Joel with guest Eric Holmlund

Posted on April 30, 2008 02:02 PM by Joel Comm

Dan Nickerson is on vacation, so today I was joined by my friend and joint venture partner, Eric Holmlund.

We answered a bunch of questions about Internet marketing and played with our toys.

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Enjoy the show!

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  1. Conie Says:

    There are many women involved in internet marketing. God Bless you guys. You don't have a clue. We are here and supproting you butts.

  2. Moises Serrano Says:

    For someone who does not have any tech backround and the extent of internet knowledge is reading email and turning the computer on and off. What do I have to do to make money with internet marketing. I am not a tech person and would have to learn from scratch on how to make a living with this vehicle.

  3. Lou G. Says:

    Haha, that Jesus comment cracked me up. How could you not trust Jesus?

    Joel I recently read a post about a huge amount of blogs created almost entirely of "spam" content... I asked myself a similar question that you were asked on this show.

    I know that for me, a majority of the blogs I visit usually become a huge question as to whether or not there is even anybody behind the wheel; the ones that are uniquely *human* most definitely stand out though.

    But with so many more spammers v. good-intentioned people, how do we recover the traffic these "spam" blogs usurp? Not only the traffic that lost faith in the existence of legitimate sites, but the traffic that is still being fooled by the junk ones.

    I feel like there is no secret or trick to it... that the only way to stand out in the eyes of readers and search engines is TIME and to constantly be creating new, unique content while waiting through it.

    Is that the way it worked for you, Joel? For a startup like myself is the only way to get going to simply bite the bullet for a while and continue to invest time and effort with almost no return?

    P.S. I run a site focused on what I love, snowboarding. So for me when I say "spam" blogs, I am talking about blogs that seem almost copied and pasted and full of completely false information... high priced products that have no weight in the industry, half-written posts with all details left out, etc.

    P.P.S. When I say return, I'm not even talking about money. I want page views baby! I want people to be learning from my site; I'm sure the money would come with that.

    P.P.P.S. Eric, that was an awesome ninja turtle drawing.

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