Home to various web sites belonging to Derek Hodge of Mussselburgh, near Edinburgh, Scotland.
  Photographing Miniatures: Some thoughts on taking pictures of model soldiers
  AK47 Ztum-Setum: A web site dedicated to the AK47 Ztum - Setum wargames campaign running at the South East Scotland Wargames Club.
  Wargaming the Russian Civil War
  World War II:
  Counters for use in miniature wargames
  Napoleonics : Napoleonic wargaming using the Grande Armee grand tactical level rules by Sam Mustapha.
  Lord of the Rings: Lord of the Rings wargaming using the discontinued collectable miniatures from Sabre Games. These models are currently available at 25p each here in the UK.
  Family photographs.


A list of miniature wargames blogs


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