futureplay was recorded.  Well after some audio work on the file it seemed ready for prime time, or at least, ready for podcasting....  

Clint is a visionary, and if you are a designer or an aspiring one, you have to listen to this talk.  

Music in the episode by Bubble and CCA.  Both of these songs have been featured on Dave's Lecturecasts.

Episode 41 (S02E04) October 15, 2006.

Episode 41 can be downloaded secretly without Kombayn Nikoladze ever knowing here.

From FuturePlay 2006 an interview with Clint Hocking.  Clint has been working for Ubisoft in Montréal for five years. Most recently he worked as scriptwriter, lead level designer and creative director on SPLINTER CELL: CHAOS THEORY. Before games he worked in the web industry and experimented with independent filmmaking while earning a masters’ degree in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia. He lives happily in Montréal with his fiancé and his dog.

Dave and Clint talked about the future of game design and the fact that games need not just be fun, they could also be what Clint calls 'engaging'.  There is a whole other market out there beyond the 18-34 year old males.

Clint is working on a project currently for Ubisoft, but Dave could not get it out of him.  Perhaps Sam Fisher knows....

Music in this episode from The Rantings of EVA and Battery Life.

Episode 40 (S02E03) October 5, 2006.

Download, pour a gel, clone and listen to episode 40 here.

Marc Pelletier of Futures in Biotech from the network joined Dave over skype.  

Marc and Dave started off by talking a little bit about hockey, they are Canadian after all, and then moved on into Marc's career as a graduate student at McGill and now his position as a postdoc in the Physiology Department at some school called Yale...

Marc is doing bleeding edge biotech research at Yale and he and his colleagues will one day allow us all to live to be a thousand.  OK, I made that part up.  That said, biotech is moving so fast that you never know what is coming around the corner.

Not only is Marc a top notch scientist, he is also the host of the podcast Futures in Biotech with the legendary Leo Laporte.  Each week Marc and Leo interview different scientists in biotech and allied fields.  From the website: "Explore the world of genetics, cloning, protein folding, genome mapping, and more with the most important researchers in biotech"

Thanks a lot Marc, that rocked.  

Music in this episode "You Don't Need an iPod" by Uncle Seth and "Toys on a Shelf" by A Step Beyond.

Episode 39 (S02E02) October 4, 2006.

Episode 39 can be downloaded even without a library card, here.

Dave sat down with Algoma U library director Ken 'Kenny' Hernden.  Ken and Dave talked about how librarians have to be super tech savvy, how they have to understand everything from linux to RSS feeds and how the library is about information, not just books.  Sounds geeky, which of course, is why Dave and Ken get along....

Ken shared his opinions on DRM (aka copy protection) and the imprtance of the free flow of information.  They also talked a little Battlestar Galactica (I said they were geeks...)

Music on this episode "For Fiona" by No Use For A Name and "To Be an Angel" by Uncle Seth.

Episode 38, or Season 2, Episode 1, September 14, 2006, take your pick.

Episode 38 can be downloaded here.

Yup, we're back and as good or better than ever. 

Episode 38 features an interview with Quebec film producer Bernard Lajoie.  Bernard was one of the producers of the Oscar winning 2000 IMAX short film "The Old Man and the Sea."

Dave and Bernard talked about how Bernard got into the biz and what lead up to the Oscar winning 2000 film. 

They also talked about the future of film and media in the youtube era.  Bernard figures that distribution mechanisms like youtube will allow for more democratization of film making, which will help more people get their art out.  That said it will get more of all art out, good and bad.

Bernard was way cool to sit down with T6 and we thank him a lot.  Merci beaucoup mon ami.

Music in this episode is from  Songs featured are 'More' by Amerikan Made and 'First Semester Freedom Fighter' by Hell or Highwater.

Special appearances from this episode by Isabelle, Julie, Maddie and Noella.

Episode 37, July 20, 2006 - Big Wheel and the Spokes.

You can groove to episode 37 right here.

In the final of our three part mini series on Second Stage, Dave and Isabelle talk to and listen to Big Wheel and the Spokes.  

These guys are a funky blues power trio, if that makes sense.  They are really tight and, of course, are local.  

In their interview outside of loplops they talked about file sharing, the reason people do music in the first place, the issue of steroids in music and the challenge of playing original music in a small(ish) city.  

The guys are a lot of fun (though it is hard to tell about Frank and Cliff as Jay does not oft let them get a word in edgewise....) and T6 encourages you to go pick up their new CD "Barley Soup for the Funky-Ass Soul" (mmmmmm soup).

