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Joe Berger signs with Dolphins

2:33 PM Fri, Feb 27, 2009 |  | 
Brian Davis   E-mail   News tips

This isn't a huge surprise, but guard Joe Berger signed with the Dolphins today, according to his agent. Thus, Berger is reunited with his former offensive line coach-turned-Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano.

Berger signed with the Cowboys in November 2006. He's been on a year-to-year basis since. We don't know the details of his new deal with the Dolphins, but Berger made $927,000 last year in base salary. Not bad for a guy who was inactive most of the season.

UPDATED: Berger got a three-year deal with the Dolphins, according to his agent Tom Tafelski.




we are screwed, we lost mean joe....


Keep up the good reports. Would guess that no Cowboy news means Mr. GM, ala Jerry and Co., are working hard to get personnel things done.

great....my Joe Berger jersey is rendered useless.

You know, Joe Berger, the guy that sells hotdogs at stand 5 outside the stadium!!! Geez I swear, I would have thought you Cowboy fans knew this guy, Now we got to sign another Vender. Way to go Jerry, who's gonna sell the hotdogs there now?

i bet joe berger could kick all ya'lls asses

miami fan

yes he could he is good eat it dallas have fun with stupid useless cory procter and your 1million yr old o-line coach who is lost and dumb dallas 1st string o-line overrated!!!

V and my daddy can beat your daddy up!!

V and my daddy can beat your daddy up!!

I,m sick of hearing about jerry and boys. You guys can't make good players play, we'll take joe and your castoffs and go to the playoffs again.

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