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Welcome to Hexic.info, a site for those who want to play better Hexic!
We've assembled advice and tips from some of the best Hexic players on Xbox Live and invite you to look around. As many of you know, the Hexic forum on xbox.com is a great place to post questions and get help, and most of the information presented here was first posted there. But Hexic is demonstrated more effectively with pictures and videos, something we can't do on xbox.com. So we've redone our guides with the kinds of visual aids people have been asking for. You'll find information on how some players are scoring nine billion points and more at a time, how not to worry about bombs ever again, and of course, how the get the hardest Hexic Achievements. Have fun!

Hexic FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Hexic, and an explanation of Hexic Notation for more advanced discussion of Hexic positions and moves.
Hexic Grid Systems
Images and videos explaining the two main Hexic grid layouts, the 4x4 grid, and the all-powerful but more challenging Masters Grid.
Bomb Defense
You'll need to master those pesky bombs if you want to score big. This introduction will get you started.
Original Scoring Guide
It all started with this early xbox.com post on how to use the 4x4 grid to make six-multiplier flowers, and you'll also find a chart of all the pre-MMC combo scoring options.
Advanced Scoring
How Massive Multiplier Combos work and some examples of tested MMCs you can use.
Hexic Tools
Creating your own MMC designs is much easier with the board builder and calculator.
Hexic Leaderboards
We update the Xbox Live Hexic Leaderboards right here. And you can see each player's entire score!
Video Spotlight
See some of the most amazing Hexic videos from some of the best players.

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