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CARTOON FOR Mar 05, 2009
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[Illiad] IT360° CONFERENCE & EXPO ~ April 8, 2009 ~ TORONTOPosted:Mon Mar 2 21:08:25 2009
Meet Celebrity Keynote, Michael Calce aka MafiaBoy

Find out how he ground eBay, Amazon, CNN, Yahoo and E*Trade to a halt in “How I Cracked the Internet and Why it's Still Broken.” In 2000, Calce, then 15 years-old, was apprehended after an investigation by the RCMP and FBI. For almost a decade Calce ignored requests for interviews and kept silent about the attacks. Using his experience as a cautionary tale, Calce will address IT360° attendees as he shares his story and offers his views on how hacking and Internet vulnerabilities have evolved since his crimes.

Calling all IT professionals and business executives:

On April 8, get up to speed at IT360° where knowledge is a critical driver to success. IT360° is your access point to acquire knowledge and experience through an in-depth conference, conducted by leading experts, and an exposition featuring hands on demonstrations and recent product releases. IT360° provides you the information you need to make qualified buying decisions. IT360° focuses on three key IT Pillars including:

  1. Unified Communications / VoIP / call centers / mobility
  2. Security / risk / threats / identity
  3. Data Centers / cloud computing / virtualization / storage / backup

IT360° includes ITIL/Service Management certifications and OS certifications. For the third consecutive year, IT360 hosts the prestigious CIO Executive Council, who co-locates their annual Canadian regional event adding education and networking value for C-Level and executive IT professionals. Also, for the third consecutive year, IT360 hosts the Asterisk & Open Telephony Conference, which focuses entirely on this growing area.

Experience is the best teacher. IT360° is the best experience.

Get onboard today, Register Now! (Use code TS1 for complimentary tradeshow pass)
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[Illiad] HAIRY FOUR-LEAF CLOVERSPosted:Sun Mar 1 19:38:16 2009
The March 2009 UF Desktop Calendar: This one was created by ag_wyvern! Thanks, guy. Sunday-first and Monday-first calendars available, [.PNG, 1600x1200, ~3.9M] UPDATE: Many requests for the calendars to be hosted away from answered! Sunday first and Monday first hosted on UF!
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[Illiad] FIXED, AND WILL CONTINUE FIXINGPosted:Thu Feb 26 17:46:41 2009
Over the last couple of years I reused humorous comments I picked up on Metafilter as dialog in several UF cartoons. It's clear now that I should have given proper attribution when I reused text from those posts. So I'm going to fix that as completely as I can. I apologize again and have been busy searching for and correcting any and all attributions. As of this post, I have gone through every single cartoon from today's back to late 2005, right about when I joined Metafilter. If copy came from a MeFi comment, I took the cartoon down, added attributions and a link to back to the source, and reposted it.

So far, thirteen cartoons have been identified as needing correcting. All thirteen now have updated attributions and a link to the original post. Login's (thanks btw) reference post will be updated to include all thirteen and reposted.

Additionally, I am, with the help of others, going back through the entire archive to make doubly sure there are no others. This will take some time, but I'll keep at it until it's done. In the meantime, should you come across something suspect, please notify me and I'll review / correct as soon as possible.

Currently, we count three (3) cartoons in our recent Ten Years of UF book that need corrected attributions. Once we believe the list to be complete (will give it another week to be sure), these cartoons will be laid out and identified in an Errata PDF that will be given to our publisher and made permanently available on this site. All purchasers of the book via UF will receive an email containing the Errata PDF.

Thank you for your patience, and your understanding. I obviously should have been more careful and thoughtful. We'll get this sorted as best and as soon as we can.
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Sequelicious: I still think the name is gross, but I played it contentedly past the point where my attention span normally gives up, so it must be all right. Color Infection 2. [Sound Warning] [Flash Warning] Thanks to Dave P. for the link!
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