Asian Handicap Betting Basics
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- Charles Gillespie

The most important thing you need to know when using WSN, is that we use Asian Handicap style odds. Why is this so important? This odds format gives the bettor many advantages they do not have with normal fixed odds bets. Most importantly, the Asian handicap eliminates the possibility for a tie, greatly improving a bettor's chances for success. Additionally, the bookie typically takes a smaller commission (See vigorish).

Football is a unique sport where the chances for a tie are relatively high. Consequently, bookmakers have factored this into their odds. Everyone knows that if there is a tie in soccer you lose your wager regardless of what team you bet. This is very different than, say, American football. In these events there is no chance for a tie, making the outcome truly 50/50 each team. The Asian handicap creates this same structure. Without the possibility for a draw loss, every handicapped soccer event is a 50/50 proposition.

The bookmakers handicap each game so that both teams have as close to 50% chance of winning as possible. As a result, the actual odds you receive on each team are close to 1.90 ( -110). By creating each handicap, the sportsbooks are essentially predicting the score of the match. Lets look at an example:

Matchup: Manchester United playing at Chelsea

Handicap: 0 : 0.5

What this means: Basically, this handicap states that Chelsea is giving Manchester United 0.5 goal.

Explanation: The easiest way to explain this is Manchester United starts the game with an extra 0.5 goal. If the match ends in a score of 0 : 0, then a bet on Man U wins because of the extra 0.5 goal. If Chelsea wins the game 0 : 1, then a bet on Chelsea wins. The final in terms of the bet would be 0.5 : 1, the extra 0.5 to Man U would not cover the full goal that Chelsea actually scored.

When games are handicapped in whole numbers ( 0, 1, 2, etc.) the possibility for a tie still exists. However, sportsbooks will refund both bets in the event of a game tied by the handicap.

Frequently bookmakers use 1/4 handicaps to try and get the odds as close to 50/50 as possible. When 1/4 handicaps are used, the bet is split between the two next closest 1/4 intervals. Very simply, a $100 bet with a handicap of 1 3/4 is the same as betting $50 at 1.5 and $50 at 2.0. With 1/4 handicap bets, half of the bet could tie and you could essentially win and tie (win 1/2 of wager) or lose and tie (lose 1/2 wager).

Two tables are provided below as a reference. The first table shows the result of your stake when risked on the home team. The second table is for away team wagering.

Betting on Home ( Home : Away )
Odds:0:0Bet Returned+100%+100%+100%
0:1-100%Bet Returned+100%+100%
0:1 1/4-100%-50%+100%+100%
0:1 1/2-100%-100%+100%+100%
0:1 3/4-100%-100%+50%+100%
0:2-100%-100%Bet Returned+100%
0:2 1/4-100%-100%-50%+100%
0:2 1/2-100%-100%-100%+100%
0:2 3/4-100%-100%-100%+50%
0:3-100%-100%-100%Bet Returned

Betting on Away ( Home : Away )
Odds:0:0Bet Returned+100%+100%+100%
1:0-100%Bet Returned+100%+100%
1 1/4:0-100%-50%+100%+100%
1 1/2:0-100%-100%+100%+100%
1 3/4:0-100%-100%+50%+100%
2:0-100%-100%Bet Returned+100%
2 1/4:0-100%-100%-50%+100%
2 1/2:0-100%-100%-100%+100%
2 3/4:0-100%-100%-100%+50%
3:0-100%-100%-100%Bet Returned



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