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Revision3 Beta Shows

Bottles, Blends and Brews

Bottles, Blends, and Brews is a drink culture review show dedicated to finding the most quirky forms of “deliciousness” out there, and serving it to you weekly.


“Work smarter, not harder.” Lectures are boring and inefficient. Long hours spent studying hand-written notes is very 1994. Anyone graduating today needs to know not how to operate a computer, but when. The fault is both with the students and the teachers. HackCollege is changing education. HackCollege is educating the students of the world about effective, open source software, putting techno-political arguments in everyday language, and creating a cult of “Students 2.0.” If we can change the way 1 percent of college students and faculty in the world view education and technology, we’ve done our job.

The Minx Mandate

Madeline Minx meets with world-renowned scientists, entrepreneurs, philosophers and troublemakers to investigate the future of science, celebrity, sex and tech. The Minx Mandate delivers tomorrow's news with all the questionable tactics, antics and speculation you need for a future that's already here.

The Slice

The Slice, hosted by Steven Carpenter and Sven J., is the official show of Cake Financial. It focuses on the past week's top news in the world of business and finance based on the real trading activity of the Cake Financial community.

That's Awesome.TV

That’s Awesome.TV is an online HD show aimed at teaching awesome things. What do I mean by awesome things??? You will learn everything from taking awesome pictures to securing a router to getting the perfect cut lawn… A virtual cornucopia of awesomeness! This will mainly be a tech show, as that’s what I am into, but I have a lot of other awesome things I want to share and will dive into other subjects as I see fit.


What Should You Know (, an openSermo production hosted by Ethan Bloch, is the worlds primary weapon of defense against ignorance. By using in-your-face educational explosions, discussing the people, places, things and ideas currently floating around the place we call earth, will actively protect you against becoming an ignoramus… what?!?

Your Weekly Music Lesson With Walt

Walt Ribeiro's in your face teaching style has created an entire community of those interested in music or not. 'The Internet's Music Teacher' has consistently created a fleet of dedicated viewers, and shares his lessons, passion, and knowledge of Music Technology, Guitar, Piano, News, Interviews, and more every day. So how'd this happen? Walt Ribeiro is inspired by all things, and he cares about music education and those who are interested. As his lessons started getting passed around, he decided to 'take the leap' in March 2008 and teach the void of music lessons online in a fun, engaging, and informative enviroment all day, every day.

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