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About Prague Cup

The idea of Women‘s Prague Cup was born in 1998, when the Czech Republic organized Women‘s European Lacrosse Championship. Along with the main competition, an open tournament for the other teams was organized. Second teams from England, Scotland, Wales and two Japan teams participated in the first Women‘s Prague Cup.

Since 1998 the tournament has been played every year with various teams from USA, England, Germany and Czech Republic. This year 12 squads took part in the tournament, including 6 national teams (USA, ENG, SCO, WAL, GER, CZE). For more information visit

The 12th annual Prague Cup in 2009 will be an assosiated festival to the World Cup. It will be held on June 22–25, 2009. We hope it will be highly attractive for lacrosse enthusiasts to come to play, watch the top lacrosse games of the World Cup and enjoy the city of Prague at the same time. Slavia venue has the capacity to host the tournament at the same premises so we believe it would be a great lacrosse experience for many players from all over the world.

Separate Men’s Prague Cup will be held on June 17–20, 2009 and there will be also Girls’s U-19 tournament on July 8–11, 2009.


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Women´s Prague Cup Organizing Committee

Head Coordinator        Eva Tydlitatova           eva(at)

Teams Coordinator      Dominika Brozkova     dominika(at)

Technical Managment  Martin Tolar                 martola(at)



Registered teams by February 11, 2009

# Team Country
1 Global players USA
2 USA Athetes International USA
3 American International Sports Tours USA
4 Sweet Chariot team USA
5 Sweet Chariot team England
6 Sweet Chariot team Scotland
7 Sweet Chariot team Wales
8 Czech Republic mix team Czech Republic
9 European development mix team Europe
10 Koala team Australia
11 Skidmore University USA
12 Club team Japan Japan
13 Amstredam Lax Netherlands