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Any user can freely contribute to the Knoppmyth community. If you'd like to contribute, start by clicking on EditThisPage at the bottom of any page (also see the sidebar to the left).

What is KnoppMyth?

Knoppmyth is a Linux distribution dedicated to the purpose of making it as simple as possible to set up a multimedia server based on MythTV, and providing DVR, video jukebox, and music player functions, along with many others. KnoppMyth comes as an ISO image which can be burned onto a CD-ROM, and then be used either to install and automatically setup a combined front/back end server, or as a Live CD "front end" which can be used without installation to access an existing MythTV "back end" server.

Ultimately Knoppmyth is used to create a HTPC (home theatre PC). These HTPCs are commonly plugged into televisions rather than monitors for a true Home Theatre experience. HTPCs bring the power of the PC to the lounge.

Where did Knoppmyth come from?

Knoppmyth started as an adaptation of the Knoppix linux distribution which is dedicated to, and built specifically around, MythTv. Knoppix itself is an adaptation of the Debian linux distribution, Knoppmyth therefore is another project that has spiralled off into its own domain. These days it would be more correct to call KnoppMyth a specialized and heavily customized debian derivative, as there's very little Knoppix left.

None of this would be possible without the whole philosophy of Linux which states that all programming code must be 'open-source'. This enables a worldwide programming community to add to, amend, adapt and forever improve Linux based software. Knowledge is pooled.

Knoppmyth Features

MythTV (and KnoppMyth) provides home theatre functions such as the ability to:

  • PVR (personal video recorder)
  • Watch Digital Tv, Analogue Tv or High Definition Tv
  • Record Tv Shows to the Hard Drive
  • Pause/Rewind Live Tv
  • Information Services
  • Surf the web
  • Worldwide News Reports
  • Weather Reports from any city in the world
  • Store and Play MP3's
  • Store and Play compressed video files (avi, qt, mpeg etc)
  • Play DVD's/VCD's
  • Import/Rip DVD's
  • Store and Browse your photo library (jpeg's, bmp's etc)
  • Play Games (SNES, NES, Arcade Games - using 'emulators')

These features come from the various plugins that have been made for mythtv (mythplugins).

What Do You Need To Use Knoppmyth

To create a Knoppmyth HTPC, you will need to have a PC, with compatible hardware, and a KnoppMyth CD-ROM.

The current released version of KnoppMyth is R5.5. As always, please read the installation directions and release notes before installing or upgrading. If you encounter any problems please search this wiki and the KnoppMyth forums at for any special tweaks needed to match your preferences and system setup. For all modern releases there should be a version specific sticky posting (e.g. "R5.5 Hints") under the "Hints & Tips" topic on the forums which is intended as a central reference.

Places to Start

If you are new to Linux then you will need to get to grips with the basics first of all. Read this first before you are scared away by how daunting Linux first appears LinuxTips.

Also have a look at the WikiHowto to get started.

About Wikis

The purpose of any wiki is to allow users to contribute what they have learned. You can freely edit all pages by using the controls at the bottom of each page. This site runs ErfurtWiki (which is a so called WikiWikiWeb engine). So, have fun and post any information you feel is relevant, but please be polite. Since Knoppmyth has included many releases, please include the version where relevant, such as R5A12DvdRipping. Also, if you follow the instructions on a particular page with your own setup, make a note if the instructions did/did not work and under what conditions.

<rewritten by Nick Parkinson, whilst bored and unemployed, on 25/10/2005 >


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