Thanks guys.

Look for more from blogelation soon.

Episode 36, July 18, 2006 - Craig West of Startlefish

Episode 36 can be downloaded here.

During the Second Stage event at Loplops on July 14 Craig West stepped out back with Dave and his (Dave's) shiny new portable MP3 recorder.  Craig and Dave talked music, media and the effects of online distribution on music.

Craig is one of the founding fathers of blogelation and a member of the band Startlefish.  He describes their music as Pink Floyd meet the Police, but grittier.  Now matter how you describe it, the music is great.  You will hear two tracks from Startlefish during the episode.

Episode 35, July 16, 2006 - What does Blogelation mean?

Episode 35 can be downloaded right here dude.

Episode 35 was recorded at Loplops in Sault Ste. Marie on Friday July 14, 2006.  Curt O'Neil of fame along with Craig West have set up an alternative media empire.  OK, it is a loose affiliation of some bloggers and a podcast.  The group is known as Blogelation. All of us are out of the Sault Ste. Marie area and the first event that was covered, indeed the impetus for starting blogelation was the Second Stage at Rotaryfest.  The second stage features original music from local bands.  

So, why did we record the episode at loplops rather than outside?  Well err umm err the second stage blew over in a gust of wind.  Seriously.  Happily we were able to relocate to loplops.  

This episode includes two tracks off of Chris Belsito's new CD Fade Dissolve.

Episode 34, July 11, 2006 - Dave is Enthusiastic about Jim Dupree.

Episode 34 is available for direct download here.

Dan Misener from Collective Productions and Dave sat down over skype to talk about Jim Dupree, Enthusiast, the Canaries and the future of podcasting.

Jim Dupree: Enthusiast is quite simply the funnies show on the interwebs.  The vidcast follows the trials and tribulations of Jim Dupree (Misener) who is enthusiastic about different topics every episode.  Enthusiastic, yes, knowledgeable, no.....

Dave and Dan talked about the future of content being delivered through RSS aggregation as Dan's production partner Tristan Homer (star of the Podcast of My Discontent) would say, and decided podcasting and vidcasting are not nearly as big as the people you see at meetups think they are.

Their discussion then moved to the realm of music.  Dan is the bass player in the band the Canaries.  Oddly enough, Dave plays bass.  Even more oddly, they share the same birthday, June 23....

Enjoy.  And Thanks Dan.

Week 1 of Log2n at Dare to Be Digital.

Video Download available here.

Log2n is a video game design team comprised of five students from Algoma University, in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada. The team is currently taking part in the Dare to be Digital competition at the University of Abertay-Dundee, in Dundee, Scotland. Also joining the team in Scotland, a sixth member, an international student from India.

This is the video of the start of the trip.

More episodes will follow and hopefully the guys can get on skype and we can get a live report.

thunderbird six is the official Podcast of log2n.  Good luck guys.

Oh yeah, and digg the story about log2n.

Episode 33, June 14, 2006

Episode 33 is available for direct download here.

Jeff MacArthur and Brian McKechnie from talking vidcasting, tech and the future of both.

Jeff and Brian are part of the team that brings you the hugely popular (how does 7 TB served up in May sound....) vidcast

Each week the CommandN team delivers fresh tech content, tips hacks and other cool stuff.

Dave sat down via Skype with Brian and Jeff and they talked a bit about the future of vidcasting and podcasting and how they got involved.  Then they talked a little about what the biggest tech developments of the past year have been and what the Next Big Thing (tm) might be.  It was a great time, though as Canadians we all had to end the interview to go watch hockey.

Thanks again guys, it was a blast.

Episode 32, May 27, 2006

Episode 32 can be downlaoded here.

Jenn Cutter of

Jenn hosts one of the coolest vidcasts on the web, OpenAlpha.  OpenAlpha covers gaming from a persoanl angle, Jenn covers the gaming world, does the odd review, but mostly talks about stuff like hacks and rarely covered games like her upcoming special on music games.  

Jenn and Dave talked about the history of games, well their history, and how they both started out on the Intellivision.  They discussed the so called 'girl gamer' market and the future of media.

Jenn was at E3 (check out her E3 episodes at and was very impressed with the Nintendo Wii.  

They ended up by talking about the future of media like vidcasting and podcasting and the often poor translation of games to movies.

