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The purpose of this site is to share information with other woodworkers in an effort to give back to the Internet community that has helped me so much.

On this site you'll find product reviews, projects I've built, a workshop tour, and articles on safety issues, techniques, woodworking philosophies, etc.

Recent Updates:
bullet7-17-05 A  sculpted chair update.
bullet7-4-05 A few more pictures of the sculpted chair.
bullet7-3-05 Added a new page for the sculpted chair.
bullet3-21-05 The Sleigh Bed is done.
bullet2-16-05 Another Sleigh Bed update.
bullet2-8-05 SawStop Review
bullet2-3-05 Yorkcraft planer review
bullet1-31-05 Another Sleigh Bed update.
bullet1-23-05 Another Sleigh Bed update.
bullet1-18-05 New article on cleaning saw blades
bullet1-16-05 Another Sleigh Bed update.
bullet1-10-05 Another Sleigh Bed update.
bullet1-8-05 Added new picture of Colin..
bullet1-8-05 Added new pictures of Hope.
bullet1-8-05 Updated the shop tour.
bullet1-8-05 Added an article on shop electric.
bullet11-30-04 Another Sleigh Bed update.
bullet11-22-04 Another Sleigh Bed update.
bullet11-16-04 Another Sleigh Bed update.
bullet11-14-04 Sleigh Bed update.
bullet11-10-04 I started the Sleigh Bed.
bullet11-6-04 I added a new page for my hardware storage solution.
bullet10-26-04 The Classic Bookcase I've been building for my brother is finished.
bullet10-17-04 Added a few photos of my new bench slave. (bottom of page)
bullet10-10-04 Classic Bookcase update and one new picture of the shop's floormats.
bullet9-7-04 Classic Bookcase update and one new picture that includes my helper on the cherry nightstands.
bullet8-29-04 Classic Bookcase update.
bullet8-23-04 Added a few more kid pictures.
bullet8-22-04 Classic Bookcase update.
bullet8-20-04 New page for Classic Bookcase.
bullet8-3-04 Built a clamp rack (bottom of page).
bullet7-31-04 Built sheet good storage for the shop.
bullet7-28-04 Finished the cherry nightstands.
bullet7-12-04 Updates for the doll bed and the cherry nightstands.
bullet7-6-04 Added a new page for the doll bed and updated the cherry nightstands.
bullet6-25-04 Updated the progress on the cherry nightstands.
bullet6-5-04 New page for the Cherry Nightstands
bullet5-5-04 Added Veritas 4 1/2 smoothing plane review
bullet5-5-04 Completed a Bible Box
bullet4-9-04 Added Hirsch firmer chisel review
bullet4-1-04 Completed the child's table.
bullet3-22-04 New pictures of Hope.
bullet3-21-04 Updated the child's table page with my current progress.
bullet3-6-04 Added article for first time lumber buyers.
bullet3-2-04 Added a new page for a child's table.
bullet2-24-04 Added pictures of my air compressor box to the bottom of my workshop page.
bullet2-16-04 Added a new picture of Hope.
bullet2-16-04 Updated a few of the workshop photos.
bullet2-16-04 Completed the assembly table.
bullet2-5-04 Added Avenger Dado blade review.
bullet2-4-04 Updated assembly table page.
bullet2-4-04 Added one new picture of hope at school.
bullet1-27-04 Added a new article on cleaning cast iron tools.
bullet1-27-04 Added a few family pictures.
bullet1-25-04 Updated assembly table page.
bullet1-22-04 Started new page for my assembly table project
bullet1-17-04 Added a new article on posting pictures in a woodnet thread.
bullet1-13-04 Updated Excalibur Review
bullet1-12-04 Added a new picture to Hope's school page.
bullet1-4-04 The Cherry Bed has been completed


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