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Motorcycles and tricycles


There is a growing number of individuals who can afford a nice motorcycle just for  the daily trip between their work-address and their home- address (or just for pleasure in the weekend). Still, it's only a very small number of individuals who can afford such a vehicle just for private use. Most motorcycles in the Philippines are used for serving as a kind of taxi. Most known names for these means for transportation: Tricycles and motor-taxi's.   Both can be seen in many different forms and length. 




What: motorcycles with a sidecar (passenger-cabin) on a third wheel attached 


Where: everywhere, especially on smaller roads for short distances, often on roads where jeepneys or busses  are not supposed to operate


The engines of the tricycles range from 50cc  up to about 125cc 


          Pictures left and right: � Scott Williams

Picture in the middle:  � the Freedom Riders





What: motorcycles with extended seats and extra shock absorbers added at the rear.


Where: common outside the city, especially good on farm-roads where car-taxis really don't like to go.


The passengers: four  to five on a motorbike (with their luggage)


Pictures: � The Freedom Riders MC of the Philippines 


Means of transportation

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