March 06, 2009

B.C. Rail Corruption Trial - Key Documents


In late February, the New Democrat Official Opposition were granted access to 15 binders of material relating to the B.C. Rail corruption trial.

In the initial analysis, some key documents were uncovered.

  • Yvette Wells' notebooks show that the B.C. Liberals were keeping bidders 'engaged' while they provided sensitive information to CN and finalized negotiations. That process is further revealed by this document.

  • A January, 2003 document details that CN was at a significant advantage over the other bidders, months before the deal was finalized.

  • A set of documents show how then-Finance Minister Gary Collins' office was doing partisan fund-raising out of the taxpayer-funded legislative offices.

  • An email from a B.C. Rail executive exhorting the Campbell government to not foul up the transfer of the railroad.

  • A collection of documents detailing the Campbell government's advertising and communications strategies going back to 2002.

  • Documents detailing how Brian Kieran worked closely with the Premier's Office to arrange meetings between Gordon Campbell and Pat Broe of Broe Companies Ltd, the parent company of OmniTRAX.

  • The Charles River fairness evaluation , which the Liberals used to defend the transaction, was sent to the key people involved in brokering the deal prior to release.

The complete set of documents are here .


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