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2009 WPA

April 23 - April 24, 2009
Westin Hotel at
Los Angeles Airport

Interested sponsors please
contact the WPA office,
Tel. 805-495-1863.

Maggie Call for Entries Photo
Call for Entries

January 6, 2009

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WPA Network

2009 Maggie Finalists

The Western Publications Association congratulates
the 2009 Maggie Finalists.

The WPA invites you to join us as we announce the Maggie winners, Friday, April 24, at the Westin Hotel at Los Angeles Airport. Combine your reservation with the WPA Publishing Conference, April 23-24, and SAVE!

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Outdoor Sports, Boating & Recreation/Consumer
Backpacker June
Bike July
Tennis September
Trailer Boats April
Acoustic Guitar November
Bass Player January
Guitar Player December
Strings February
Health & Fitness/Consumer
Experience Life Jul/Aug
Fit Pregnancy Aug/Sep
Muscle & Fitness April
Natural Solutions November
Yoga Journal November
City & Metropolitan/Consumer
5280 August
Marin September
Sactown Apr/May
San Francisco August
Singular Dec/Jan
Regional & State/Consumer
Arizona Highways November
Desert Living December
Maui No Ka ‘Oi Jul/Aug
Oklahoma Today Sep/Oct
Sunset Magazine April
Travel & In-Transit/Consumer
American Way Apr 15
Arizona Highways December
Hana Hou! Dec/Jan
Sunset Magazine May
Virtuoso Life, The Style Issue Nov/Dec
Politics & Social Issues/Consumer
Mother Jones Nov/Dec
Ode April
Reason October
Sierra Sep/Oct
Lifestyles & Alternative Lifestyles/Consumer
944 October
Ode Jul/Aug
Singular Dec/Jan
Vegetarian Times October
VegNews Jul/Aug
Special Interest/Consumer
California Jul/Aug
Edutopia Feb/Mar
Las Vegas Home & Design Sep/Oct
PC World November
UC Santa Cruz Review Fall
Annuals & Custom Publications/Trade & Consumer
50th Annual Grammy Awards Program Feb 10
Game February
In the Kitchen The Costco Way 2008
Sunset Small Backyard Secrets Spring
WHERE Guestbook Los Angeles 2008
Desert Companion November
frequency Spring
Montana Quarterly Summer
The Ski Journal Winter
Western Art & Architecture Fall/Win
Houston Press Jul 17
LA Weekly Jun 27
Phoenix New Times Apr 17
San Francisco Bay Guardian Oct 22-28
Westword Aug 21-27
Visitor’s Guides/Consumer
Aspen Sojourner Holiday
Oregon Trip Planner 2008-2009
Park City Winter
Vail Beaver Creek Holiday 2008-2009
WHERE Los Angeles August
Communication, Advertising & The Arts/Trade
Creative Screenwriting Nov/Dec
emmy June
LA Stage May/Jun
Post August
Business, Finance, Management & Retail/Trade & Consumer
Business Connect June
Comstock’s September
Dealernews May
Entrepreneur November
Exhibitor February
Computers/Software, Technology, Training & Program Development/Trade
Elearning! February
Game Developer February
Oracle Jul/Aug
RTC February
Tech & Learning October
Medical, Dental & Related Services/Trade
AJCC American Journal of Critical Care March
Dimensions of Dental Hygiene March
Foot & Ankle Specialist October
Journal of the California Dental Association August
MedEsthetics Sep/Oct
Beauty & Fashion/Trade
Beauty LaunchPad July
Dayspa September
Nailpro June
NAILS February
Health & Fitness/Trade
American Fitness Mar/Apr
Club Industry’s Fitness Business Pro February
IDEA Fitness Journal September
Public Safety/Trade
Campus Safety Jul/Aug
Emergency Management Spring
FireRescue November
Journal of Emergency Medical Services July
Law Officer August
Police Magazine November
Non-Paid/Trade (Circ under 50,000)
Converge Summer
Interiors & Sources Oct/Nov
Public CIO Jun/Jul
Security Sales & Integration March
Smart Meetings November
Southern California Physician December
Non-Paid/Trade (Circ over 50,000)
Buildings July
California Lawyer November
Electrical Construction & Maintenance September
Government Technology August
MD&DI July
Special Interest/Trade
Affordable Housing Finance September
AfterCapture Apr/May
Computer Graphics World August
Rangefinder October
Roast Magazine May/Jun
Semi-Annuals & Three-Time/Trade & Consumer
PhotoMedia Spring
