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Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever

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Adjusted Score: 1.5831

Tomatometer rotten 0%
Lucy Liu, Antonio Banderas, Gregg Henry
Directed by: Kaos

Release Date: Sep 20, 2002

Editor's Note
Lucy Liu and Antonio Banderas are opposing super-deadly secret agents who team up to take down the corrupt head of their agency in order to save a young boy who has been injected with a deadly weapon/virus thing -- sounds like a can't-miss setup, right? Well, you might have thought so if you were one of the folks responsible for this mess, but predictably, audiences were not fooled -- "Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever" elevated "universally panned" into an art form. Or at least something more closely resembling art than this muddled mess of an action film. When a movie is widely regarded as being inferior to its own Game Boy adaptation, you know "worst movie ever" is not only apt, it might actually be an understatement.

Critical Consensus
Wall-to-wall action without a hint of wit or plot.

In the mystifying opening sequence of BALLISTIC: ECKS VS. SEVER, a double kidnapping takes place on a rainy night in Vancouver with a minimal amount of wasted time and a maximum amount of violence. A little...


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