Fode and Beed

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    1.96 meters
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    Boonta Eve Classic

From the Movies

Flamboyant, colorful and not always too accurate, Fode and Beed were the popular announcers of the Boonta Eve Podrace. The two were well suited for their chosen vocation -- they were a two-headed alien that shared a single body. Fode, whose skin was tinted red, provided commentary in an easy Basic drawl, while Beed, the green-hued head, provided counterpoint in Huttese.

From the Expanded Universe

The planet Pollillus was discovered in the later years of the Republic, and the gregarious Troigs of that planet were eager to explore the galaxy around them. Fode and Beed, or Fodesinbeed as known in their culture, are one (or two -- pronouns and plurals get confusing around Troigs) of the most famous to hail from that world. They parlayed their charismatic rapport into a successful career as a sportscaster. During the height of Podracing's popularity, Fode and Beed travelled to scattered worlds including Malastare, Ord Ibanna, Ando Prime, Baroonda and Mon Gazza.

All Troigs have at least two heads. Troigs with more heads are rare, and celebrated. The left and right heads (called the Saprah and the Saprin respectively) are distinct entities that happen to share the same body.

Behind the Scenes

Fode and Beed were originally going to be actors in make-up matched onto a computer-generated body. Comedians Scott Capurro and Greg Proops endured hours in the make-up chair to transform them into Fode and Beed. At this stage, Fode (Proops) was the green one and Beed (Capurro) was red. The two wore blue bodysuits that isolated their heads as elements for compositing. However, matching a computer-generated body to the real-life performances of the actors ended up being far too limiting to provide a realistic effect. ILM instead crafted Fode and Beed as an entirely computer generated alien.

Early in development, Fode and Beed had the last name of "Annodue," which was subsequently dropped.

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