Huge props to Aaron Crocco of the Geekcast for the tip on recording skype calls, the sound quality on this episode was awesome.  Big shout out to the Germans, especially Matt and Andre.

Music at the end of this episode is from the band Private Joker with Hundred Times Over, courtesy of

Finally, if you still do now know what a podcast is, you could always Ask a Ninja....

Thanks again Jenn.

Episode 31, May 9, 2006

Episode 31 can be downloaded here.

Brodbeck and Brodbeck.

Dave and Dan Brodbeck, one a prof and a podcaster, the other a record producer, sat down via Apple's iChat to talk about the current state of the music industry and talk about what kind of bands Dan is recording and has recorded.  They talked about the 'Canadian sound' does it exist?

Dan weighed in on the filesharing debate talking about the price of music, an how most artists are NOT wealthy guys in mansions, and that they deserve our support.  

Thanks so much Dan, it was well worth the wait.

Episode 30, April 2, 2006.

Episode 30 can be downloaded here.

Pat Robitaille and Aaron Garner were playing at the Speakeasy on March 31 and they graciously agreed to sit down for an interview with Dave and Isabelle.  Pat has a big following in Sault Ste. Marie, indeed, Dave thought Pat was from here, though it turns out he hails from Windsor.  

Pat and Aaron gave their views on file sharing, on music in general and anssered the age old question, is there a Canadian sound.  

According to the Nashville Rage, Pat is " intensely talented guitarist, which, teamed with his dexterous voice and heart-marksman songwriting skills, make him a star waiting to shine. You haven't seen someone this good and this under-the-radar."  Could not have said it better myself.

Aaron is recognized as a premier artist and performer in the Georgian Bay region and throughout Central and Souther Ontario.  He has played with the likes of Jason McCoy and Mel Brown.  His solo stuff is truly awesome.

Thanks a lot guys.  Next time you are in town the beer is on tbird 6.

Episode 29, March 24, 2006.

Episode 29 is available for direct download here.

Hacking and security with RSnake.

RSnake is well known in both the hacking world and computer security field.  He is a founding member of EHAP (Ethical Hackers Against Pedophilia, check out this CNN story about the group), an old school hacker and now is involved in the computer security industry.

Dave and RSnake talked about RFID security, about eCommerce secuirty, the Nigerian scam (Digg the Nigerian Scam Yahoo IM conversation here) and compared notes on secruity in Windows XP and OS X.  While RSnake pointed out that OS X is probably as insecure as XP, Dave reminded him that Macs are much shinier.

RSnake, thanks, that was the real deal.

Episode 28, March 1, 2006.

Episode 28 can be downloaded, altered and added to a mashup here.

Mashup vocalist Katie Enlow and DJ/Producer Luke Enlow.

Katie Enlow is a talented Chicago-based singer who has become internationally known for her contributions to the mashup/bootleg world. She is currently working on an album of remixes and mashups produced by some of the world's best bootleg producers.

One of the word's best bootleg producers?  How about Katie's brother Luke.  Luke is based out of Cambridge, MA and has been making mashups for quite a while now.  Luke is one of the best known producers out there.

Dave, Katie and Luke talked about Dean Gray Tuesday, about the mashup and bootleg scene and the future of the mashup genre. 

Katie has a GREAT voice and Luke's work is seamless yet edgy.  There are even two tracks (One featuring both Lenlow and Kenlow, and another featuring Kenlow) that can be heard on the interview.

Thanks guys, it was a blast having you on T6.

Episode 27, February 18, 2006

Episode 27 is available for direct download here.

A conversation with the band High Holy Days.

The boys were in town to play the Speakeasy and they sat down with Dave in the Green Room before their gig.  

The guys talked about their upcoming CD, about touring, about the movie Spinal Tap and about an exciting new distribution model.  They will be using the net extensively not only to promote the band and the music, but also to release content. 

Turns out they know Dan Brodbeck, maybe they can get him on T6.

Thanks guys, and rock on.

Episode 26, February 10, 2006

Episode 26 can be downloaded the same way that that guy uploaded the virus into the alien ship in Independence Day (by clicking here).

Seth Shostak of the SETI institute.

WOW. That was fun.  Seth Shostak, the senior astronomer at the SETI institute in Mountain View CA came on the show to talk about intelligent life on other planets and the search for such life. 

So, what would happen if and when they do find a signal?

Have they had any close calls?

What does Seth think about the X Files and Invasion?

What is Seth's favourite movie? 

