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ARSC Discovery Lab

The ARSC Discovery Lab is a three dimensional, immersive, virtual reality environment.


The centerpiece of the ARSC Discovery Lab is an MD Flying Flex™ system. This is a small room, approximately 10' x 10' x 8' in size. Three walls and the floor are equipped to display stereoscopic images and high-quality audio is integrated into the environment.

The MD Flying Flex™ is driven by two Audio/Video Capture and Rendering Systems. Cran runs the Linux Fedora Core 4 operating system and Blue, WinXP 64. They both have the following specifications:

Users inside the ARSC Discovery Lab


The ARSC Discovery Lab is a three dimensional, immersive, virtual reality environment hosting an MD Flying Flex™ system that can accommodate several researchers at once, allowing simultaneous exploration of the same data.

In the immersive environment, image generating computer systems draw stereoscopic images based on the perspective of a special tracker worn by the "driver." All other participants wear active 3D glasses, and are able to view the same images from slightly different perspectives. The "driver" interacts with and controls the virtual environment using a hand-held, wireless, input device. Fully integrated, high-quality audio completes the user experience.

ARSC's Discovery Laboratory supports:

For information regarding public tours or organized tours, please email or call 907-450-8600

Discovery Lab User Links

Access to the systems which power the Discovery Lab requires an active ARSC account. The Lab itself is located in room 375C of the Rasmuson Library on the UAF campus. To access the lab, users must complete the Visualization Laboratory Access Agreement Form. All operators of Discovery Lab equipment must also complete a Dlab Operator's training session (contact the ARSC Consultants, or 907-450-8602, to arrange training). Approved lab users must follow the Visualization Laboratory Access Policy and Discovery Laboratory Use Policy.


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