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Code License: New BSD License
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The ADMB software suite is an environment for non-linear statistical modeling enabling rapid model development, numerical stability, fast and efficient computation, and high accuracy parameter estimates. ADModel Builder is a high level language built around the AUTODIF Library, a C++ language extension which transparently implements reverse mode automatic differentiation. A closely related software package, ADMB-RE, implements random effects in non-linear models.

Management of human and natural systems often requires understanding of non-linear relationships among dependent variables and suites of independent variables. Off-the-shelf software packages usually demand many compromises to adapt appropriate models to non-appropriate software. Reliable, efficient non-linear models that can be rapidly applied to real data will make natural systems more amenable to prediction.

The Mission of the ADMB-Project is to promote wider application of ADMB to practical problems and to assist current ADMB users to become more proficient.

ADModel Builder, ADMB-RE and AUTODIF were created by David Fournier of Otter Research Ltd.