How did Seth get into studying SETI?

Is there really a bigfoot?

All of these questions and more answered on episode 26 of thunderbird six. 

Thanks again to Seth, that ROCKED.

Episode 25, February 3, 2006

Episode 25 is available for direct download here.

Mr. Caines goes to Korea.

Back when Dave worked at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College of Memorial University he had some cool students.  One of the was Craig Caines.  After completing his degree at SWGC Craig, like many students, decided to go to Asia (specifically Korea in Craig's case) to teach English. 

Dave and Craig talked about the experience of being an ESL teacher in a different country and talked about the cultural differences and similarities between Korea and Canada.

Craig had some great advice for people considering this as an option.  Enjoy.

Episode 24, February 2, 2006

Episode 24 is available for direct download here.

Dan Gowans, the Howdykid.

Dave was about to submit the story about the new Computer Games Technology program at Algoma U and it turned out it was already submitted.  So, who submitted it?  Some guy named Dan Gowans that has a blog called the Howdy Kid.  Well in a constant search for content Dave contacted Dan, and the result was episode 24.

Dave and Dan talked about blogging and the computer science program at Algoma. 

Episode 23, January 30, 2006

Episode 23 is available for direct download here for all of you n00bz that are not using podcast clients....

Episode 23 features am interview with Cory Ondrejka, VP of Product Development for Linden Lab of San Francisco, the creators of Second Life.

Dave and Uber Geek Glyn sat down via Gizmo (to phone) with Cory Ondrejka and talked about everything Second Life.  They discussed academic applications of this virtual world, research applications, and even UFO abductions (virtual ones...).

The folks at Linden lab are visionaries, no question about it and you can tell talking to a guy like Cory. Oh, if you try out Second Life, Dave's avatar is named Dave Nacon....

This is just another example of how games are not only entertaining but can have emergent properties of their own.  Thanks Cory!

(note: Glyn had some mic problems, he may have actually turned off the mic... so Dave had to do a lot of signal processing to get this one out, so there may be some points that are a bit rough).

(note 2: Marasco, stop calling...)

Episode 22, January 26, 2006

Episode 22 is available for direct download here.

Conversation with archaeologist, Beatles fan and Webulator (tm) Luke Dalla Bona.

The big press conference announcing Algoma U's new MSc in Computer Games Technology just ended and Dave ran into Luke, the owner of pictographics, the company that serves up all of our content.  So, Dave and Luke sat down and talked about web development, archaeology and the Beatles.  Luke encompasses all three interests. 

BTW, Dave mixed this episode while giving a neuropharmacology exam, so those of you in PSYC 3506, that is why he had headphones on while you were writing the test....

Thanks Luke!  Check out Lukes work at, and visit

Episode 21, January 25, 2006

Episode 21 is available for direct download here.

Back in 05 Drew Hayden Taylor was at Algoma U giving a talk on Native humour.  Dave was sad to miss it, as he is a fan of Drew's commentaries on the CBC.  However, Dave was able to set up an interview with Drew via Gizmo.  Drew was entertaining as ever. They talked about Drew's new book 'Me Funny' and generally about comedy and humour.  

For those of you that don't know Drew, here is a blurb from his site:

Originally from the Curve Lake First Nations, in Central Ontario, Drew has spent the last two decades travelling the world and writing about it from the Aboriginal perspective. An award-winning playwright, author, columnist, film maker and lecturer, he has managed to bridge the gap between cultures by tickling the funny bone.

There is a Hopi proverb that says "A smile is sacred" and Drew Hayden Taylor believes it, even though he's not Hopi.

Thanks a bunch Drew.

A special shout out to episode 17's Mike Boisvert, Mike just passed his PhD oral, well done grasshopper.....

Episode 20, January 22, 2006

Episode 20 is available for direct download here.

Dave talks to Jim Parker of the University of Calgary computer science department. 

Dr. Parker is a specialist in computer perception (vision, hearing) for intelligent interfaces. His special interest is the use of perceptive interfaces in interactive video games, especially for teaching. His research includes vision and hearing, gesture, and gaze, and he has designed and built computer games for teaching. Jim initiated the computer games concentration and the computer game programming class at the University of Calgary.

Two of his current projects are the I'powahsin project. (Teaching aboriginal langauges using computer games) and Turtle Island a Massively Multiplayer online game (virtual universe) modeling the aboriginal world of a thousand years ago.

Dr. Parker heads the digital media lab at U of Calgary.

