The Marburg Settlers: Norwegians to Natal 1882

The Marburg Settlers: Families who arrived on Lapland 29 August 1882

The Marburg Settlers: Further Reading

The Marburg Settlers: Bru-De Wold

The Marburg Settlers: Rosemary Dixon-Smith has offered to do look-ups for those interested in the Settlers.

'Norwegian Settlers Marburg, Natal Centenary Supplement 1882-1982'
edited by Aagot Gulbrandsen, Borghild Cawdry, Merle Kjonstad,
published by the Marburg Norwegian Church.

The Norwegian Settlers Marburg Natal Centenary Supplement lists descendants of the original families who arrived in 1882. Names of descendants are updated to 1982. If you would like to know more about who married whom and when, Rosemary offers a free look-up in the Supplement. Note that only descendants listed in the Supplement as at 1982 can be given.

Anyone wishing to find out more about the descendants of each original Marburg family, please contact the Editor of Genealogy World so your request is forwarded to Rosemary. Requests for information cannot be taken further forward than the lists provided in the 1982 supplement.

URLs for Norwegian immigrants:
Norwegian Settlers Association of Marburg

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