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Battle of the Trebia, 218 BC

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Hannibal versus Tiberius Sempronius Longus: A Carthaginian army under Hannibal entices a Roman army under Sempronius to attack across a river into a trap. The Romans outnumber the Carthaginians but will Sempronius still become a footnote to one of Hannibal’s masterpiece battles? Click on the image below to view.
This is the first of a few Roman armies to be annihilated by Hannibal in the Second Punic War, each of them destroyed by flashy tactical maneuvers. Any historian knows that the victories were hollow for Hannibal did not win the war, outgeneraled strategically.
This battle was over before it really began; Hannibal harassed the Roman camp with his cavalry and lured the Romans through a frigid river while the Carthaginians rested by the fire. Even so, the battle demonstrates how important mobile forces are because the defeat only became a crushing defeat when the outnumbered Roman cavalry were chased from the field.
I had no plans of animating any of Hannibal’s battles until Season IV at the earliest because there are just that many interesting battles to animate but viewers pressured me to spotlight Hannibal along with three of his battles. As stated previously, Hannibal’s battles are exciting masterpieces but they are nothing more than that. However, if they stir interest in the field of military studies, they are certainly worthwhile animating.
- Jonathan Webb

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