San Luis Obispo County September
Sun Valley HOME Magazine Fall
Sun Valley Magazine Sum/Fall
Telluride Magazine Win/Spri
Corporate Event Spring
DGA Quarterly Fall
Moving Pictures Fall
Profit May
Stanford Social Innovation Review Fall
Guides, Catalogues & Directories/Trade & Consumer
Best of the Best: Virtuoso 2008
Elite Meetings 2008
Meetings South Guide 2008/2009
NAILS Big Book 2008-2009
School Bus Fleet 2008 Fact Book 2008
Beauty Store Business August
Home Media Magazine Apr 27-May 3
Medical Product Manufacturing News 2008
Meetings West October
TravelAge West 31-Mar
Newsletters (Print Only)
Backstage Summer
In Mind, Body, Life Summer
inside February
@Sage July
Virtuoso Insights December
Zooscape Aug/Sep
Meetings Texas September
The Colorist October
The War on Trauma: Lessons Learned from a Decade of Conflict April
TravelAge West 29-Sep
You Can Save a Life at School 2008
California Builder Sep/Oct
California School Business Fall
Conservation Magazine Oct-Dec
Private Clubs Nov/Dec
Zoo View Summer
Best Web Article/Consumer
GreatSchools May How Do U.S. Students Compare?
PC World How Much Ink is Left in That Cartridge?
Reason Online Who Wrote Ron Paul’s Newsletters?
Truthdig Dec 8 The Best and the Brightest Led America Off a Cliff
Best Web Article/Trade
Yoga Journal Mar 26 What’s Your Plan? Jun 12 Alright, I’ll Say It
FireRescue1 Oct 29 Economic Downturn Hits Fire Departments Oct 3 Confronting Police Officer Suicide
Special Events Dec 3 Washington Event Scene Abuzz About Inauguration
Best Regularly Featured Web or Digital Edition Column/Consumer Table Manners Crib Notes
PC World Game On
The Costco Connection Online Edition Informed Debate
Truthdig The Truthdig Book Review
Westword Delegating Denver
Best Regularly Featured Web Column/Trade Blog Network Business Intelligence
CW Bulletin Visually Speaking The Ambulance Driver’s Perspective
FireRescue1 Close Calls on Camera Life on the Line
Best Overall Web Design/Trade & Consumer
Massage & Bodywork
Smart Meetings
Best Web Publication Website/Consumer
Yoga Journal
PC World
Best Web Publication Website/Trade
Conservation Magazine
Massage & Bodywork
Smart Meetings
Best Web E-Newsletter/Consumer Panorama Table Talk
My Yoga Journal
PC World
Best Web E-Newsletter/Trade
CW Bulletin
EMS1 eNews
FireRescue1 Weekly Member News
My Yoga Mentor
News & Notes on
Digital Edition Magazine/Trade & Consumer
Game Developer October
Launch Magazine Summer
Massage & Bodywork Nov/Dec
Personal Development December
The Costco Connection Online Edition December
URBiZ November
Best Feature Article/Trade
Aquatics International Nov/Dec Infectious Fun?
Buildings March Please Do Not Disturb (the Environment): Greening 
Communication World Nov-Dec A Clear Case for Transparency
Cosmetic + Personal Care Packaging September The Evolution of a Cap
Electrical Construction & Maintenance June Disaster Planning
Police November Gangster Nation
Best Feature Article/Consumer
Entrepreneur December 2009 Trends to Watch
Hana Hou! Aug/Sep On One Breath
Houston Press 6-Mar Prison Cover-Up
Mother Jones Jan/Feb The Last Empire
Mothering Mar/Apr Masking Maternal Mortality
Muscle & Fitness May Driving Force
New Mexico Magazine September Kings of the Wild Frontier
The Costco Connection June The Green in Machine
The East Bay Monthly April Closing the Gap
Best Series of Articles/Trade
Buildings Feb, Jul Energy Management Series
Elearning! Jan/Apr/Jun/Sep Learning Leaders: Innovation &
Game Developer Mar, May, Jun/Jul Postmortem: Call of Duty 4, Rock
Insurance Journal Various issues AIG Series
Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News Reducing Risk Through
Police Jan-Dec The State of American Law
Roast Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr Blending for Italian Espresso
Best Series of Articles/Consumer
Bass Player Jan/Jun/Dec Transcription
Comstock’s Sep/Oct/Nov Special Report: Immigration
Experience Life Jun/Jul-Aug/Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec Functional Wellness Six-Part Series
N Magazine Feb, Jun, Nov Artist Profile
