Trail Map

Trail Map

Trail Information

Green Circle Easier Trails More Difficult More Difficult Trails Most Difficult Most Difficult Trails
Arcadian Gate Arcadian Gate Alsos Glade
Crisaen Way Mars Hill Zeus
Marathon Trojan Aesop's Glade
Poseidon Pollux Iliad
Castor Lower Atlas Odyssey
Castor Connection Cristy's Run Olympian
Alpha Slope Stoic Atlas
Meadow Elysian Fields Arethusa
Zephyr Meros Alcmene
Epicurus Way   Hercules 
Karyatis Way
Magic Land


Greek Peak Nordic Map

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Nordic Trail Map

Nordic Center Trails
Lost Trail Stump Jump Kamakazi
East Brook West Brook Flying Squirrel
Spruce Ramble 911 Bypass