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Floyd Reese analysis

Posted by Mike Reiss, Globe Staff January 27, 2009 02:10 PM


When Scott Pioli was hired as general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs earlier this month, a void was left in three primary areas:

  • Player evaluation

  • Organization of the scouting department

  • Contract negotiations

    Director of player personnel Nick Caserio was widely assumed to be Pioli’s successor in the first two areas, but a question remained how the Patriots would proceed with contract negotiations.

    The hiring of veteran NFL personnel man Floyd Reese today fills out the Patriots’ picture, as Reese, according to the Patriots, “will be involved with various football-related assignments, including contracts.”

    In announcing the hiring of Reese, the Patriots also solidified Caserio’s role, noting that he will remain director of player personnel and manage the daily operations of the personnel department.

    The combination of Caserio and Reese reshapes the Patriots’ front office.

    As Caserio transitions into taking on more responsibility in player evaluation and organization of the scouting department following Pioli’s departure, he’ll also have a veteran sounding board in Reese if necessary.

    NOTE: The Patriots have arranged a 4 p.m. conference call with Reese. Comments from Reese will be posted after the call.

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    7 comments so far...
    1. This sounds like a brilliant move by the Krafts. Not only does Reese bring his wealth of NFL experience to help Caserio adjust to his wider responsibilities, but as mentioned elsewhere, his drafting record is exemplary. And neither Pacman nor VY would have been seen as a good "fit" for the Pats. We've got some good draft picks to use here. I'm excited by this news!

      Posted by Ben in London January 27, 09 04:22 PM
    1. I hope this has a better outcome than the Dom Capers hiring.

      Posted by George in Timbuktu January 27, 09 04:40 PM
    1. In Bill we trust!!!

      Posted by rick January 27, 09 06:04 PM
    1. Reese's Pieces!

      Posted by Marc January 27, 09 06:48 PM
    1. I am a Pat's fan living in Nashville. As such I am quite familiar with Floyd Reese and think his hiring is a great addition to the Pats. Floyd was routinely on local radio and I admired his insights and perception on all aspects of the game. I also enjoyed his TV commentary. When discussing players and other football scenarios Floyd has a great ability to focus the conversation on one or two keep points and act on those points. He can definitely help evaluate talent and structure a deal so all parties are happy. And FYI, it is well known in these parts that Floyd was NOT in favor of drafting VY, that was not a draft pick, rather a draft order..

      Posted by izy January 27, 09 09:22 PM
    1. A1 move. Go Pats!

      Posted by Shtarka January 27, 09 09:41 PM
    1. I confess that when I heard they hired Riess . . .

      True story.

      Posted by Harrybosch January 27, 09 09:45 PM
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