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Hochstein agrees to terms on 1-year deal with Patriots

Posted by Mike Reiss, Globe Staff March 2, 2009 03:27 PM

Offensive lineman Russ Hochstein has agreed to terms on a one-year deal to return to the Patriots.

Hochstein, 31, enters his ninth NFL season in 2009, and seventh with the Patriots.

His versatility to play center and guard -- as well as his duties as a backup long snapper -- have earned him a consistent spot on the team's 45-man game-day roster. Hochstein also dabbled with some fullback duties late last season in a power run-based package.

Like other clubs, the Patriots generally dress just seven offensive linemen on the 45-man game-day roster, so having backups that can play two positions on the line is considered valuable.

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33 comments so far...
  1. if Hochstein could take over as long snapper, that would open a roster spot that previously had been dedicated to paxton.

    Posted by jon March 2, 09 03:34 PM
  1. That's an important signing. He does so much for the team.

    Posted by Nate March 2, 09 03:41 PM
  1. Now HERE is a GREAT, under the radar move. When Hochstein subs in the O-line doesn't skip a beat. He's a solid versatile player for the Pats, and I was disappointed last week to hear he was out exploring FA options.

    VERY GLAD to hear Russ is returning, GREAT job!

    Posted by Paul Casassa March 2, 09 03:41 PM
  1. Good stuff. Hochstein, who made a great splash in Brady's 7 layers of protection ad, is a solid contributor to the offense.

    Posted by Lance March 2, 09 03:46 PM
  1. Great! He can do it all. Get a CB, LB,S and another WR and we are set

    Posted by Jamal March 2, 09 03:48 PM
  1. Yeah, hopefully we'll see the domino's fall now...

    Posted by david March 2, 09 03:48 PM
  1. The Pat's offensive line, during the past few years, has looked as white as a Catholic school in Boston during the late 70's and early 80's. What's with that?

    Posted by Bill March 2, 09 04:01 PM
  1. Just yet another example of why they did not want to prolong the Matt Cassel trade talks. First Sanders, now Hockstein... The moves are coming now that the Cap space is freed...

    Posted by Mav March 2, 09 04:08 PM
  1. Only smart people can play Offensive line. Did I say smart, I meant vanilla.

    Posted by Real G March 2, 09 04:09 PM
  1. Bill, settle down...Obama's the president!

    Posted by robdog March 2, 09 04:12 PM
  1. Not to mention his stint as a fullback late in the year. By the way, that power running scheme was extremely entertaining.

    Posted by Nathan March 2, 09 04:15 PM
  1. Awesome news. Russ is an extremely solid player. Happy to have him back!

    Posted by Andrew March 2, 09 04:24 PM

    Posted by Mikey V March 2, 09 04:38 PM
  1. Bill March: The Pats wide receiver group (excluding Welker) has looked as black as English High the last few decades...whats up with that? Idiot.

    Posted by boru825 March 2, 09 04:39 PM
  1. Why only a one year contract? Is he a free agent next year?

    Posted by Patriot Paul March 2, 09 04:41 PM
  1. PFT is reporting that the Redskins are going to release Jason Taylor.....

    Posted by Joe E O March 2, 09 04:45 PM
  1. On another note - Jason Taylor was just released by the Redskins (According to PFT). Might be someething to keep an eye out for. Him and Belichick seem to have a lot of respect for one another...

    Posted by JD March 2, 09 04:46 PM
  1. Taylor isn't a long term option, but for the right price could he come in ? I bet he is much cheaper than Peppers...

    Posted by Mikey V March 2, 09 04:53 PM
  1. Warren Sapp can't believe Hochstein is still playing, especially since he can't block........LOL

    Posted by Pat the Pats FAn March 2, 09 04:55 PM
  1. They forgot to mention that he is a Cornhusker product, from the Tom Osborne era.

    Posted by Pat March 2, 09 05:03 PM
  1. Hope to see more from him as fullback myself .Now that's a HEAVY PACKAGE. That's alot of jobs to be filled if he get's hurt though.

    Posted by Rog March 2, 09 05:04 PM
  1. This is a relief! Not only is Russ a first-rate back-up at center and guard, he is also one of my favorite guys on the team. Besides, We've already lost two guys whose jerseys I owned (Vrabel and Paxton). Russ would have made the third!

    Posted by Dan March 2, 09 05:11 PM
  1. I'm usually more positive about Patriots players than most of you posters, but between the Hochstein and Sanders signings, I'm hoping for a ridiculously good draft.

    Posted by Brian March 2, 09 05:12 PM
  1. Yeah guys, we need some experience on D - let's get Jason Taylor and every old free agent player out there.

    Posted by CJ March 2, 09 05:18 PM
  1. Never mind Jason Taylor, and forget Peppers , would be too expensive, multi draft choices taking away lots of those 2009 extras - but draft either of those 2 DE's BB likes, and/or either USC Curling or Matthews, and 2 cb's and a ss.

    Posted by John Connors March 2, 09 05:25 PM
  1. Never mind Jason Taylor, and forget Peppers , would be too expensive, multi draft choices taking away lots of those 2009 extras - but draft either of those 2 DE's BB likes, and/or either USC Curling or Matthews, and 2 cb's and a ss.

    Posted by John Connors March 2, 09 05:25 PM
  1. James Sanders and Hochstien...boooo boooo booo. Come on Pats what the f. This is your answer to this dumbass trade

    Posted by Steve from worcester March 2, 09 06:04 PM
  1. I've always like Russ since he proved Warren Sapp wrong.

    Posted by fifty8th March 2, 09 06:28 PM
  1. Would the Pats have any interest in Jim Leonard, the Ravens free agent free safety in their defensive backfield? He's rumored to be headed to NY to play for Rex Ryan who coached him in Baltimore, but I wonder if BB would consider bringing him to Foxboro. He's a smart player with a real nose for the ball who did well returning kicks as well. Just curious...

    Posted by Phil March 2, 09 07:55 PM
  1. whats going on with heath evans? they need to get him back hopefully for 2-3 years this time. i have a feeling denver is getting him signed.

    Posted by Peter March 2, 09 08:35 PM
  1. Further evidence that what the Pats did with Cassel was right. Without that move they lose Sanders and Hochstein and probably Wilfork and Mankins.

    Posted by G March 2, 09 08:37 PM
  1. Yeah, I was wondering about Leonard too - he's taking his sweet time with the Jets, I think he's trying to get another offer to play them off (besides the Ravens). Good player, but not someone we should get into a bidding war for.

    Posted by David March 2, 09 08:42 PM
  1. I think a bidding war is a great thing to get into for a mid-level player, especially against a division rival....assuming you lose the war. If they can drive the price up a little, is that such a bad thing?

    Posted by Rob in Central MA March 2, 09 09:41 PM
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