Episode 19, January 6, 2006

Episode 19 is available for non geekesque download here.

In episode 19 of thunderbird six Dave sits down over Gizmo with Aaron Crocco, host of the Geekcast.

The Geekcast is a truly cool podcast about technology out of New York City.  Dave and Aaron talked about the top tech stories of the year (the rise of podcasting, the rise, or rebirth of Apple, and the Sony rootkit debacle) and about podcasting in general.  At times it is probably a little technical / geek for some of you.  That said, Aaron noted that one should be nice to geeks, cuz you may end up working for one someday.

As well, Aaron and Dave suggested that geeks are the drug dealers of the 21st century, except that they deal in internet access...

Thanks again to Aaron.

Episode 18, December 12, 2005

Episode 18 is available for direct download here.

The student gourmet, episode 2, PIZZA!

Dave and Terry decided to give pizza a go, hell, we all order it, but with a little bit of effort (read a VERY little bit) you can make your own for much less.  Plus it tastes better.

We experimented with video.  The video is really just proof of concept.  At times it is really dark, sorry.  Once we get a better camera (hint hint Donna) we can shoot better video.

You will need quicktime from apple (works on Microshaft machines as well) to run the video.

On our next installment of student gourmet, we will take your requests.  That's right, just email us at and give us any ingredient at all.  We will take the list, and make a meal out of it.


Shout out to Dan Brodbeck, happy birthday little brother.

Episode 17, November 22, 2005

Episode 17 is available for direct download here.

A conversation with bee researcher Mike Boisvert.

Mike is a PhD student at Western where he studies bee behaviour, specifically, the timing abilities of bees.

Dave and Mike are old friends, indeed this is the first installment of a new feature, Dave calls old friends on Algoma U's dime.  Dave and Mike talked about Rockstar INXS, about TV, video games, teaching, research, and just made overall goofs of themselves.

BTW, we apologize for the delay, our lives and jobs got in the way of the 'cast.  We will try to keep up and have a few good interviews lined up.

The subscriber count is 843 in 43 countries, most of those subscribers are American.  Come on Canadians, get with the program, or some other cliche.

Episode 16, November 7, 2005

Episode 16 is available for direct download here.

Interview with the band Das Macht Show/The Dust Poets.

Dave, Donna and Isabelle hung out with the Dust Poets/Das Macht Show who were playing Sault Ste. Marie on November 5.  The band played 3 songs and were hilarious. 

Their music is a combination of Folk/Swing/Blues/Acoustic Pop and, well, it is just darned good!

They are a super tight band and also just great people.

From their website:

das macht SHOW! is cool acoustic roots and wry urban folk, a five-piece outfit of fast-picking slick-singing throwbacks from Middle Canada. Their diverse sound combines bits of twangy old country, irreverent folk pop, and punchy acoustic swing. Hooky arrangements and razor-sharp vocals showcase sarcastic, insightful, and occasionally off-the-wall original songs. This road-tested quintet of powerhouse instrumentalists and great singers bring youthful exuberance, quirky flair, and unpredictable stage antics to every performance – they truly know just what “makes show”!
What started out as a cowboy poetry backup duo from Brandon, Manitoba soon grew into a five-piece party band, whose repertoire of country swing standards and euro-pop covers gradually gave way to an upbeat and unmistakable original sound. The all-acoustic lineup features guitar, upright bass, accordion, mandolin, clarinet, and an array of vintage luggage-as-percussion, plus saddle-smooth four part vocal harmonies.

Since the band’s creation four years ago, das macht SHOW! has released two albums and toured much of the prairies as well as parts of BC and southern Ontario. Their first record, “…one night in Berlin”, earned a nomination for Outstanding Roots Recording for the 2002 Prairie Music Awards – quite an achievement for a basement recording done live off the floor in a single evening.
Their newest professionally recorded release, entitled “Four Legs Good”, contains all the edgy excitement of their live show in a diverse and engaging 11-song romp that has veteran songwriter Murray D. Evans exploring themes like small town losers, travel in foreign lands, the consumption of our four-legged friends, and the absurdity of war.

das macht SHOW! continues to earn their fans the old-fashioned way – with great music, a great sense of humour, and great performances – every time they take the stage. 

Please check out their website(s):

Episode 15, November 2, 2005

Episode 15 is available for direct download here.

Terry Guertin, chef and Algoma U psychology grad joins Dave for the first installment of the Student Gourmet.

