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Saturday Night's Main Event
April 27, 1991   |   Approx. run time: 66 mins.
Ultimate Warrior is looking for revenge against Sgt. Slaughter on this edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event. Three months earlier, both Superstars were battling it out for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble. Last time Slaughter was victorious; will lightning strike twice for the Hall of Famer? Also on the show is a 20-man battle royal and Bret Hart challenges “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase. It’s no wonder WWE Universe wanted this Saturday Night’s Main Event to win at the polls! Watch300K 750K Buy$3.95/mo.
WWE Live Event from Madison Square Garden
July 1, 1991   |   Approx. run time: 115 mins.
Catch the Madison Square Garden event WWE Universe unanimously voted for! Relive a classic tag team title encounter between The Nasty Boys and The Hart Foundation and Jake “The Snake” Roberts takes on the daunting task of defeating Earthquake. In the main event, Undertaker faces Ultimate Warrior in a Body Bag Match. Don’t miss the entire event from Madison Square Garden! Watch300K 750K Buy$3.95/mo.
Tuesday in Texas - Jake Roberts vs. Randy Savage
December 3, 1991   |   Approx. run time: 17 mins.
This rivalry was about as personal as it could get. Jake "The Snake" Roberts crashed "Macho Man" Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth's wedding and gave them a cobra as a wedding gift. After being attacked by a cobra in the ring as well, Savage came out of retirement to face Roberts. You won't want to miss this video of a brutal grudge match. Watch300K Buy$3.95/mo.
Wrestling Challenge - Jake Roberts on The Barber Shop
December 28, 1991   |   Approx. run time: 3 mins.
Jake "The Snake" Roberts was a guest on "The Barber Shop." He was there to discuss his very personal rivalry with "Macho Man" Randy Savage. This rivalry was jump-started when Jake, along with Undertaker, crashed Savage's and Elizabeth's wedding at SummerSlam and gave them a cobra as a wedding present. What did "The Snake" have to say? Subscribe and find out. Watch300K Buy$3.95/mo.
Primetime Wrestling - Battle Royal
July 6, 1992   |   Approx. run time: 13 mins.
Check out the first ever 40-Man battle royal on national television. With 40 men in one ring, it's not only hard to pin a favorite, but it's going to be nearly impossible to keep track of who's been eliminated. Good luck! Watch300K 750K Buy$3.95/mo.
1993 SummerSlam Preview Show
August 1, 2008   |   Approx. run time: 79 mins. Legacy brings to you the rarely seen two hour 1993 SummerSlam Preview Show. On this special you will see Yokozuna and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan battle it out as Duggan defends America's pride. Also, Shawn Michaels will defend the Intercontinental Championship against former WWE Champion Bob Backlund. This is some special footage, finally unearthed after being locked in WWE's tape library for 15 years! Watch300K 750K Buy$3.95/mo.
King of the Ring - Owen Hart vs. Razor Ramon
June 19, 1994   |   Approx. run time: 10 mins.
The King of the Ring tournament crown is one of the most prestigious honors in WWE history. Only a handful of men have been able to beat three men in one night in this annual test of endurance. Owen Hart and Razor Ramon both found themselves in the final round of the tournament in Baltimore. Could "The Bad Guy" come away victorious or would Owen solidify himself as the "King of Hearts"? Watch300K 750K Buy$3.95/mo.
Home Video - 20 Man Battle Royal
August 15, 1994   |   Approx. run time: 12 mins.
You see these men compete each week on Raw on Legacy and here's your chance to see them all battle one ring. Whether it's Yokozuna, Diesel, Typhoon or even the 1-2-3 Kid it's anyone's guess who will win this 20-man over the top-rope battle royal. Watch300K 750K Buy$3.95/mo.
Raw - Tatanka vs. British Bulldog
December 26, 1994   |   Approx. run time: 7 mins.
Tatanka had an impressive winning streak from the moment he arrived in WWE, but British Bulldog was one of the veteran powerhouses that stood in the way of perfection. Could Davey Boy Smith stop the Native American Superstar or would Tatanka maintain his undefeated record? Watch300K Buy$3.95/mo.
Raw - Howard Finkel vs. Harvey Wippleman -Tuxedo Match
January 9, 1995   |   Approx. run time: 4 mins.
This will certainly go down as one of the most unique matches in Raw history. Howard Finkel is known for announcing the competitors in each match, but in this one, he becomes a competitor. Howard was having a hard time with manager Harvey Wippleman at the time, so they decided to solve things like men … in a Tuxedo Match. Will The Fink reign supreme? Watch300K Buy$3.95/mo.
Smoky Mountain Wrestling Rumble
January 28, 1995   |   Approx. run time: 15 mins.
A true gem discovered in the WWE tape library. The Superstars of Smoky Mountain Wrestling competed in a Rumble match with entrants coming in every minute. While many of these men are not well known, keep a look out for the Rock 'N Roll Express and D-Lo Brown. Watch300K 750K Buy$3.95/mo.
Raw - King Kong Bundy vs. Mabel
January 30, 1995   |   Approx. run time: 6 mins.
In this match from Raw, the walking condominium King Kong Bundy takes on Mabel. It’s the irresistible force vs. the immovable object. Who would come out on top of this battle of behemoths? Watch300K Buy$3.95/mo.
Superstars - 20-Man Battle Royal
February 23, 1995   |   Approx. run time: 17 mins.
This battle royal was only one month after the 1995 Royal Rumble (catch Cody Rhodes “My Favorite Match” to relive it). Every rivalry from 1995 is addressed in this huge match. Watch300K 750K Buy$3.95/mo.
King of the Ring - Mabel vs. Savio Vega
June 25, 1995   |   Approx. run time: 19 mins.
In 1995, Mabel was ring royalty when he vied to become the King of the Ring. He clashed with the Caribbean Legend Savio Vega in a battle for the throne. See if Mabel can wear the crown. Watch300K Buy$3.95/mo.
Raw - Waylon Mercy vs. Jeff Hardy
July 3, 1995   |   Approx. run time: 3 mins.
Waylon Mercy was one of the most bizarre characters in WWE history. Also known as Dan Spivey at one time, Mercy's time in WWE was relatively short-lived. Would Mercy claim victory over the young high-flyer Jeff Hardy? You won't want to miss this rare match-up.  Watch300K Buy$3.95/mo.
In Your House - Xanta Claus & Ted DiBiase attack Savio Vega
December 17, 1995   |   Approx. run time: 5 mins.
Ted DiBiase always said that everyone's got a price for the Million Dollar Man, and he proved that even more when he bought Santa Claus ... well, Xanta Claus to be exact. DiBiase and his evil henchman attacked Savio Vega at this In Your House Event. Perhaps Savio Vega had been naughty rather than nice that year. Watch300K Buy$3.95/mo.
Superstars - Xanta Claus vs. Scott Taylor
December 23, 1995   |   Approx. run time: 2 mins.
Xanta Claus is one of the most bizarre WWE Superstars of all time. Watch this unique grappler face off against a young Scotty 2 Hotty in a rare match from Superstars. Watch300K Buy$3.95/mo.