Phoenix New Times Mar 8, Apr 10, May 22, Sep 4 Prescription for Disaster
Best How-To Article/Trade
Buildings January Succession Planning: How to Prepare Tomorrow’s Leaders
Game Developer September Ragdoll Physics on the DS
NAILS May Just Like You Picture It
Oracle May/Jun Accelerating Data Warehouses
Public Safety Communications April Seed Money: 10 Keys to Successful Grant Writing
Tech & Learning May Making Students Info Literate
Best How-To Article/Consumer
Fit Pregnancy Dec/Jan 40 Weeks: Your Pregnancy Step by Step
Fit Pregnancy Jun/Jul 5 Simple Steps to Going Green for Your Baby
Macworld July Empty Your Inbox
New Mexico Magazine May The Power of Three
PC World October Hack Your Hardware
Best Interview or Profile/Trade
California Lawyer February Defending The Vatican
emmy June The Spotlight Serves Her Right
LA Stage May/Jun Alan Mandell: The Art of Trying
LA Stage Jan/Feb Joan Rivers: An Actress in Comedian’s Clothes
PhotoMedia Fall Kate Turning’s Uplifting Vibe
Police May The Aggrieved: Maureen Faulkner
Registered Nurse November Making Her Own Luck
Best Interview or Profile/Consumer
American Way 15-Oct Dream Factory
Arizona Highways November Against the Current
California Jan/Feb When life is chaotic we do our best
Desert Companion November Inside the Pain Box
HILuxury Oct/Nov Lost in Luxury
Sactown Feb/Mar Driving Influence
Wasatch Journal Summer The Tao of Patrick
Best Signed Editorial or Essay/Trade
Aquatics International March In Tribute to Jules Field
California Lawyer August ... And Privacy
Communication World May-Jun A Position of Strength
emmy February Leaving Los Angeles
Exhibitor June As a Matter of Fact
NAILS April On My Mind: Can We Change the Stereotype?
Best Signed Editorial or Essay/Consumer
Arizona Highways February Reflecting on the Water
Edutopia Feb/Mar Programming: The New Literacy
Edutopia Apr/May Dispatches: Childhood’s End
Phoenix New Times 11-Sep Mommy Dearest
Sactown Oct/Nov Runway Pride
Sactown Apr/May The Power of One
San Francisco Bay Guardian Mar 19-25 Resistance is futile-or is it?
Singular Dec/Jan A Singular Life
Best Regularly Featured Department, Section or Column/Trade
California Lawyer In Pro Per
Communication World Tech Talk
Dayspa DAYSPA Investigates: Up in Flames, Shattered Expectations, Rubbed the Wrong Way
DGA Quarterly Shot to Remember
Electrical Construction & Maintenance Forensic Casebook
Massage & Bodywork Practitioner Parables
Best Regularly Featured Department, Section or Column/Consumer
Backpacker Basecamp
Fit Pregnancy Real Life Stories
Sactown Why Not Here?
Sactown Opening Shots
Sunset First on the block
Vegetarian Times 1 Food 5 Ways
Best Public Service Series or Article/Trade & Consumer
5280 March Second Nature
Houston Press 17-Jul Selling You
Houston Press 4-Dec Crime Doesn’t Pay (Back)
Mothering May/Jun Pumping Nine to Five
You Can Save a Life at School    Saving Kaitlin
Best News Story/Trade
AJCC American Journal of Critical Care March Preparing Families of Intensive Care Patients for
Withdrawal of Life Support: A Pilot Study  
California Lawyer December Zapping Taser
California Lawyer November Liquid Gold
FireRescue January California Burning
Southern California Physician November The Palmetto Problem
Best News Story/Consumer
5280 December The Politics of Killing
LA Weekly Aug 1 Rathouse of the Palisades
LA Weekly Feb 15 Warrior on Trial
Phoenix New Times Aug 7 Postmodern McCain
Reason May Guilty Until Proven Innocent
San Francisco Bay Guardian Aug 13-19 Dirty Secrets of the Circus
Sun Valley Guide Summer Tracking a Phantom
Westword Oct 30 Hotel Martino
Best Color Editorial Layout/Trade
Beauty LaunchPad July Through the Grapevine
emmy June The Spotlight Serves Her Right
emmy August Let’s Do Lunch
Game Developer May Postmortem: Harmonix’s Rock Band
Nailpro June Art Attack
Scotsman Guide, Commercial Edition October 8 Creative Financing Methods (and How to Find Them)
Best Color Editorial Layout/Consumer
Hana Hou! Aug/Sep On One Breath
Hana Hou! Dec/Jan What Lies Beneath
Macworld October Web Sites We Love
Virtuoso Life, The Europe Issue Jan/Feb Pink Dreams & Port Wine