Terry and Dave sat down to talk about how Terry has combined his psychology degree and his culinary training in his current career. 

Then Dave and Terry decided to do some cooking in a new feature called the Student Gourmet.  This feature will show students how they can cook good stuff for teensy amounts of money.  This time it was pasta with vegetables and clams.

Email us!

Subscriber update, we are at 740 and growing.

Vote for us at Podcast Alley.

Episode 14, October 31, 2005

Episode 14 is available for download here.

Interview with Jim Gee, on why video games are good for you.

Professor of Learning Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Gee received his Ph.D in linguistics from Stanford University in 1975. He started his career in theoretical linguistics, working in syntactic and semantic theory, and taught initially in the School of Language and Communication at Hampshire College in Amherst Massachusetts. He went on to do research in psycholinguistics at Northeastern University in Boston and at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Holland.

As his research focus began to switch to studies on discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, and applications of linguistics to literacy and education, he took a position in the School of Education at Boston University, where he was the chair of the Department of Developmental Studies and Counseling. From Boston University, he went on to serve as a professor of linguistics in the Linguistics Department at the University of Southern California and, later, served as the first Jacob Hiatt Professor of Education in the Hiatt Center for Urban Education at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts.

In 1998, he became the Tashia Morgridge Professor of Reading in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. From 1989-1992, Prof. Gee was a co-director of the Mellon Foundation funded Literacies Institute in Newton, Massachusetts, an organization that sponsored joint teacher and researcher research on language and literacy. From 1995-1998, he was co-director of a Spencer Foundation funded research project at Clark University that ran a community-based after-school science project for culturally diverse urban middle-school children.

Prof. Gee’s work over the last decade has centered on the development of an integrated theory of language, literacy, and schooling, a theory that draws on work in socially situated cognition, sociocultural approaches to language and literacy, language development, discourse studies, critical theory, and applied linguistics. Prof. Gee’s recent work has extended his ideas on language, literacy, and society to deal with the so-called "new capitalism" and its cognitive, social, and political implications for literacy and schooling.

More recently, he has engaged in research on learning and literacy in video and computer games. He has published widely in journals in linguistics, psychology, the social sciences, and education and is a member of the editorial board of twelve journals. In 1989, the Journal of Education, one of the longest running journals in education in the United States, published a special issue devoted to reprinting his early essays on literacy.

His books include Sociolinguistics and Literacies (1990, Second Edition 1996); The Social Mind (1992); Introduction to Human Language (1993); The New Work Order: Behind the Language of the New Capitalism (1996, with Glynda Hull and Colin Lankshear); and An Introduction to Discourse Analysis: Theory and Method (1999); and Power Up: What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy (to appear in 2003).

Episode 13, October 26, 2005

Episode 13 is available for direct download here.

An almost live (Dave got off the phone with Glyn 45 minutes ago) report from Microsoft X 05, an xBox 360 pre launch party.

Uber Geek Glyn left Dave a cryptic email today 'call this number at 8.30 for a t6 exclusive'.

Well, Glyn did not disappoint.  He was at a pre launch party at an 'undisclosed location' (a bar) in Toronto where Microsoft unveiled the 360 on HD screens.  Glyn and Dave talked about how the next gen games GLYN WAS PLAYING looked and felt.  Dave was clearly jealous.  Dave asked Glyn to pester EA for a copy of NHL 06, their response?  "Who the hell is Brodbeck?"

Thanks so much Glyn, now THAT is content!

Episode 12, October 24, 2005

Episode 12 is available for n00b style direct download here.

Dave sits down at the Speakeasy with Algoma University students Gavan Acton, Glen Hamilton-Brown, Darren Schnare and Mack Khairi.  These guys were at Future Play and did a heck of a lot of work.  

Dave and the boyz talked about video game design and what they learned at the conference.  They also talked about what games they currently play.

Dave told Darren that he would be pwned on xbox live.

Note, Dave Marasco, stop emailing me....

Episode 11, October 21, 2005

Episode 11 is available for direct download here.

Conversation with Algoma U student and film maker Jesse Doehler-Knox.

Jesse and Dave talked about both Jesse's upcoming screening of his film on Oct 25 at 7.30 pm at Algoma U in the Great West Life Amphitheatre but also talked about Jesse's somewhat unconventional life, including his stint as a goaltender in the German professional ranks.  Hey, there you go Germans, enjoy!

Episode 10, October 19, 2005

Episode 10 is available for direct download here.

