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Report: Jordan to the Broncos

Posted by Christopher L. Gasper, Globe Staff March 4, 2009 01:57 PM

According to a Denver TV station, the Broncos have reached an agreement with Patriots free-agent running back LaMont Jordan.

Jordan would be the third Patriot that former New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has plucked from his old team, joining long-snapper Lonie Paxton and wide receiver Jabar Gaffney.

Jordan played in eight games last season for the Patriots and rushed 80 times for 363 yards and four touchdowns. His 49-yard touchdown run against the Raiders was the team's longest rush of the season.

The 30-year-old Jordan missed eight games after he suffered a calf injury against San Francisco on Oct. 5

Jordan's time in New England was up when the Patriots signed free-agent running back Fred Taylor to a two-year, $5 million deal.

Update, 6:40 p.m. -- A league source has confirmed to the Globe that Jordan signed a two-year deal worth a total of $2.5 million.

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18 comments so far...
  1. will BB like mcdaniels taking players away or it is not like what mangini did? then again those guys are on free market so anything goes eh?

    Posted by alex March 4, 09 02:35 PM
  1. I don' think Bill will care about Jordan. Tayler was signed so no loss there.

    Posted by Ryan March 4, 09 03:03 PM
  1. He wasn't going to resign to Jordan so at least he has a home with someone in the "family". Personally I liked Jordan a lot so Fred T. better be worth all this hype.

    Posted by Sonny_Corlione March 4, 09 03:15 PM
  1. great - fracture freddy is our RB now.

    Posted by fracturethis March 4, 09 03:18 PM
  1. Ryan is right, BB didn't even make a real attempt at signing Jordan. Come on honestly missing 8 weeks with a calf injury makes even Maroney look strong. Jordan ran hard but it must have been easy after taking the middle of the season off.

    Posted by Larry March 4, 09 03:20 PM
  1. Josh said he would not take away the coaching staff. He never mentioned players though. I think Jordans a good signing.

    Posted by sean in taunton March 4, 09 03:36 PM
  1. I seem to recall McDaniels saying something like he wouldnt attack, or go after Pats free agents.

    Jordan is a loss. He was just about coming into his own and would be the player expected of him. ANother failure by Belichick, personnel wise. The student is outsmarting the teacher.

    I would take Jordan over an aging Taylor.

    Posted by Mike Allen March 4, 09 03:51 PM
  1. This is not a significant loss. Jordan was good, but not great, during his brief tenure here.

    I am surprised at him signing with Denver. What do they have, 8 running backs now?

    Posted by Andrew March 4, 09 03:55 PM
  1. Dear BB,
    Please sign a CB over 5'11 and 190. Don't forget Vince needs a paycheck, too. Please hurry.
    Wishful in Lincolnville

    Posted by Leslie March 4, 09 04:16 PM
  1. bb will get the best of what taylor has left. jordan has potential but it is not a significant loss. we need to sign wilfork and get some secondary help. i think we're good everywhere else imho. we still have the draft! we're in great shape. peppers wouldnt hurt

    Posted by Alex March 4, 09 04:53 PM
  1. Jordan just coming into his own??? How much older is Fred Taylor than LaMont Jordan?? 2 years! I would say Taylor has made a larger impact in this league than the 2 years younger Jordan. I will add that from a professionalism and game changing ability I would take Taylor over Jordan any day of the week. Sammy Morris and Jordan identical players.....Taylor and Morris complimentary and the impact Taylor could have on Maroney is huge! The minute Taylor was signed Jordan was gone any way.

    Bill good move.

    Posted by Chris Vitto March 4, 09 05:12 PM
  1. Andrew, I believe Denver put (5) starting RB on IR last year.

    Mike Allen, please: LaMont Jordon a significant "loss" who was "just about coming into his own"? You've again secured your standing as the harbinger of doom & gloom. I'll take even an aging Taylor with far more talent & track record of production than the hard-nosed, but limited Jordan. Losing Jordan/gaining Taylor is a wash AT WORST.

    Lonnie Paxton and pure FB Heath Evans are the only FA's I think will be a challenge to replace.

    Posted by mikeinNH March 4, 09 05:20 PM
  1. Devery hendersen just resigned with the Saint's.....there goes a deep threat opposite Moss.

    So glad everyone is sitting back on their laurels waiting for things to happen. I assume BB will go after someone from the CFL to replace Gaffney, since the Pat's are so cheap!

    Posted by Madman! March 4, 09 05:32 PM
  1. Jordan had two notable games (first NYJ game and season finale). Other than that he was inactive or ineffective. He seems like a classy guy but he's eminently replaceable. Don't forget about BenJarvus. He showed some ability when called on.

    Posted by Tom March 4, 09 07:35 PM
  1. I can't imagine how the Pats have gone .700 this decade without Mike Allen. Must have been lucky.

    Posted by scott March 4, 09 10:03 PM
  1. Mike Allen, right again. LaMont Jordan, entering his ninth year in the league and turning 31 in the fall, WAS "just about coming into his own" with those 80 carries he had last year. Another brilliant call.

    Posted by Scott March 4, 09 10:13 PM
  1. BB doesn't care about this because 1) Denver isn't in the division; 2) They didn't need Jordan anyway.

    Posted by JJ March 5, 09 01:41 AM
  1. I'd have kept Jordan over Maroney. How much is Laurence getting paid Mike, and how much against cap?
    Any idea how much Jordan wanted to stay here?
    If we lost Maoroney how bad would this 2.5 have hurt Pats money-wise?

    Maybe Pats coulda worked a 1-year 1.5 deal or something if space was a problem? Figure that's 6.5 mil for taylor & jordan and they both allow each other to stay fresh.......

    on top of thet, you still got Sammy Morris & Ben-Jarvis was looking like a great prospect by the end of last year. I see them bulking him up and handing him the reigns in a couple years.

    Posted by stop Newport, RI corruption March 5, 09 09:37 AM
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