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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Karma works in strange ways.

On the same day the Cowboys parted with Terrell Owens, the Eagles have traded Owens' most fervent Eagles GLew and his mentor, in happier timesacolyte, reserve wideout Greg Lewis, to New England. The Birds get a fifth-rounder this year, bringing them up to an even dozen picks in the April 25-26 draft. They send the Pats a 2010 seventh-rounder.

Lewis entered the league as an Eagles undrafted free agent in 2003 (that was the year all the guys they drafted stunk and all the undrafted free agents they signed were good. Go figure). He showed promise, humor and wit, before falling under the spell of Darth Owens during T.O.'s two-year sojourn in green. Lewis, badly overmatched when the Eagles made him a starter following Owens' suspension in 2005, quickly soured on the media and spent the rest of his Eagles career being surly and sarcastic. He had good hands, and was an able special teams performer, though this past season he seemed to take an inordinate amount of special teams penalties.

For some reason, Pats coach Bill Belichick has always coveted Lewis. Belichick was able to make Jabar Gaffney into a productive wideout after the Eagles released him, so maybe he knows something we don't. 

Posted by Les Bowen @ 4:39 PM  Permalink | 48 comments
Posted by Norm3 04:43 PM, 03/05/2009
He just never cut it.
Posted by wjh150 04:46 PM, 03/05/2009
hilarious that we got ANYTHING for a guy whose name we never shoulda known, much less been dubbed "G-Lew".
Posted by dagipe 04:49 PM, 03/05/2009
It's about time!
Posted by jaydes 04:52 PM, 03/05/2009
Posted by louvbrown 04:53 PM, 03/05/2009
Good Ridiance! Wasn't that one of Coach Andy's favorite receivers?
Posted by GNIKGNARLY 04:53 PM, 03/05/2009
Yeah Les- what he knows is he has a QB who makes WR's better and we don't.
Posted by davekrieg 04:57 PM, 03/05/2009
This guy was one of the biggest stiffs in the history of this city. I don't care if he caught a TD in the SB. The fact he is no longer on this team is the best news of the offseason.
Posted by GNIKGNARLY 04:57 PM, 03/05/2009
Clearing a roster spot for T.O. or Chad Johnson? LOL
Posted by Bobphxville 04:59 PM, 03/05/2009
There goes a catch a game.
Posted by philly10 05:08 PM, 03/05/2009
Posted by Eagles Phan in LI 05:08 PM, 03/05/2009
I hope this means we are picking up T.O.
Posted by rizdiggah 05:09 PM, 03/05/2009
12 draft picks sounds nice....how many will they trade in order to move up do you think?
Posted by Eagles Phan in LI 05:10 PM, 03/05/2009
Maybe we now have a roster spot to bring Reno Mahe back.
Posted by Doubtful 05:10 PM, 03/05/2009
"maybe he knows something we don't." I would have thought that was a given. Just compare the Patriots' organization's success to the Eagles" organization success.
Posted by ItalianSausage 05:10 PM, 03/05/2009
They didn't give the rest of the league a chance to counter? : D
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