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None of the Brazilian Girls hail from Brazil, and only one of them is female. But this internationally rooted, New York-based foursome can mix a bossa nova with a reggae bass line while some floating ethereal European electronics sit on top. Bouncing from the psychedelic house beats of "Don't Stop" to the languid lounge of "Lazy Lover," the Girls refuse to groove in any one genre for too long, and their mix-and-match deep-dub aesthetics are so finessed that they leave their scent on every musical landscape they visit throughout their debut album. Born in Rome and raised in Munich and Nice, France, Sabina Sciubba growls and sighs in German, French, Italian, Spanish and English with a pouty sexiness that transcends language. When she chants, "Pussy, pussy, pussy, marijuana," a contact high is inevitable.


(Posted: Feb 10, 2005)


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