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Currently unavailable due to government suppression of our Constitutionally guaranteed right of political expression. Please support the Liberty Dollar by making a donation or placing an order for the new $50 Silver Libertys... while they are still available.

Commemorating Independence Day!

In celebration of The 4th of July, 2007 you are invited - even urged - to flex your independence with the Volunteer Network's 'secret weapon' - the Ron Paul Dollar bringing new meaning to the U.S. Mint's "Presidential Dollars" and symbolizing the Congressman's values. WOW! Now the Internet's favorite Presidential candidate has his own money to help turbo-charge his shot at the White House.

Impossible, you think? Long shot? Dark horse? Think again. This election is different. Want to stand this Presidential election on its head? Well guess what? As utterly amazing as it may seem, we the people, could actually get Ron Paul nominated. Why? Because there are so many Republican liars running for President and the field is so fractionized, that a classic dark house candidate could win. And that is amazing!

Yes, we all know that politicians are pathological liars. And this campaign has an unusually large number of liars. Fortunately, Congressman Ron Paul speaks the truth. He speaks the truth about the government, about money and about the war. Ron Paul is dedicated to the truth and a government as defined by the US Constitution.

But Truth without action... dies. The great American experiment is already dying. You can see signs of it everywhere. The federal empire is destroying America. And as it grows, we the people lose our purchasing power, our liberties and even our hope for a prosperous future.

Please don't let the Truth die. Nothing happens without you taking action. The Liberty Dollar cannot cure our country's monetary ills without YOU. Congressman Ron Paul cannot be elected without YOU. You are the most important person in this election.

So the Volunteer Network created a 'secret weapon' - the Ron Paul Dollar. Available in pure $1 Copper, $20 Silver, and $1000 Gold Ron Paul Dollars. It was specifically designed to popularize Ron Paul's campaign, put more real money in the people's hands, attract more media attention and political memorabilia collectors.

"The Ron Paul Dollar is certainly different," said Jeff Kotchounian, a collector in Michigan. "For me, it's a great way to popularize Ron Paul and get him elected!"

Von NotHaus, the fiery "freemarketeer" behind the Ron Paul Dollar, observes, "It will be interesting to see if enough people are fed up with politics, Bush regime, and the war to take Congressman Paul seriously. Certainly the Ron Paul Dollar is as unique as the Candidate and the election itself. Do the majority of Americans really want to change Washington? Time will tell."

Von NotHaus stresses urgency as the political parties have moved up the primary elections, squeezing campaigning time to only eight more months. If people want to change things, they must make a donation to Ron's campaign, get a Ron Paul Dollar and support him right now.

All this will be a big surprise to Dr. Paul. As Liberty Dollar's legal counsel pointed out, if Ron Paul's campaign was informed before the launch date, the Federal Election Commission could require profits in excess of $2,300 (the maximum individual donation allowed) to be distributed to the Republican Party! So the Ron Paul Dollar was created as an "independent contribution" and is distributed through the grassroots Volunteer Network.

As von NotHaus explains, "Even though I know and respect Ron Paul for his free market philosophy, I did not take his campaign seriously until our mutual friend G. Edward Griffin mentioned his support. It got me thinking about how I could support Ron's campaign, then Nic Leobold suggested a Ron Paul Dollar and the project took off."

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The Ron Paul Dollar is not only the most valuable and daring secret weapon against the big lies of big money and their big party politics. It is an honest campaign tool that can put an honest man in the White House.... for a change.

It is time to return our country to the values that made it great. It is time for Constitutionalism!

Please take action. Join the revolution. Tell your friends about the Truth. Tell them about the Ron Paul Dollar... And Vote for Truth... Vote for Ron Paul.

On this very special national holiday - declare your Independence from the politically controlled government! Call somebody, anybody, about Ron Paul. Make a donation. Get a Ron Paul Dollar. Demand your local newspaper/television cover the Ron Paul Revolution. We can free America, again. Happy Independence Day 2007!

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Please call: 888.LIB.DOLLAR or 888.421.6181 for more info or to order Ron Paul Dollars by phone using your bankcard.


Of course the $1000 Gold Ron Paul Dollar speaks for itself. It also speaks for Congressman Ron Paul long held belief and deep respect for the Gold Standard. His monetary ideals are shared with everyone in the Liberty Dollar community. For over thirty years Ron Paul has been a champion for the very values - both monetary and personal - that made America a great country. Nothing could better identify Ron Paul than the beautiful Gold Dollar.

The $1000 Gold Ron Paul Dollar measures 32 mm and contains one Troy ounce of .9999 fine gold. The obverse die features the same design and ultra high engraving quality as on the $20 Silver Dollar. The reverse features the standard $1000 reverse die that is on the current Gold Liberty. The dies and minting are of the finest mintwork. Not many Gold Dollars are anticipated although the volume price is very similar to the US Mint Gold Buffalos and Eagles. To capitalize on the uniqueness of the Gold Ron Paul Dollar, each Gold Dollar will be individually numbered, hallmarked and encapsulated in the order placed. Please order now while gold is down and get one of the first numbers.

Please call 888.LIB.DOLLAR or 888.421.6181 for a current quote as all Gold Ron Paul Dollars are available from 10 to only 5% over Sunshine gold quote for Liberty Associates and registered Liberty Merchants. This item is not available on line. Delivery could be immediate or take up to 30 days depending on available stock and size of order.

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The $20 Silver Ron Paul Dollar measures 39 mm and contains one Troy ounce of .999 fine silver. The design of obverse die is the same as the Copper Dollar but was engraved from custom hand sculptured masters and exemplifies the finest work. The reverse is also a special custom die with VOTE FOR TRUTH across the top. Together the two highly polished dies plus the minting in Brilliant Uncirculated condition has produced an outstanding product of unique value. The denomination on the reverse is $20 Liberty Dollars.

FIRST DAY OF ISSUE: In addition to the outstanding Brilliant Uncirculated $20 Silver Ron Paul Dollar - 1,000 Silver Dollars have been reserved for First Day of Issue. Only one thousand will be specially hand marked with a unique micro hallmark of a scroll with BOR to signify Ron Paul's respect for the Bill of Rights. In addition to the BOR hallmark, each First Day of Issue will also be hand marked with the mintmark to balance the design. Only 1,000 FDI are available. Each will be specially packaged in a capsule. Price: $45 each.

LIMITED NUMBERED EDITION: Certainly the most outstanding example of the $20 Silver Ron Paul Dollar is the Limited Numbered Edition for the First Day of Issue. Only 1,000 Silvers will be numbered 0001 through 1000 in the order issued. Each will contain the unique micro hallmark of a scroll with BOR signifying Ron Paul's respect for the Bill of Rights. Each will be packaged in a special capsule and gift bag for safe-keeping. Price: $55 each.

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The $1 Copper Ron Paul Dollar measures 39 mm and contains one Avoirdupois ounce of pure copper. It is the same size as the Silver Liberty and slightly larger than an old US Silver Dollar. The obverse die features Congressman Ron Paul facing left with the motto: GOLD STANDARD IN LEADERSHIP and list of the Congressman's achievements. The reverse die is the same design as on the original Copper Liberty Dollar with the ONE DOLLAR denomination.

Now, while the price of copper down, special pre-orders for the $1 Copper Ron Paul Dollar are now being accepted. This is for pre-orders only. Additional orders will not be taken if the copper market roars back to life. Pre-orders will be shipped in November. Minimum order is ten Coppers. Maximum order is 100 Coppers.

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