WHERE Guestbook San Diego 2008 On The Waterfront
Best Table of Contents/Trade & Consumer
Meetings South June
NAILS February
Scotsman Guide, Residential Edition October
Singular Dec/Jan
Smart Meetings December
Telluride Magazine Win/Spr
The Costco Connection July
Best Single Editorial Illustration/Trade
California Lawyer September The Wedding Planner
emmy August Ugly Betty
Oracle Sep/Oct Managing Identity Diversity
Oracle Jul/Aug Growing Green
Public CIO Aug/Sept Seeing the Forest and the Trees
Best Single Editorial Illustration/Consumer
American Way Feb 1 Inspired By Nature
Macworld May The Office Suite Smackdown
Muscle & Fitness Pork Primer
Reason October What Part of Legal Immigration Don’t You Understand?
Sierra Jul/Aug Vice Presidential Matchmaking
Sierra Mar/Apr Sex and the CityBird
Vegetarian Times September This Just In: Pick Your Own Organic
Vegetarian Times June Got Veg? The Restaurant Survival Guide
Best Series of Editorial Illustrations/Trade & Consumer
New Mexico Magazine November Horray for Tamalewood
New Mexico Magazine October Freaky Folk Monsters-Unleased!
Sactown Dec/Jan, Feb/Mar, Aug/Sep, Oct/Nov Parent Trapped
Yoga Journal December Gifts From the Heart
Yoga Journal February Create a Life You Love
Best Single Editorial Photograph/Trade
emmy December The Redeemers
emmy April The Sound and the Fury
PhotoMedia Fall Stan Musilek: Crafting the Perfect Moment
Rangefinder January Marc Hauser: Back to the Business He Loves
Rangefinder September Charlie Cho: Light & Night Painting
Best Single Editorial Photograph/Consumer
American Way May 1 BeetleMania
Arizona Highways June Our Humble Servant
Houston Press Dec 18
Singular Sep/Oct Table for Two
Yellow Scene Magazine August Moon Yang’s Alter Ego
Best Single Editorial Enhanced Photograph/Trade & Consumer
AfterCapture Aug/Sep WrightGeorge: Going ‘Round in Circles Pays Off
Macworld August Return of the Clones
Muscle & Fitness October Ten Hidden Physique Killers
PhotoMedia Fall Kate Turning’s Uplifting Vibe
Singular Sep/Oct Larger Than Life: Loren Uscilowski
Best Series of Editorial Photographs/Trade & Consumer
Arizona Highways September Black & White and Shot All Over
emmy December The Redeemers
emmy June The Spotlight Serves her Right
Maui No Ka ‘Oi Sep/Oct The Volcano Next Door
Singular Sep/Oct Larger Than Life
Singular Dec/Jan Fresh for the Holidays
Best Cover/Trade
AfterCapture Apr/May
California Lawyer November
Communication World Sep-Oct
emmy June
Journal of the California Dental Association February
NAILS October
Roast May/Jun
Workspan March
Best Cover/Consumer
5280 August
944 October
Desert Companion May
Muscle & Fitness September
Orange Coast July
Best Overall Design/Trade
AfterCapture Oct/Nov
Corporate Event Spring
Emergency Management Spring
emmy June
Government Technology January
NAILS February
Public CIO Jun/Jul
Rangefinder March
SNEWS Summer
Best Overall Design/Consumer
5280 August
Desert Companion November
Marin November
Orange Coast August
Private Clubs Sep/Oct
Sactown Oct/Nov
Virtuoso Life, The Style Issue Nov/Dec
Western Art & Architecture Fall/Win
Special Theme Issue/Trade
Buildings November
Communication World Mar-Apr
Elearning! October
Emergency Management November
Exhibitor August
Special Theme Issue/Consumer
Arizona Highways September
Backpacker October
Bike May
Ode Jul/Aug
Oklahoma Today Sep/oct
Most Improved Publication/Trade (Circulation under 50,000)
Cosmetic + Personal Care Packaging
Security Sales & Integration
Southern California Physician
Special Finance
The Informant
Most Improved Publication/Trade (Circulation over 50,000)
Dimensions of Dental Hygiene
Massage & Bodywork
Tech & Learning
Most Improved Publication/Consumer
Desert Living
Natural Solutions
Orange Coast
Private Clubs
Yellow Scene Magazine
Most Improved Annual, Semi-Annual, Three-Time or Quarterly/Trade & Consumer
Stanford Social Innovation Review
Telluride Magazine
Best New Publication/Trade & Consumer
Foot & Ankle Specialist October
Home Theater Design Fall
Singular Dec/Jan
Western Art & Architecture Spr/Sum