The Pine Hill School District, in partnership with parents and the community, is dedicated to educating all students in a safe, nurturing environment in order to develop productive citizens who are committed to lifelong learning. Additionally, it is the expectation of this school district that all pupils achieve the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards at all grade levels.

Latest State Report Card for Pine Hill Schools



Dear Parents, Students, and Staff:

Welcome back! The 2008-2009 school year looks to be a promising one with many new and exciting things scheduled. To begin with, we have implemented a new parent outreach program that will consist of a series of workshops presented by the various administrators of the Pine Hill School District. Some of the workshop topics that will be presented are as follows: Positive Behavior Support, Scream-Free Parenting, and How to Help Your Child in Language Arts and Mathematics. A schedule of these workshops will be sent home with your child(ren) in September.

Also noted for this school year will be an increase in our use of technology with the implementation of the Smart Boards in all of the core classrooms at the Pine Hill Middle School and various other classrooms in all of the other schools. Additionally, at the Overbrook High School, the newly implemented Edline will be fully operational by September 1st with implementation at the middle school and elementary schools to follow by the spring of 2009. And, as always, we will continue to provide important information and updates through the Global Connect System.

Other ways in which we seek to improve our schools is through the expansion of our newly adopted Story Town Language Arts Program in the elementary schools. Furthermore, we will continue to analyze the results from the state tests for the purpose of improving the academic achievement within the district. Finally, the various sports teams at the Overbrook High School will now be competing in the Colonial Conference, thereby, allowing them to compete against the teams of schools with a similar population size. Overall, this looks to be an exciting new year in the Pine Hill District.

As always, of course, I encourage your involvement with the school community and welcome your suggestions and comments since cooperation and communication among the teachers, parents, and students is the key to high student achievement. By working together, we can provide an effective educational environment for our children and continue to make the Pine Hill School District the very best.

Kenneth P. Koczur, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools


We know that your involvement, combined with the efforts of our dedicated faculty, will make this school year a rich and rewarding one for your child(ren). Please feel free to contact me at 856-783-6900 if you should have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Additionally, as with any school year, our goal is to continue to foster an open line of communication between the district and the community. For this, the district offers a variety of organizations in which you may participate, from each school’s Site Council and Home & School Association to the district-wide Focus Group and Educational Foundation. For those interested in sports or music, there are the Varsity Club and Overbrook Music Boosters Association, respectively. Finally, in order to further the line of communication between parents and administrators, each principal will continues to host a series of meetings throughout the school year entitled Meet with the Administrators. (Please note that in order to accommodate everyone’s busy schedule these days, Meet with the Administrators will be held at various times: mornings, afternoons, and evenings.)

Other ways in which parents may stay connected with the district is to visit their child(ren)’s school website often, maintain consistent contact with their child(ren)’s teacher(s), participate in the regularly scheduled parent-teacher conferences, and maintain an updated emergency information card with the school nurse. Through all of these efforts, the relationship that exists between the home, school, and community will be further strengthened for the benefit of all students.


Pine Hill Public Schools’ Focus Group: Dr. Kenneth P. Koczur – 783-6900 Ext. 1115
Pine Hill Educational Association: Dr. Kenneth P. Koczur – 783-6900 Ext. 1115
Pine Hill Home & School Association: Mrs. Rita Hewitt – 210-0200 Ext. 4501
Pine Hill Community Education: Mr. Rick Williams – 783-4100 Ext. 1017
Overbrook High School Site Council: Mr. Paul Harmelin – 767-8000 Ext. 3015
Pine Hill Middle School Site Council: Mrs. Kate Klemick – 210-0200 Ext. 2001
John Glenn School Site Council: Mr. James Vacca – 783-4100 Ext. 1010
Dr. Albert Bean School Site Council: Mr. Daniel Schuster – 783-5300 Ext. 2110
Overbook Music Boosters: Mrs. Joyce Bermingham – 767-8000 Ext. 3021
Varsity Club: Mr. Nicholas LoSasso – 767-8000 Ext. 3040

Important Contacts

Curriculum Information: Mr. James McCollum – 783-6900 Ext. 1111
Special Education Information: Mrs. Carol Evans – 767-8000 Ext. 3021
Security: Patrolman Steve Muller – 767-8000 Ext. 3240
Budget Information: Dr. Kenneth P. Koczur – 767-8000 Ext. 1115
Transportation: Mrs. Cyrena Cozzi – 767-8000 Ext. 3150

Overview of the Pine Hill Public Schools

Our school district is a pre-kindergarten through grade twelve public school system that currently houses 2,220 students and 224 instructional staff members. We are located in Pine Hill, New Jersey.

Our facilities consist of the Overbrook High School (with the attendance area encompassing the communities of Pine Hill, Clementon, and Berlin Township), Pine Hill Middle School, Dr. Albert Bean Elementary School, and John Glenn Elementary School.
Our school district’s current enrollment configuration, by grade level, is as follows:

Grade PreK - 62
Grade K - 140
Grade 1 - 135
Grade 2 - 125
Grade 3 - 124
Grade 4 - 113
Grade 5 - 103
Elementary Schools’ Special Education (Self-Contained) - 57
Elementary Schools’ Outside Placements - 12
Elementary Schools’ Homebound Instruction - 2

Grade 6 - 113
Grade 7 - 132
Grade 8 - 120
Middle School’s Special Education (Self-Contained) - 42
Middle School’s Outside Placements - 11
Middle School’s Homebound Instruction - 1

Grade 9 - 261
Grade 10 - 272
Grade 11 - 193
Grade 12 - 205
High School’s Special Education (Self-Contained) - 23
High School’s Outside Placements - 43
High School’s Homebound Instruction - 11

In the district, the current enrollment consists of sixty-six percent Caucasian students, twenty-four percent African-American students, seven percent Hispanic students, two percent Asian students, and one percent Pacific Islander students.

Our school district has several programs that focus on helping at-risk students and the special needs of all students. This assistance is provided by having both during-school and after-school programs with specialized instruction. Our school district also has a Gifted and Talented Program and an Honors Program for identified students.

Attendance and Mobility

Student attendance rates at our schools have remained steady over the past few years with an average daily attendance of 93.5 percent. Enrollment numbers increase/decrease approximately 2 percent annually. The mobility rate is currently at about 15 percent.

Safety, Cleanliness, and Adequacy of School Facilities

Our school district is committed to having a safe and clean environment for learning. At the site levels, there is an emergency preparedness plan as well as regularly scheduled fire and emergency drills. The planning for various potential emergencies is done in coordination with the Pine Hill Police Department. Additionally, our maintenance department handles specific safety concerns regarding the buildings and grounds at each school site.

Other aspects of the school/district safety program include:
· District safety committee
· Bus evacuation drills
· Fire safety inspections
· District Resource Officer

Classroom Discipline/Learning Climate

Our district provides a disciplined, but stimulating, learning environment for the students. The climate for learning in our district is enhanced with the participation of parents who are encouraged to become involved in such committees as the district-wide Focus Group, Home and School Associations, and School Site Councils.

Through the provision of a positive climate for learning, we assure student achievement, enhance self-esteem, and develop positive social behavior. To reach this goal, our district offers many opportunities for student participation and recognition.

Students are encouraged and expected to maintain appropriate behavior at all times as disruptions interfere with learning. Student handbooks and other information about school and classroom rules are distributed and discussed at the beginning of each school year and also are available on the district’s website at anytime. Subject matter and courses are reviewed on a regular basis. Academic standards have been developed in alignment with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and local needs. Parents are encouraged to be active participants in the academic process.