Sex, Lies and video games.

From the Future Play conference 2005 in Lansing, Michigan.

Dave, Isabelle, Glyn, Henry Jenkins, Ernest Adams, Amanda Flowers, Andy Gilgallon, Patrick Schaffer, Keith Schaffer and Brenda Brathwaite discuss sex in video games.  Andy and Amanda are from MSU while the Schaffer boys are from Ferris State.

Brenda is a 22-year veteran of the games industry, Brenda has worked on 20 published titles including the award-winning Wizardry series of role playing games and the award-winning Jagged Alliance series of strategy role-playing games. Most recently, she was lead designer on Playboy: The Mansion for Cyberlore as well as Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes for Atari. She has been interviewed extensively on women in the games industry and, most recently, on sex in games.

Brenda recently hosted the "Sexuality in Games" Roundtable at the 2005 Game Developers Conference and has been a guest lecturer at numerous colleges and universities. In her role as Senior Designer at Cyberlore Studios, she is frequently called upon to produce concept and proposal documents for all kinds of IP from the mild to the wild.

Brenda resides in western Massachusetts, home to the Indian Motorcycle Museum, the Basketball Hall of Fame and the Volleyball Hall of Fame none of which she has ever visited. Not surprisingly, Brenda spends her free time playing games and reading books about games.

She is also an avid collector of Playboy magazines and owns over 500 issues.

Episode 9, October 17, 2005

Episode 9 is available for direct download here.

Live from Future Play, Dave sits down with Ernest Adams and Henry Jenkins. 

Ernest Adams consults on game design for many clients across the world. He is widely published (co-author of two of the industry’s required-reading list "Andrew Rollings and Ernest Adams on Game Design" and "Break into the Game Industry: How to Get a Job Making Video Games" and numerous articles, papers and columns) and spends much of his time lecturing on game design at conferences and universities in Europe and North America. He is the founder of the International Game Developers’ Association (IGDA) and a 16-year industry veteran. Clients have included Ubisoft, THQ, Elixir Studios, Guinness World Records, Sorrent, Terraplay, and A2M. Ernest is currently on the Program Review Board of the Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA) Annual Conference and also on the Editorial Board of ACM Computers in Entertainment Magazine. He has a BA in Philosophy from Stanford University.

Ernest’s current projects include consulting on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. for THQ, and working on a textbook edition of "Rollings and Adams on Game Design."

Henry Jenkins is Professor of Literature and Comparative Media Studies & Director, Comparative Media Studies Program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

His books and articles have been major contributions to existing fields of inquiry such as film history (What Made Pistachio Nuts?: Early Sound Comedy and the Vaudeville Aesthetic; Classical Hollywood Comedy), Political Communications (Democracy and New Media) and Children’s Studies (The Children’s Culture Reader); his works have helped to establish new fields such as media ethnography (Textual Poachers: Television Fans and Participatory Culture; Science Fiction Audiences: Dr. Who, Star Trek and their Followers), and game studies (From Barbie to Mortal Kombat: Gender and Computer Games).

His current book project, Convergence Culture: Where New and Old Media Intersect, examines contemporary trends in the entertainment industry, online culture, and audience participation. He is the principle investigator for the Education Arcade, a MIT-University of Wisconsin-Madison collaboration to explore the pedagogical use of computer and video games. He is the co-editor of the Media in Transition series at the MIT Press. He writes monthly columns on media and technology for Technology Review Online and Computer Games Magazine. He has testified about youth and violence before the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee, about media literacy before the Federal Communications Commission, and about copyright before the Governor’s Board of the World Economic Forum.

Jenkins is also heading an new research collaboration, funded by the MacArthur Foundation, focused on understanding the skills children need to learn and communicate in the coming decades.

Henry, Dave and Ernest (sounds like some lame law firm...) discuss video game rating, violence in games, the GTA Hot Coffee controversy among other things.

Shout outs to Amanda, Patrick, Keith, Andy, Brenda, Greg, Jeb and everyone at Future Play.

Episode 8, October 12, 2005

Episode 8 is available for direct download (the n00b approach) here.

A discussion with former Algoma U psychology prof Paulo Matos.

Dave and Paulo relived old times (they had offices beside each other for a year) and even did a fine bit of comedy (written entirely by Paulo) at the beginning of the interview. 

Dave edited out the stupid sound effects...

