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This latest video featured on Puppetgov debuts on the day of the Senate ...   more
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punkie999 uploaded a new video (1 month ago)

I assure you that this video is real and not satire!...   more
punkie999 favorited a video (1 month ago)
In an interview for the forthcoming documentary "Media Malpractice"...   more
punkie999 favorited a video (1 month ago)
Updated video reveals the lunatic right-wing source for Sarah Palin's "...   more
Bill Collier, moderator at "www.teamsarah.org" - about the "pajama mafia"
http://operationpiedpiper.blogspot.com/ I assure you that this video is real an...
1 month ago 327 views punkie999
Sarah Palin on rape and abortion (new clip!)
This clip was not widely shown so far and lay buried in an internet video archive ...
2 months ago 819 views punkie999
CBS asks questions about Sarah Palin's pregnancy with Trig
This clip contains very rare footage from the Republican Governors Association (RG...
3 months ago 417 views punkie999
Barack Obama speaking in the rain in Chester, PA,  28 October 2008
Barack Obama is not afraid of the cold - good for America!!! +++ From the pr...
3 months ago 645 views punkie999
6 Nov 2008: Sarah Palin confirms that she will run for US Senate
UPDATE: Ted Stevens LOST the election - so it will be impossible for Sarah to repl...
3 months ago 2,162 views punkie999
4 Nov 2008: Sarah Palin attacking bloggers and media - wants to censor anonymous blogging
If you want to get to know the "real" Sarah Palin, you have to listen to this clip...
3 months ago 1,500 views punkie999
Sarah Palin: MUST SEE VIDEO before you vote!!
If this video doesn't convince you that Sarah Palin is unprepared for the job, tha...
4 months ago 2,557 views punkie999
Sarah Palin: USA has to win the "wars in Iran and Iraq"
Is there a war going on in Iran? Who is "fightin" against who? Why did nobody tell...
4 months ago 532 views punkie999
Torture: "John Yoo's Greatest Hits"
This latest video featured on Puppetgov debuts on the day of the Senate hearings o...
5 months ago 7,076 views puppetgovcom
Sarah Palin Takes On The Media!! Exclusive Interview for "Media Malpractice"
In an interview for the forthcoming documentary "Media Malpractice" Governor Sarah...
1 month ago 1,327,886 views talktozig
Sarah Palin's Venomous Muse: Westbrook Pegler (Updated)
Updated video reveals the lunatic right-wing source for Sarah Palin's "small town"...
5 months ago 3,601 views realincite
Sarah Palin a "Complete Fiction" - David Talbot
Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2008/10/12/David_Talbot_Author_and_Founder_of_Sa...
4 months ago 7,648 views ForaTv
KO - Palin Palling Around With Drug Dealers?
Dec. 19: VH1s Christian Finnegan talks about the arrest of Bristol Palins future m...
2 months ago 4,069 views TheSexyPatriot
Oliver Stone's P. Trailer | Spill.com
More Movie Reviews: http://Spill.com Oliver Stone tackles another high profile ...
4 months ago 36,035 views spillcom
Penguin jumps into boat to escape Killer Whales. I have been in contact with the ...
3 months ago 429,754 views bclark142
Sarah Palin Family Meeting
Click below to subscribe to our videos http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center...
5 months ago 469,529 views TheFineBros
CBC raises questions about Trig Palin's birth
The 9/3/08 edition of the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. "The National" raises questi...
6 months ago 50,333 views palingate08
Channel Comments (87)
rosenalice1 (3 weeks ago)
good looking channel
Bl4ckR0ck (3 weeks ago)
thank you for putting on these vids!
ericson4life3 (1 month ago)
Billybob's a dumbass.
9TruthSeeker11 (1 month ago)
I was wondering if you would know how I can download a video on my computer... Stumping the ... out of me
BillyBobCorncobb (1 month ago)
Hey dumbfuck...great idea to use Jon Sterwart and Sean Penn as sources to support your untenable positions...don't ever leave your fudge packer buddies at Starbucks and try a debate someone in the real world...you would only find out how much bullshit propagands you have lapped up. Guess global warming is officially over too...just when you fucking retards get traction on global warming, you get the coldest weather on record...if you weren't such a fucking idiot athiest you could appreciates God's sense of humor...Later dumbfuck!
janebusby (1 month ago)
Fight for Truth Punkie!

Thank you.
gaspingduck (1 month ago)
your videos should be featured not gay animal shit
SAKUwBarakuSHOW (1 month ago)
Extra wypasiony kanał;P
kewlnsimpguy (2 months ago)
stfu dumbass democrat donkey guy who has no idea what they are doing
rangalangfangbang (3 months ago)
you, my friend, are amazing
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