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Proof Jews Are Inventive
by Mark Miller
A few lesser known Jewish accomplishments to make you proud.
Yes, I Wrote for Seinfeld
by Andy Cowan
Writing for the hit television show Seinfeld was in many ways a very Jewish experience.
Recession Rocks Israel's Fig Market
by Shmuel Savage
Tu Bishvat Revelers Decided to Consume Cheap Almonds Instead
Under Pressure
An old man once entered an insurance office and asked to take out a life insurance. "We're sorry," he was told, "We don't give life insurances to anyone over 80 years ...
Starting Over
Source: Daniel arrives home from work promptly at 5pm as he does each day and as soon as he steps through his front door, his wife Judith starts yelling at him. ...
More than Words
Shlomo, Chaim and Mendel have been best friends since they were kids. Every Sunday they meet at the same restaurant for a pastrami sandwich. One Sunday Shlomo sits down and says, "Oiy ...

In blessed memory of Richard Allen Julis (Raphael Avraham ben Moshe)
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