Paulo brought Dave up to speed on the bands he has seen in Vancouver (it seems Paulo is finally getting a little hip) and his situation right now.  Paulo is at Simon Frasier doing some TA work and taking a class.

The whole thunderbird six crew with Paulo the best and hope to see him soon.

Breaking news....  Someone has posted about thunderbird six on digg.  Check it out and digg the story!

More breaking news.... We have cracked the 300 subscriber level, we are at 356 and growing.  Thanks to everyone, even you n00bz.

Episode 7, October 10, 2005

Episode 7 is available for direct download here.

Dave sits down with Paul Raycroft, the guy that runs the Speakeasy, the Algoma University student pub.  Dave and Paul talk about upcoming events, and what it is like to run a student pub, not to mention contortionists.

A special hello to Duncan Ferguson, you da man.

Marasco, stop asking, you are not allowed back on the show.

Episode 6, October 5, 2005

Episode 6 is available for direct download here.

Episode 6 features an interview with Victor Lucas of the Electric Playground and Judgement Day.

While Dave was at the University Fair he managed to connect with Victor Lucas of the Electric Playground and Judgement Day TV series.  Victor is the co-host and executive producer of these two shows that can be seen on G4, G4TechTV Canada, Razor, Space and well all over the place. 

Dave and Victor talked about Vic's favourite games, his favourite all time games, about next Gen consoles, about the convergence of video games and other media forms and about the ongoing attempt to get Bill Newbigging to to a high wire act.

The whole crew really appreciate Vic taking time out of his busy schedule to talk to Dave.  Thanks Vic!

Episode 5, October 3, 2005

Episode 5 is available for download here.

Interview with Dave Marasco, Algoma U scheduling and records geek.

Dave M tells Dave B about the importance of his job, and the sort of work he does with scheduling and records, not to mention convocation.  He however knows nothing about say, what the world's fastest land animal is.  So, not Guiness records. 

A little teaser for next time, Victor Lucas of the Electric Playground will be joining Dave (Brodbeck, Marasco will not be allowed back on the show...).

Episode 4, September 27, 2005

Episode 4 is available for download here.

Today's episode features an interview with gaming industry luminary Greg Costikyan.

Greg joined Dave on the phone from New York where he works as a developer and commentator as well as a science fiction and fantasy writer.  Greg is on the editorial board of Gamestudies and is the chief creative officer of Unplugged Inc. 

Dave and Greg talk about the future of the industry, the effects of the convergence of gaming and other media forms (movies etc) and Greg shares his passion for World of Warcraft.

Greg also gives a hint about his upcoming presentation at the Future Play conference. 

Note, there are some audio problems in this episode, and they are completely Dave's fault.  

Episode 3, September 25, 2005

Episode 3 is available for download here.

In Episode 3 Isabelle makes her in front of the mic debut reading listener mail as Dave attempts to make witty comebacks to the emails.

Today's interview is with Dr. Lynne Honey, an Algoma University grad and all around fine human.  Lynne is a psychology prof in Edmonton Alberta.  Lynne and Dave talk about school, university bars and drinking (seriously, it is her research area).  

Keep subscribing and keep listening, we have some more great stuff coming up.

If you want the show notes and other stuff emailed to you just send an email to

Episode 2, September 21, 2005

Episode 2 is available for download here.

In Episode 2 Dave talks with Jeb Havens, video game designer at cyberlore studios in Massachusetts.  Jeb and Dave talk about everything from good game design to what kind of video game Samuel Beckett (not the one from the 90s TV show Quantum Leap you n00bz) would design.  Jeb will participate in the upcoming Futureplay conference in October.

Breaking News!!!

We are in the iTunes music store.  Please check in the FAQ about how to subscribe in iTunes.  If you have already manually subscribed in iTunes it would be coolz if you could unsubscribe and resubscribe so the ITMS can count our subscriptions.

In the next episode, listener mail, so keep the emails coming.

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Episode 1, September 19, 2005  

our first episode is available for download here.

In episode one Dave talks to Algoma University Dean, Dr. Arthur Perlini about what the heck a Dean does.  Funny, shouldn't his name be Dean Perlini?  Did he have to change his name to Dean?  His name is Arthur, should he not be the Arthur?

Arthur about the life of an academic administrator, the kind of work a Dean (or is it an Arthur...) does and then Dave tried to convince him to cut off his ponytail.  He would not go for it, which shows that when the Arthur makes a logical decision, he sticks to it. 

Dave also explains what a podcast is, and how it works.