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RTM332 turboshaft

Product details

The RTM322 is a collaborative turboshaft engine between Rolls-Royce and Tubomeca.

  • The customer's choice for 2,100-3,000shp turboshafts
  • Selected by 90 per cent of NH90 customers and 60 per cent of EH101 operators
  • Over 1,500 RTM322s have been ordered or are on option

Fact sheet


The RTM322 is a two-shaft engine featuring a three-stage axial and close-coupled centrifugal compressor driven by a two-stage gas generator turbine. The combustion system is a large-volume, reverse-flow annular type with vaporizers. A two-stage power turbine drives a coaxial shaft passing through to the engine front. The engine is controlled by a FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) system.

Designed from the outset to suit a wide-range of military and commercial helicopter designs, the digitally-controlled RTM322 can also be employed in fixed-wing, maritime and industrial applications. The engine offers a variety of different drive configurations, a choice of three starting systems, and mission-specific options including a high-efficiency inlet particle separator and infra-red suppressor. A comprehensive helicopter health and usage monitoring system (HUMS) is also available, providing extensive engine self-diagnostic capabilities.

The RTM322 first flew in 1986 in a Sikorsky S-70C Black Hawk. It has since undergone successful US government-sponsored flight evaluation in a US Navy SH-60B, amassing over 1,000 hours of flight in the H-60 series of aircraft. The RTM322 offers a 'drop-in' upgrade for the Black Hawk family of aircraft, offering cost, support and performance benefits. The RTM322 is also the alternative powerplant for the Sikorsky S-92 helicopter.

The initial production order for the RTM322 to power the Royal Navy Merlin HM Mk1 helicopters was received in 1992, and the type entered service in 1998. The RTM322 also powers the EH101 HC Mk3 utility helicopters operated by the Royal Air Force, and the AgustaWestland WAH-64 Apache attack helicopters now in service with the UK Army. Since entering service, the RTM322 has been combat proven and displayed world-leading reliability and dependability in the harshest operating environments. Rolls-Royce Turbomeca was awarded a Ministry of Defence (MoD) tri-service support contract covering all three RTM322 applications in UK service.

Denmark, Portugal and the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force have also selected the RTM322 to power their EH101’s.

The RTM322 also powers the European Nato Helicopter Industries twin-engined NH90 maritime and tactical transport helicopter. The RTM322 has now been selected by numerous customers to power the NH90, including Australia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Portugal, and Sweden.

Engine specification
SpecificationRTM322 01/9
Power (shp)2,327
Bypass ratioN/A
Pressure ratio14.7
Length (in)46.1
Diameter (in)25.5
Basic weight (lb)539
Compressor3HP + 1CFHP
Turbine2HP, 2PT

*Technical data (ISA SLS)

  • NHI NH90
  • EHI EH101
  • AgustaWestland WAH-64 Apache
  • Sikorsky H-60 family
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